project module 6 unit 4. ancient relics in egypt

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Project Module 6 Unit 4 Slide 2 Ancient relics in Egypt Slide 3 Whats your feeling now? Despite poverty and disasters, Africa is still a beautiful place and people there are still living on because their love for life. Slide 4 What can you see in this picture? Have you noticed the little boy? What do you feel about this? Slide 5 In the 1960s and the 1970s, for several times China sent medical teams to Africa to help the poor people there. 1.How do you think they can help the Africans? 2.Why did China decide to do so? Slide 6 Kenya and Sudan. 2.Where has the MSF nurse been to in Africa? 1.Why did the MFS nurse go to Africa? Because of the flood. Fast reading Slide 7 Body language. 3.Besides speaking English and French, how can Africans be communicated with? Slide 8 Slide 9 Set up feeding centers to Checked the health of babies to Had a vaccination campaign to 1.How did she help? Para 1 Slide 10 2. What dangers did she face? Fighting in villages Looking out for and became Water borne diseases such as Mud and water,making Slide 11 A temporary clinic Where? In a vacant health center in the north side of the town. People who have cannot in a disaster Minor injuries also need to Solve? Slide 12 problems In the rest of , shelter and access to The fields and harvest have been destroyed What? malnutrition Why? Worry about? They will not get enough. Slide 13 By speaking English or French, or using acting skills. 1. How do they communicate? Para 3 Slide 14 2. What are horrible things for her? It is quite horrible to imagine losing everything, including some of your family. That was a really horrible job to bury the dead bodies as quickly as possible to stop disease spreading. Slide 15 1.What is the main idea of this paragraph? About the MSF nurses feelings of working there. Para 4 Slide 16 2. Does she enjoy the experience of working there? Why? Yes. This experience makes her appreciate all the things she has and gives her the chance to see things from another side. Slide 17 Fill in the blanks: Para 1 Arrived here to find everything was (1)____; many of the people have fled to the mountains to (2)___; the hospital is badly damaged and (3)____; I usually work in the areas that have no water, where (4)____ is the problem; the situation and problems (5)____ here; we (6)____ the outbreak of water-borne diseases such as malaria and typhoid. Slide 18 Para 2 We are going to set up a (7)____ there and (8)____ are on their way from overseas; one of the health problems is that people who have (9)____ cannot get hold of it in a disaster like this; the (10)____ of wounds are from walls and roofs that have fallen on people; the water makes it difficult for (11)____ to heal and for bacteria to (12)____; shelter and (13)____ and clean water are big problems; the fields and harvest have been destroyed and so (14)____ will be a problem. Slide 19 Para 3 One good thing here is that many people can (15)____; this makes it easy (16)____and find out about people s problems; my (17)____ are good; I am finding that my job isn t (18)____. Para 4 Our first job here was to try to organize a (19)____ for the people killed; we needed to bury the dead bodies as quickly as possible to (20)____; that was a really horrible job. Slide 20 Para 5 I feel that I have been very lucky to be able to help others and do something (21)____; this experience makes me (22)____ all the things I have; I m proud I can (23)____ to people s lives on an (24)____. Slide 21 1. If you have a chance to go to Africa now, what do you think you can do to help? Discussion Slide 22 2. What problem do you think should be solved first? Why? 3. If you are asked to help a group of people, who would you choose to help? Why? Slide 23 1.Write a composition about one of your experiences of helping the others. 2. Finish the exercises of this unit. Homework Slide 24 Thank you ! Good bye!