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Project CASL specifications and setup at TEDxBaltimore conference, Friday Jan 31 2014. By Todd Douglas


  • 1.TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Project CASL Specifications and SetupTodd Douglas Bold Yellow 735 N. Eutaw St. Suite 2 Baltimore, MD 21201

2. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 1Overview Project CASL (Conference American Sign Language) is an effort to provide sign language for remote deaf viewers of a conference. It was implemented at the TEDx Baltimore conference in January 2014. The web page at displayed two video streams: the live conference video stream from the video stream of ASL interpreters via a Google Hangout On Air The web page was a simple HTML document and each video stream is an embedded iframe with code provided by the respective video providers. 3. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 2Livestream The official conference video stream was hosted by To get the embed code, go to the event page and click Embed. The embed type was Player and the screen size was 480 x 270. The embed code was pasted into the HTML file. 4. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 3Google Hangout The ASL interpreters were streamed by setting up a Google Hangout On Air video chat. This is a video stream that is publicly broadcast on YouTube and can be viewed by anyone. Note that a Hangout On Air can last up to eight hours. Its important that the microphone is muted on the chat. The embed code from the Google Hangout was pasted into the HTML document. 5. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 4HTML Document The HTML document is on the Project CASL hosting server and has commented areas where the embed code should be pasted. 6. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 5Project CASL Studio The studio set up was under the stage of the auditorium. We used two laptop computers: one for the Hangout On Air and one for the web coding and monitoring of the web page. We had a live audio monitor so the interpreters could clearly hear the speakers on stage. And we had a live video monitor to see the stage. The interpreters stood in front of a black backdrop and were lit by two simple incandescent bulbs. A webcam was mounted to the Hangout On Air computer. The laptop was placed in front of the interpreters so they could see themselves. 7. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 6Project CASL Studio Black Backdrop InterpreterLaptop for Web Dev and MonitoringInternet Line 2Video Monitor of the StageLaptop for Google Hangout On Air Webcam Internet Line 1Audio Monitor 8. Project CASL TEDx Baltimore January 31, 2014Page 7Issues During the event, we experienced a lag time of 25-45 seconds from the live event. In addition, the Livestream video and the Hangout On Air video were not in sync. Generally the Hangout lagged 20-30 seconds behind the Livestream.