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  • List of Progressive Christianity Books

    A Generous Orthodoxy Brian D McLaren

    A History of God Karen Armstrong

    A Moral Climate Michael Northcott

    A New Christianity for a New World John Shelby Spong

    A New Kind of Christian Brian D McLaren

    Advance Australia Where? Hugh Mackay

    Australian Soul Gary Bouma

    Born of a Woman John Shelby Spong

    Christianity A New look at Ancient Wisdom David J H Hart

    Darwin, Divinity and the Dance Bruce Sanguin

    God, Actually Roy Williams

    God Without Religion Jo Manton

    Gods Earth Paul Collins

    Here I Stand John Shelby Spong

    In Defense of Doubt Val Webb

    Jesus Marcus J Borg

    Jesus A Revolutionary Biography John Dominic Crossan

    Jesus and the Cosmos Denis Edwards

    Jesus for the Non Religious John Shelby Spong

    Johns Message Val Webb

    Liberating the Gospels John Shelby Spong

    Like Catching Water in a Net Val Webb

    Living in Sin John Shelby Spong

    Made from Stardust Denis Edwards

    Original Blessing Matthew Fox

    Peter Kennedy Martin Flanagan

    Praying A New Story Michael Morwood

    Rabbi Jesus Bruce Chilton

    Reading The Bible Again For The First Time Marcus J Borg

    Rescuing The Bible From Fundamentalism John Shelby Spong

    Resurrection Myth or Reality? John Shelby Spong

    The Battle for God Karen Armstrong

    The Bishops Voice John Shelby Spong

    The Emerging Christian Way Marcus J Borg

    The First Christmas Marcus J Borg

    The First Paul Marcus J Borg

    The Future of Faith Harvey Cox

    The God Delusion Richard Dawkins

    The God We Never Knew Marcus J Borg

    The Heart of Christianity Marcus J Borg

    The Last Week Marcus J Borg

    The Last Word and the Word after that Brian D McLaren

    The Mind of God Paul Davies

    The Once and Future Jesus The Jesus Seminar

    The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins

    The Sins of Scripture John Shelby Spong

    The Story we find Ourselves In Brian D McLaren

    This Hebrew Lord John Shelby Spong

    Unweaving the Rainbow Richard Dawkins

    We Are The Weather Makers Tim Flannery

    What The World Needs Now Ilona Reid

    Who Killed Jesus? John Dominic Crossan

    Why Christianity Must Change or Die John Shelby Spong

    With or Without God Gretta Vosper


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