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Programming for Tweens and Teens. Characteristics of Tweens and Teens. They are ENERGETIC and SOCIAL, but need help with appropriate ways to interact and focus their energy. . They are also competitive, creative, interested in technology and themselves . . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Programming for Tweens and TeensDebbie Sternklar, Voorheesville Public Library SRP Workshop 2/6/14The teen section of the SRP manual includes information about the developmental assets that can be addressed in your libraries. This is a great resource for you while planning, and also to inform parents and administrators what your goals are regarding meeting the needs of these populations.

Characteristics of Tweens and TeensAnybody have them at home, tell us about them.They are ENERGETIC and SOCIAL, but need help with appropriate ways to interact and focus their energy.

When in groups, many tweens and teens are:

They are also competitive, creative, interested in technology and themselves.

and this is developmentally appropriate!

When there is a get-together, they want to know that others are like them, are interesting, and that someone will pay attention to them. Whether your library gets participants from different schools, or kids who have known each other forever, try an ice-breaker like Human BINGO from previous SRP, or Coke or Pepsi quizzes so they can learn about each other and maybe find something in common. 5

Its best to be on the lookout for program ideas all the time. Be a Sponge! Save ideas in paper folders, computer folders, or on Pinterest then sort back through them with your feet up on a cold winter day Dont forget about your community too if a 4H teen is starting her own worm bin, and the family asks you for help finding material AND the summer theme is UNDERGROUND, you make that teen an offer she cant refuse!


Adult craft sites & magazines, Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Family Fun, Make and Other community groups/activities (Ex: YMCA summer camps, school-run summer activities). If the school is having a week of fencing lessons, and youre holding a book discussion of Foiled, hunt down the physical education teacher!


Magazines inspired activities such as:8

Hula hoop weaving (from Family Fun), and other recycled t-shirt crafts (gathered from Pinterest). The t-shirt tote bag on the right is in the teen section of the manual, and requires no sewing.9

Artist Trading Cards for the Be Creative summer theme.Tunnel Books for the Dig Into Readingsummer theme.Both of these projects, adapted from adult craft magazines, were something that tweens and teens could have success with. Since the age groups like to have their own space and time to chat with their peers while creating, the program was offered twice in the same day. This saved me from setting up and cleaning up twice.10

Craft books provide lots of inspiration for teen projects, such as11

STUPID SOCK CREATURES!Always a good time!12Official Nick and Tesla series website - projects page

New books: Many now have extras, like recipes and projects inside the books, or on their websites. Ex: series - Nick & Tesla Book one: High Voltage Danger Lab: a Mystery with Electromagnets, Burglar Alarms and other gadgets you can build yourself. Website with videos of the projects Not only can YOU use the information on the website, but you are showing tweens safe places to explore on the Internet that they can use to pursue the interests fueled by the books they read. Adaptation for teens they may know about the explosive powers of diet cola and Mentos, but can they put that energy to a good use? Leave out equipment used in Nick & Tesla book, but dont give them instructions. Have extra equipment too, who knows what theyll figure out outside!


Inspiration for this summers programs yet to be decided But, with the teens and tweens, you cant always stick to the SRP theme. Remember, they are most interested in themselves! They are into whatever they are into. Focusing on one theme, even though we are given a few approaches, will leave some kids out.14

Its called popular culture because its popular!Tweens and teens like to celebrate their popular culture favorites. They also love gathering for a party with like-minded people. Plan a craft, a snack, and some games and youve got a ________ party. (Always games tweens and teens are competitive, and like a challenge). Look to popular culture for your theme: popular book series, movies, TV series, music, other entertainment. 15HOW TO GAME-IFY ANYTHINGStart with some basic, well-known games: board games, childrens party games, popular game showsAdapt them for your chosen theme by looking for info on your topic on official websites, Wikis developed by fans, books devoted to the topic, PUBYAC posts, or Pinterest pages16GAMES EVERYONE KNOWS

BINGO!Heres the first one, courtesy of Leslie Saperstone at GPL. Now its your turn. Shout out some games you could adapt for programs -17Some examples:Jeopardy/TriviaWho Am I?Name That TuneMinute to Win ItMusical Chairs CharadesSimon SaysRock, Paper, ScissorsFreeze DancingCoke & Pepsi (the danceparty game)MadLibs

The Memory Game (or Concentration) was easy to create for a 39 Clues party, since collectible cards come with the series.Of course, you have to change the name of your game to something cooler, like Cahill Concentration. The following program example is from the popular book series that was made into movies, but Ive planned the same way for a SpongeBob Squarepants party too.18

Tantalus' Donut Stand Enjoy a Donut! But first, youll have to catch it!Now youll know what MY life is like! Tantalus

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Camp Half Blood. The snack was also a game, since kids had to eat their donut from a string. There was blue punch, of course. Musical Thrones was played as a large group. Pictures of the gods were taped to some of the chairs for fun.


Here are two popular games that were changed to match the theme. Many of these ideas were from a compilation posted on PUBYAC. Youth librarians are great at sharing! Ann-MarieHelldorfer and I shared ideas while planning our separate parties, then went in our own directions.

Other stations tweens could visit at their own pace.21

The Great Prophecy

A half-______________ of the eldest (noun)____________________________ (noun)shall reach __________ against the odds(number)and _____________ the world in (verb)___________ sleep,(adjective)

the _____________s soul, (noun)_______________ blade shall reap (adjective) A single choice shall _______________ (verb)his days. Olympus to preserve or _______________. (verb)

If you give the Oracle some nouns, verbs and adjectives, she will give you a prophecy. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Ultimate Guide provided the topics and details used to create a Jeopardy-style trivia contest. It also included fun quizzes like: Whos Your Parent? that we used for filler activities. This party was planned to accommodate 30-36 kids, about 24 showed up. As you can see, the supplies were not expensive, but we set it up so the kids could experience the world created by Riordan in this popular series. 22

Decorations can be as simple as pictures printed from the computer, things you had hanging around (like Valentine decorations for Aphrodites station), signs for each station, and instructions. The official website provided paper activities like a cootie catcher pattern used to fill time, or for party favors. Costumed volunteers also set the scene. How does this apply to teen programming? Who do you think typed up all these signs, instructions, Jeopardy trivia questions and ran some of the stations and games? Excited Percy Jackson teen fans! (and library workers and Mary Aphrodite Fellows). Even if kids hadnt read the book series they could enjoy the games and activities, and might leave wanting to start reading. Your turn!At your table, brainstorm a theme party for tweens or teens. What games, activities, and snack will you use to bring your theme to life for the attendees?

I challenged myself to something outside my comfort zone. My plans for the ultimate party include: Name That Tune using snippets from One Direction CDs, Mad Libs using song lyrics, Freeze Dancing (and/or musical chairs) to One Direction songs, flat-backed marble magnets craft, and heart(throb) shaped cookies or cupcakes with red-hots on frosting. If you have a Wii, Just Dance 4 includes the song What Makes You Beautiful dance along! YouTube has videos so you can learn the bands dance moves too. If you have teen volunteers who take dance, have them teach the dance moves, or circulate and help tweens. Fans can wear their favorite One Direction tees. Library materials to tie-in: music CDs, bios of pop stars, dance instruction videos or books, pop magazines, Beetles info (the biggest boy band ever and its their 50th anniversary in the US). If this sounds like something your tweens would like book a date for it now, before the boys turn to drugs or become has-beens, tween fads can change fast!

Camera Shots & Angles Used in Suspense Films

Tracking: This is used often in suspense films to show characters being chased. The camera stays on the runners.Dont forget to repeat successes! If kids or parents start to ask Whens the next LEGO Club meeting? get busy scheduling it! Add new activities as you find them, or the kids suggest them. If your videography class has a long waiting list, try to schedule another during the year. great technology program for any size library would be an introduction to photography or videography (its a science and an art). Tweens and teens love to take selfies and shoot video, but most have no understanding of basic camera angles and video shots. You may not have a set of videocameras to use for pro


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