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<p> results depend on a number of factors. Actual results may vary.Copyright 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.ExadataRuns 11x Faster 1 Exadata replaced2 large UNIX serversand 2 storage racks.profit resizes.indd 4 4/11/11 8:59 AMVOLUME 16 NUMBER 2 MAY 2011Ashling Cunningham, CIO, Bord GisOracle systems help Bord Gis become a force in Irelands newly open energy marketsTHE EXECUTIVES GUIDE TO ORACLE APPLICATIONSORACLE.COM/PROFI TWays to align it With business strategy 4POwER PLAYERFocus on: sustainabilityWE ARE mUCH bETTER PREPARED fOR ANSWERING THE NEED fOR RELIAbLE AND TRANSPARENT DATA IN A RAPIDLy GROWING INTERNATIONAL COmPANy WITH AN INCREASINGLy COmPLEX COmPANy STRUCTURE. ITS A COmPLETELy NEW WORLD. NIELS STRANGE PEULICkE- ANDERSEN, DONG ENERGybuild anything, anywhereA SINGLE INSTANCE Of ORACLE APPLICATIONS SImPLIfIES mANUfACTURING fOR EATONS VEHICLE GROUP SOUTH AmERICAon track For growthSySTEm UPGRADES kEEPS CSX RAIL OPERATIONS GOING fULL STEAm AHEADPM11_cover.indd 1 4/4/11 2:29:55 PMAs used in this document, Deloitte means Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.Copyright 2011 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LimitedWinning teams are the ones who rack up all the awards. And this year, were happy to add even more Oracle Titan and Oracle Global awards to our list. Our award-winning track record makes us proud because behind every award, there is a successful client.2010 Oracle Awards:ConsumerIndustrySolutionGlobalSystemsIntegratorApplicationsMomentumManufacturingandDistributionSolutionOracleRedStackSolutionGlobalApplicationsPartneroftheYearApplicationsPartneroftheyear,UnitedKingdomOraclePartneroftheYear,TheNetherlandsOraclePartneroftheYear,SouthEastAsiaHeres to another great year of valued partnership and to giving our clients more.Deloitte &amp; OracleTogether.Scanhereandlearnhowto get more value from your Oracle resizes.indd 8 4/11/11 4:42 PMEditors notE 5 Reduce. Reuse. Replace. The three well-known environmental edicts have meaning beyond the world of consumer waste. They also can be applied to help enterprise systems support more sustainable business practices. By Aaron LazenbyLuminariEs 6 sMaRT sTeps Oracles senior director for industry strategy and insight finds an effective framework for helping technologists create a sustainability footprint for manufacturers. Harshad Khatri 7 FoRwaRd ThinkinginsidE oracLE 11 shipping MoRe wiTh less Oracle Transportation Management minimizes shipping costs and carbon footprint. Plus, Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance Applications Suite gets an upgrade, and Oracle introduces the worlds first exabyte storage system. LEading stratEgiEs14 BRidge To The FuTuRe Gina Tomlinson, CTO of the City and County of San Francisco, shares her thoughts on how to build a municipal IT policy worthy of Californias Silicon Valley. By Aaron LazenbyBusinEss EfficiEncy25 expeRT RepoRTing An Oracle-based portal benefits Intertek, its customers, and the environment by streamlining paper-based reporting. By Minda ZetlinEnvironmEntaL data28 susTainaBle eneRgy Executives at Denmarks DONG Energy follow a sustainable path with the help of accurate reporting from Oracle Hyperion Financial Management. By Tara SwordsHuman capitaL managEmEnt31 Managing a healThy woRkFoRce Year after year, Premera Blue Cross earns kudos for being a great place to workand Oracles PeopleSoft human resources solutions are part of the prescription. By Alison WeissgLoBaL manufacturing35 a singulaR View Eatons Vehicle Group South America uses a single Oracle platform to support managements goal of building products at any global facility. By David RosenbaumappLications upgradE41 on The RighT TRack A near-simultaneous upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 and PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.1 keeps business moving for one of the biggest rail companies in the U.S. By Alan Jochit stratEgy and BudgEts45 Think like a ceo Sales professionals use research and communication tactics to get project buy-in from senior management. Can IT execs do the same? By Mark Kuta Jr.sustainaBiLity mEtrics 49 geTTing To gReen The data you need to do sustainability reporting is already captured in your systems. But how do you get it out? By John ORourkeQuEstions and @nswErs52 wiThin youR poweR Profit readers use Twitter to ask Oracle sustainability strategist Jon Chorley about Oracles approach to software that supports cleaner, greener business. By Kate PavaoM A Y 2 0 1 1 V O L U M E 1 6 N U M B E R 2fEaturE story cover: John BlytheIrelands electricity market opened to broad competition in 2005 after years of government control. To meet new market opportunities, Irish utility Bord Gis began a multi-year IT transformation based on Oracle technology. Today, managers enjoy improved operational efficiencies and compliance with new regulatory mandates, and provide excellent customer service for 425,000 new residential electricity customers. By Tony Kontzer18p r o f i t : t h e e x e c u t i v e s g u i d e t o o r a c l e a p p l i c a t i o n s 1it power players2 M a Y 2 0 1 1edi tori al edi tor i n chi ef Aaron Lazenby aaron.l azenby@oracl Managi ng edi tor Jan Rogers contri buti ng edi tor and Wri ter Bl ai r Campbel l contri butors Jeff Eri ckson, Bobbi e Hartman, Carol i ne Kvi tka, Margaret Li ndqui st, Moni ca Mehta, Chri stopher Nul l , Kate Pavao, Katheryn Potterf, Fred Sandsmark, Lesl i e Steere, Al i son Wei ss seni or creati ve di rector Franci sco G Del gadi l l o desi gn di rector Ri chard Merchn producti on desi gner Shei l a Brennan contri buti ng desi gner Chri s Strach publi shi ng publi sher Jeff Spi cer j eff.spi cer@oracl producti on di rector and associ ate publi sher Jenni fer Hami l ton j enni fer.hami l ton@oracl, +1.650.506.3794 seni or Manager, audi ence developMent and operati ons Kari n Ki nnear kari nnear@oracl, +1.650.506.1985adverti si ng sales associ ate publi sher Kyl e Wal kenhorst kyl e@sprocketmedi, +1.323.340.8585 northWest &amp; central u.s. Tom Cometa thomas.cometa@sbcgl obal .net, +1.510.339.2403 southWest u.s. and lad Shaun Mehr shaun@sprocketmedi, +1.949.923.1660 northeast u.s. and eMea/apac Mark Maki nney mark.maki nney@oracl, +1.805.709.4745 Mai li ng-li st rentals Contact your sal es representati products +1.800.633.0675 (U.S./Canada). International: Go to to find the phone number for your servi ces +1. 888. 283. 0591 ( U. S. /Canada)printed in the usa by brown printing co. subscri pti onssubscriptions are complimentary for qualified individuals who complete the form found in each issue or at For change of address, mail in label with old and new address to Profit: The Executives Guide to Oracle Applications, p.o. box 1247, skokie, iL 60076, usa.Profi t magazi ne customer servi, +1.847.763.9635, fax +1.847.763.9638 pri vacyoracle publishing allows sharing of our mailing list with selected third parties. if you prefer that your mailing address or e-mail address not be included in this program, please contact customer service at +1.847.763.9635, fax +1.847.763.9638, or the content contained in this publication is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.Copyright 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved. no part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without permission from the editors. oracle does not provide any warranty as to the accuracy of any information provided through Profit: The Executives Guide to Oracle Applications. PROFIT: ThE ExEcuTIvEs GuIdE TO ORAclE APPlIcATIOns is proVided on an as is basis. oracLe eXpressLy discLaiMs aLL warranties, whether eXpress or iMpLied. in no eVent shaLL oracLe be LiabLe For any daMages oF any Kind arising FroM your use oF or reLiance on any inForMation proVided herein. the preceding is intended to outline our general product direction. it is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. it is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for oracles products remains at the sole discretion of oracle. oracle and Java are registered trademarks of oracle and/or its affiliates. other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. PM11_TOC.indd 2 4/4/11 12:33:16 PMWhen it comes to transaction tax software, nothing complements Oracle better than Vertex. With over 15 years of integration experience and over 1,000 satised clients, our experts understand the intricacies of Oracle. Vertex tax technology seamlessly integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12, making implementation easier on you and your team delivering on time, and on budget.To learn more visit and Oracle. The perfect complement.Untitled-1 1 4/11/11 8:45 AM4 M a Y 2 0 1 1or acl e. com/ prof i tTHE EXECUTIVES GUIDE TO ORACLE APPLICATIONSSpecial Report: Business IntelligenceIn January 2011 the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms placed Oracle in the Leaders Quadrant. Its easy to see why: Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite offers a complete, open, and unified solution that serves every class of userproviding multiple channels of information access and supporting all enterprise business intelligence (BI) requirements. Learn about Oracles BI offerings and how customers are using BI to manage their data.or acl e. com/ us/ cor por at e/ pr of i t / f eat ur es/busi nessi nt el l i gence-197817. ht mlOther HighlightsCreat i ng Ef f ect i ve Col l aborat i on: Q&amp;A wi t h Aut hor Mehrdad BaghaiGl obal i zat i on and t echnol ogy have made i t easi er t han ever t o work t oget her t o creat e new sol ut i ons and reach new cust omers. However, t he rapi dl y changi ng way we do busi ness al so demands execut i ves devel op new st rat egi es f or successf ul col l aborat i on. Prof i t recent l y spoke wi t h Mehrdad Baghai , managi ng di rect or of Al chemy Growt h Part ners and one of t he aut hors of As One ( Pengui n Group, 2011) , whi ch out l i nes ei ght di f f erent archet ypes f or col l ect i ve l eadershi p. Learn why hi erarchy st i l l mat t ers and how i dent i f yi ng your own management archet ype can shape your t echnol ogy st rat egy.oracl e. com/us/corporat e/prof i t /opi ni on/021611-mbaghai -321118. ht mlOracl e Exal ogi c: The One-Day I nst al l at i on Chal l enge Ram Si varam, product devel opment engi neer at Oracl e, has been unboxi ng and i nst al l i ng Oracl e Exal ogi c machi nes i n rapi d t i me. Today he unboxed a brand-new machi ne and had i t runni ng and ready f or product i on i n j ust 10 hours.yout ube. com/wat ch?v=aWHPC188t usMast er Dat a Management Depl oyment Ti psOracl e Seni or Di rect or Davi d But l er makes t he case t hat t he modern I T appl i cat i on l andscape i s f ragment ed. Thi s l eaves cri t i cal dat a domai ns such as cust omer, product , si t e, and suppl i er creat ed and managed di f f erent l y wi t hi n each of t he many appl i cat i ons. But l er draws on hi s experi ence wi t h mast er dat a management ( MDM) t o propose sol ut i ons f or f i xi ng t he dat a f ragment at i on probl ems t hat pl ague busi nesses t oday, argui ng t hat a sound MDM st rat egy can measurabl y assi st organi zat i ons across a wi de vari et y of t op I T i ni t i at i ves. oracl e. com/us/corporat e/prof i t /opi ni on/020911-dbut l er-310287. ht mlMyt hi cs Advances Dat a Consol i dat i on wi t h Oracl e Exadat aOracl e part ner Myt hi cs recent l y l aunched a pract i ce worki ng wi t h cust omers f ocused on i mpl ement i ng Oracl e Exadat a Dat abase Machi ne as a way t o consol i dat e dat acent er operat i ons. Thi s st rat egi c move has l ed Myt hi cs t o be one of t he f i rst Oracl e part ners t o achi eve Oracl e Part nerNet work Speci al i zed st at us i n Oracl e Exadat a.oracl e. com/us/corporat e/prof i t /part ners/022311-myt hi cs-323987. ht mlFi ve I deas: The Way We Work Now As execut i ves prepare f or an economi c recover y, many are unsure of how t o i nvest i n new I T endeavorsf rom ent erpri se resource pl anni ng t ool s t o Ent erpri se 2. 0 t echnol ogi es. Here, get expert i nsi ght i nt o choosi ng t echnol ogy t hat hel ps you col l aborat e bet t er and get proj ect s done. Pl us, see how you can keep yoursel f f rom burni ng out as t he economy accel erat es.oracl e. com/us/corporat e/prof i t /f eat ures/5i deas-exadat a-144061. ht mlFol l ow Prof i t on Twi t t er @Oracl eProf i t Add @Oracl eProf i t t o your l i st of ent erpri se t echnol ogy sources and get dai l y updat es of news, vi deo, event s, and bl ogsal l f rom t he edi t ori al st af f of Prof i t . SubscribeProf i t Onl i ne Execut i ve St rat egy Newsl et t ersSubscr i be t o Pr of i t Onl i nes t wo r egul ar newsl et t er s: t he Execut i ve St r at egy Weekl y bul l et i n f or t he best new cont ent and t he Execut i ve St r at egy Mont hl y f or i nt er vi ews, podcast s, and f eat ur es on t odays hot t est ent er pr i se t r ends.or acl e. com/ newsl et t er sPM11_TOC.indd 4 4/4/11 12:33:42 PMp r o f i t : t h e e x e c u t i v e s g u i d e t o o r a c l e a p p l i c a t i o n s 5EDITORS NOTEThree words, otherwise known as the waste hierarchy, have been bouncing around in my head as the editorial staff researched and wrote the stories contained in the May 2011 issue of Profit. Maybe its because Im a child of that era, but edicts to reduce, reuse, and recycle have defined my view of environmental responsibility. And while there are many more-complex and more-detailed models for executing and managing corporate sustainability programs, the simple waste hierarchy still offers a good fra...</p>