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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 1


    Vertical Technology

    Type Certification led

    Sub-Category Scrum

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 2

    Hello there

    You've considered embarking on an exciting journey

    to strengthen your professional status and career

    trajectory. The choice to obtain professional

    certification and/or further credentials in the subject

    matter area that you choose to specialise in, puts a

    powerful tool, right in your hands. It will bring you

    competitive edge, career progression and market


    This brochure will provide further information about

    the course of your choice. There is a wide selection of

    other courses on our website, a selection that is

    constantly added and improved upon. Feel free to

    email or call us if you need help with anything.

    We welcome the chance to be part of your journey.


    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director

    Note: Information is provided for the purposes of

    review only. Updates to the course programme may be

    made periodically and without notice.

    Welcome Note

    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 3

    Course Information

    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director


    Two day course. This course provides the foundational

    knowledged needed to work with Scrum in a very practical

    way. It is useful for anyone looking to start Scrum or reboot

    their struggling team. You will be challenged to act in terms

    of Scrum - learning how to collaborate better and work as a

    team in the context of Scrum.


    1. Have a clear understanding of the foundational elements

    of Scrum and their coherence;

    2. Get lots of tips to identify common pitfalls and


    3. Take part in a Scrum Team and be more effective at

    delivering value.


    The course is a combination of instruction and team-based

    exercises where you experience how the Scrum Framework

    improves product development efforts. You will work

    together as a team in a series of Sprints to build a software

    application, thereby facing real-life problems.

    The mechanics, roles and principles of Scrum are leveraged

    during the exercises.



    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director



     Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

     Cloud Technology Associate

     Business Architecture - Techniques &


     Business Process Management - Techniques

    & Deliverables

     Scrum : PSM, PSD (Java & .NET), PSPO

     Certified Kanban Management Professional

    KMP I and II

     Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT

     COBIT 5 Foundation

     Certified in Risk & Info Systems Control

     Certified Professional in Health IT

     Software Testing : ISTQB® Foundation,

    ATM, ATA, ATTA, iSQI® Certified Agile


     ISTQB® Foundation Exam Prep Course

     ITIL® Lifecycle- Service Strategy + 3 more

     Transitioning to Agile

     How to Implement Practical Data Quality


     Ethical Hacker & Penetration Tester

     HCI's The Strategic Human Resources

    Business Partner (sHRBP)

     HCI's Strategic Talent Acquisition (STA)

     HCI's Performance Management Innovation


     HCI's Human Capital Strategist (HCS)

     HCI's Analytics for Talent Management (ATM)

     HCI's Strategic Workforce Planning SWP

     Certified Mentor Practitioner (Level 1)

     The Language of Effective Presentations

     The Engaged Manager

     Inspiring the Best in Your People | A Mach 2

    HR Masterclass

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 4

    Course Details

    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director


     Fundamentals of Scrum;

     The Scrum Framework;

     Mastering Scrum;

     Planning with Scrum;

     Getting started;

     Keeping Scrum healthy.


    This course is the perfect introduction, reboot or

    refresher to Scrum.

    It is for teams or anyone wanting to experience

    the Scrum way of working. It provides the base

    knowledge needed for anyone interested in

    taking role-focused training.

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 5

    Certification Assessment

    Rowena Morais

    Programme Director

    ASSESSMENT certification requires a minimum

    score on a rigorous assessment. This course has

    one associated assessment: PSM I.

    If you complete the Professional Scrum

    Foundations course, you will receive a

    password to take the PSM I assessment (one

    time) within a 14-day period following the


    If you pass this assessment you will receive the

    industry-recognized "PSM I" certification and

    your name will be posted on the



    Certification by : hosts the Scrum Guide in 30

    languages, provides scrum assessments,

    hosts community forums an webcasts and

    defines industry-leading scrum training. maintains a public list of all PSM I

    certificate holders.

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 6


    An Agile coach and Certified Professional Scrum Trainer,

    Faisal Mahmood trains, mentors and coaches organisations

    and teams through their Agile and/or Scrum adoption

    journey. Author of the book, Agile Adoption Mistakes You

    Must Avoid, and several articles on Agile and Scrum, he has

    coached and trained more than 2000 people from leading

    companies including Barclays, JP Morgan, ING Director,

    Telefonica O2 UK, Nokia, Bankwest, Shell, SITA, Elisa and Itella

    Information (Finnish Postal Service). Based in London, UK,

    Faisal provides scrum certification training across the UK and

    14 other countries.


    His expertise lies in Enterprise Agile Transformation, Agile

    Coaching, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Emergent

    Architecture and Continuous Integration.


    Professional Scrum Master

    Professional Scrum Product Owner

    Professional Scrum Developer (Java)


    Professional Scrum Master Trainer, Professional Scrum

    Product Owner Trainer, Professional Scrum Developer Trainer

    (Java), Agile Coach, PSM I, PSM II, PSPO I, PSPO II, Certified

    Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Master.


    "Faisal is very smart,

    articulate and

    knowledgeable. He

    "gets" Agile and can

    convert his technical

    and management

    experience into

    effective guidance for

    those embarking on

    the Agile journey. I

    have no hesitation in

    recommending him…."

    Martin Smith, Agile

    Scrum Coach, O2 UK

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    Professional Scrum Foundation Course 7

    engineer at Concentra.

    As a consultant, he was a project lead on over a dozen projects spanning the manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, internet, banking & finance, and education verticals. His experience included projects at Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies such as GE Medical Systems, BP Amoco, and William Blair. In addition to consulting, he has worked par


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