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  • Professional Engineers Act,

    Land Surveyors Act & Board Rules


  • Professional Engineers Act

    Land Surveyors Act

    Board Rules

    Miscellaneous Statutes

    as amended January 1, 1991

  • Table of Contents

    Professional Engineers Act

    Chapter 7. Professional Engineers

    Article 1. General Provisions





    Professional Engineers Act... 3Defines professional engineer 3Defines civil engineer. 3Defines electrical engineer 3Defines mechanical engineer. 3Defines responsible charge of work 3Defines supervision of construction 3Defines who may use engineer tities 4Defines subordinate 4Good samaritan immunity 4

    Article 2. Administration

    Board of Registration 4Qualifications of board members 4Terms of appointment 5Removal of board members 5Appointment of executive officer. 5Roster requirements : 5Rules and regulations, meetings, quorum 5Authority to define scope of practice 5Oaths and testimony ,.. 6Board seal 6Per diem and expenses 6Establishment and duties of technicai advisory committees 6Appointment and size of TAG 6Quaiifications of members of TAG 6Per diem and expenses for members of TAG 6Immunity of members of TAG 6

    Article 2.3. Professional Engineers Review Committees


    Establishment of review committees 6Qualifications and size of committee 7Per diem and expenses 7Gonduct of hearings 7Proposed decisions of committee 7Authority for rules and reguiations 7Immunity provisions 7


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    Article 3. Application of Chapter

    Necessity for registration 7Requirement for registered person in responsible charge of pubiic

    sector engineering 8Definition of civil engineering 8Authority to perform engineering surveys 8Authority to offer to practice or procure land surveying work 9Authority to practice construction project management services 9Liabiiity for construction project management services 9Restricted titles 9Exemption for use of titie "Consulting Engineer" 9Photogrammetry-use of title "Consulting Engineer" 9

    Unlawful use of seal after expiration or suspension of certificate 10Practice of civil engineering 10Practice of eiectrical engineering 10Practice of mechanical engineering 10Signing and sealing of civil engineering plans 10No iegal duty to supervise construction 10Unauthorized changes 11Signing and sealing of electrical engineering plans 11Signing and sealing of mechanical engineering plans 11Certification defined 11Restriction on use of titie "structural engineer" 11Qualifications and standards for use of title "soil engineer" 11Architecturai exemption 12Structure exemptions 12Authority for extension of civil engineering practice 13Contractor exemption-electrical, mechanicai practice 13Contractor exemption-electrical, mechanicai design 13Authorization for engineering business-business names 13Exemption for officers and employees of U.S.A 14Exemption for subordinates 14Exemption for nonresidents 14Exemption for real estate broker or saiesman 15Non-appiicability to surveyors 15Exemption for land holder 15Exemption for buiiding alterations 15Exemption for communications industry 15Exemption for industries 15Nuciear power plants 15

    Article 4. Registration

    Applications 16Engineer-in-training and professional engineer applications

    requirements 16Foreign applicants 16Board criteria for approving curricuia 16Civil engineer experience under civil engineer direction 16Professional engineer experience/education requirements 16Armed Forces experience 17Examination time and place 17Examination requirements 17


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    Second division exam requirements 17State laws and board rules examination 18Certificate, EIT 18Applications, multi-branches 18Applications, reexaminations 18Comity registration 18Temporary authorization 19Qualification by majority vote 19Certificate-professional engineer 19Structural, soil, soils, geotechnical authority 19Refund to unqualified applicants 19Seal 20Duplicate certificate 20Presumptive evidence of registration 20

    Article 5. Disciplinary Proceedings

    6775 Complaints 206776 Conduct of proceedings 206777 Certificate-reissuance 206779 Revocation upon conviction 20

    Article 6. Offenses Against the Chapter

    6785 Authority to investigate violations 216786 Duty to prosecute 216787 Misdemeanors-misrepresentation 216788 Penalty for violations during a state of emergency 21

    Article 7. Revenue


    Certificate renewal time periods : 22Renewal notices 22Delinquent registrations, less than 5 years 22Suspended certificate 22Revoked certificate 22Delinquent registration, over 5 years 22Board jurisdiction-validity of work-liability issues 23Delinquent renewals-special provisions 23Accounting and deposit of funds 23Refunds 24Fees-amoun!. 24

    land Surveyors Act

    Chapter 15. land Surveyors

    Article 1. General Provisions

    8700 Professional Land Surveyors Ac!. 278701 Professional land surveyor 278702 Defines director 27


  • 8703 Defines responsible charge 278704 Defines subordinate ................................................................278705 Defines subordinate 278706 Defines board 278707 Defines executive officer 278708 Licensure requirement 27

    Article 2. Administration





    Board authority 28Record of applications 28Roster 28Clerical assistance 28Technical advisory committees 28Committee appointments 28Committee member license requirements 28Committee compensation 28Committee immunity 29

    Article 2.3 Land Surveyors Review Committee

    Review committees 29Committee appointments 29Committee per diem and expenses 29Committee hearings 29Committee decisions 29Rules and reguiations 29Committee immunity 29

    Article 3. Application of the Chapter

    Requirement for license 30Defines survey practice 30Defines authority to practice 31Authority to perform iand planning 31Geologic or landscape surveys exemption 31Restriction on design 31Land surveying business, business title 31Exemptions to licensure 32Civil engineers authorization to practice 33

    Article 4. Issuance of License

    Applications 33Examination requirements and waivers 33State laws and board rules examination requirements 33Education-experience requirements 34References required 34Support constitution-discharge duties 34Conduct and scope of examinations 34Qualification and reexamination 34Issuance of license 34


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    Comity registration 35Refund for unqualified , 35Duplicate license 35Seal 35Representation oniy by license holder 35Presumptive evidence of licensure 35Temporary license 35

    Article 5. Surveying Practice

    Oaths 36Use of signature and seal 36Consistency of authority to sign and seal 36Responsibility for subsequent changes 36Record of survey when required 37Record of survey-land divislon 38Record of survey-sheet requirements 38Record of survey-technical requlrements 38Required statements 38Record of survey-exemptions 39Record of survey-examination 39Record of survey-examination fee .40County surveyor endorsement.. .40Record of survey explanation of dlfferences 40Record of survey-timely flling .40Record of survey-filing costs .40Record of survey-filing and storage .40Record of survey-correctlon .41Defines certify/certification .41Record of survey-monumentation .41Record of survey-California coordinates .41Monumentation Identiflcation 41Corner records-record of survey for"lost"corners : .42Corner record form 42Corner record filing .42Corner record-monument rehabilitatlon .42Corner record-sign and seai-when no record required 42Right of entry 43

    Article 5.5. Photogrammetry

    Use of titie .43Photogrammetric services 43Signature required .43Fees .43

    Article 6. Disciplinary Proceedings

    8780 license-suspension or revocation 438781 Conduct of proceedings 448783 License revocation upon convictlon .448784 License-reissuance 44


  • Article 7. Offenses Against the Chapter

    8790 Enforcement and prosecution .448791 Dufy to prosecute .448792 Misdemeanors .44

    Article 8. Revenue




    Accounting and deposit of funds .45License renewal-time periods .45Delinquent license, less than 5 years .45Suspended certificate .45Revoked Iicense .45Delinquent license, over 5 years .45Status of restored, reinstated or reissued license .46Renewal certificate fees-registered civil engineer .46Fee refunds .46Fees .46Grace period-delinquent license .47

    Rules of the Board of Registration

    Article 1. General Provisions

    introduction 51Location of Offices 51Definitions 51Definition of Responsibie Charge for Professional Engineers 54Definition of Responsibie Charge for Land Surveyors 55Delegation of Certain Functions 56Fees : 57Meetings 57Certificates 57Seal 58Address Change 58Pr


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