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In ecommerce website development, even if your sit features all the bells and whistles and easy navigation, you cannot drive sales without making everyone know about your on-line presence and helping potential customers find your website.


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2. BetterVisibility InEcommerceWebsiteDevelopment,evenifyoursitfeaturesallthebells and whistles and easy navigation, you cannot drive saleswithout making everyone know about your online presence andhelping potential customers find your website. If you have one ofthe most engaging and powerful website on the web, make sureyourtargetaudiencecanfindit.SEOorsearchengineoptimizationdoesnotstartafterthewebsiteis launched. For maximum effectiveness, SEO is integrated andtaken into consideration before, during and after the ecommercewebsites development process. Our skills ensure that your websiteis search engine friendly and is built to be among the top searchresults, with full control of keyword descriptions, page titles andmetainformation. 3. SocialMediaManagement 4. FasterLoadingTimeJustbecausepeopleareabletolocateyourwebsite,itdoesntmeanyou have them hook, line and sinker. Youonly have a fewsecondstoengagetheirinterestandmakethemwanttobrowsethroughthedifferent pages of your website. This means, aside from anexceptionaldesign,youneedtohaveasitethatloadsasquicklyaspossible.Our team is adept in delivering high performance website withsignificantly reduced page load times as well as more efficientoptimization of images. Our experts work hard on finetuning allecommerce WebDevelopmentCompany projects to ensureoptimumloadspeedusinganybrowserandfromanymachine. 5. LoadingTimeManagement 6. Scalability 7. ScalabilityOver the years, we have accumulated invaluable experiences,insights and strategies to design and create effective onlinestores that allow you to conveniently manage all aspects ofrunning your online business. This includes credit cardgateways, shipping and handling, order fulfillment, taxes and somuchmore.Wecreatewebsitesthatdonotonlyhelpyousucceed,butbeableto grow with your business as you gain better market leverage,acquirebiggerclientbaseandrakeinmoresales.With an effective ecommerce site, you can enjoy making moneyevenwhileyousleep! 8. ForQueries?LeapGo, N1449BatesRd,RandomLake,WI53075Phone:(818)2327220 Fax:(818)2327220http://www.leapgo.com