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  • 6 SPIL & the CustomersNo compromise in quality and be the champion in customer satisfaction


    Customer Requirement

    Customer Satisfaction

    Quality Management








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    Analysis and


    Product Quality Policy

    SPIL perseveres in its corporate philosophy of No compromise in quality. To this end, the Company flourishes the corporate culture of quality through education and promotion of quality and a viable training system for quality. Everyone from top to bottom of SPIL takes quality as their top priority in production. Everyone must uphold the spirit of do the job right at first time and control the process and identify the root causes of problem. This spirit was followed up by the management cycle of PDCA (P: Plan, D: Do, C: Check, and A: Action) to strive continuous improvement. SPILs vision is to excel as world class leading provider of assembly and test.

    Quality is not only the most valuable assets but also the pride of SPIL. For many years, SPIL performed superbly in quality and have earned the recognition of many international giant firms. SPIL is cautious in every stage of production, from product design, research and development, production and shipment. SPIL strictly enforces quality control in every aspect of operations in order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.

    For satisfying the requirements of the customers in quality, SPIL insists that all products must be conformed to applicable legal rules, tests, safety standards, and international quality requirements. With the full efforts from all members of SPIL, SPIL has assumed leadership in the industry in the accreditation of different international quality management systems. For a long time, SPIL has earned the deep trust and strong support from the customers. In the future, SPIL will carry on this heritage of outstanding quality and make upgrade of product quality for the customers as our mission of continuous improvement and refinement. SPIL will appeal to quality is the life of an enterprise and make this a common belief of all SPIL members. We are approaching to the quality goal by Continuous improvement in perpetuity in the attitudes of accountability, professionalism, innovation, and transcending to eternity and fulfilling the quality commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

    Management Responsibility

    Under the leadership of senior managers, SPIL has established its short/mid/long-term business plans in accordance with the corporate philosophy and mission. By integrating the most concerned issues of customers e.g. quality, cost, delivery, customer service and development of new products, SPIL mapped out its annual work plans and objectives. They are managed and reviewed by senior managers and all performance indicators will be properly tracked. With continuous planning, doing, review and improvement, SPIL can ensure that the operations of its quality system will beyond their customers expectations.

    Resource Management

    In human resources management, SPIL has all the personnel engaged in the duties of quality, ESH and hazardous substances management, execution and validation, internal audit personnel receive proper training and necessary qualification. Through education and training, SPIL allows all employees to be familiarized with applicable legal rules, regulations, and their roles and responsibilities in their assigned duties for quality management system and thereby perform their duties in quality assurance properly. In the areas of equipment and facility affairs management, we will develop a qualified environment suitable for production and specifically work to reduce the potential risk to expose personnel in design, development and manufacturing in order to ensure the safety of all staffs and products.

    Product Responsibility

    Product Quality Campaign

    Company-wide quality management toward customer satisfaction

    Quality is no longer just a matter of narrowly defined product quality now, but rather quality in all aspects of production activities. For example: products, services, documents and operations etc. Only by enhancing the overall awareness of quality towards every member of staff within the company. And only by doing this we could then achieve the goals of customer satisfaction and perpetual corporate development.

    Do it right at the first time Prevention always sounds better than treatment. Proper planning beforehand to ensure doing things right the first time. Helps to avoid complicated procedure of reworking and creating unnecessary waste.

    Control in processQuality is visible while process is critical. Therefore, effort has to be made to ensure that every step in the process is conforming to standards through proper control and review. In case of nonconformity, trace the root cause and take corrective/preventive action. This is the only way to achieve our goal.

    Continuous improvement The quest for excellence is the corporate culture of SPIL. We will make continuous improvement in every aspect of our activities, and will make effort constantly towards perfection.

  • 35 S P I L & t h e C u s t o m e r s

    TS 16949 ISO 9001:2008

    ISO 9001 : 2008

    ISO 14001 : 2004

    OHSAS 18001 : 2007ISO/TS 16949 : 2009

    TL 9000-HR5.0/R4.5









    ISO 14401 : 1996

    ISO 9001 : 2000

    ISO/TS1 6949 : 2002

    OHSAS 18001 : 1999

    Product Realization

    In the research and development for all new products and technologies, SPIL has followed the Advance Product Quality Planning or (APQP) in 5 major steps from mapping out the plan, product design and development, production process design and development, product and production process confirmation, production feedback and corrective actions. This planning procedure allows for early identification of quality problems and to respond with preventive action, and avoids unnecessary loss from making changes in the future. This procedure also aims at incurring the lowest costs for providing quality products in a timely manner, and in ensuring the effective quality management in sampling, pilot run production and mass production. After the development of the plan, we will proceed to the short, mid, and long-term capacity planning per the forecasting of production volume, market demand, technology advancement. After all, we will take into consideration the human resources situation, inventory of materials and equipment production capacity of the company in optimizing production scheduling, and will accomplish the mission of operation with the best quality production efficiency and on time delivery based on the requirements of the customers. For ensuring consistent quality along the entire production line, we will establish different standards and guidelines in operations for personnel in different functions and duties so that each and everyone can properly engage in the division of labor in production and assure the quality of production.

    Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

    SPIL deeply believes that a positive partnership relation with the customers is critical for continued business development. As such, SPIL is oriented towards the customers and backed up by professional skills. SPIL commits to provide the best products and technologies, quality service and production service for the customers. At the same time, SPIL treasures the feedback from its customers as the foundation for continuous improvement. Through routine surveys and reviews of customer satisfaction, SPIL ensures all requirements of the customers are effectively responded to. Internally, SPIL ensures a stable production process through statistical process control. Finally, SPIL also conducts internal audits to ensure that product quality is effectively realized.

    Quality System Milestones

    SPIL controls its quality very strictly. For upgrading the reliability of customers on SPILs products and for the realization of the corporate philosophy of the company, SPIL started to apply for accreditations in different international quality systems since 1993, in 2009, SPIL was accredited under ISO 9001:2008. In 2010, SPIL was accredited TS 16949:2009 standard. In 2012, SPIL introduced the international quality management system in the telecommunications industry TL 9000-H R5.0/R4.5. With a series of quality system improvements, SPIL will move forward in quality and service.

    Quality System Milestones

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    2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey Result (top 10 customers)

    Year Customer Award

    2012 Lantiq Best Supplier Award

    2012 Marvell For Assembly & Final Test Support on Tavor-TD in Q3FY12

    2012 ST Recognition For Excellent Support For New Product introductions

    2012 MTK In recognition of outstanding contribution on 6 Billion Chips Shipment

    2012 Huawei Year 2012 The Core Partner

    2011 AMD Pathfinder Award

    2011 LSI Strategic Partner

    2011 Huawei 2011 Core Partner Convention0





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    NO.1Customer MeetingMonthly meetingQuarterly meetingAnalysis and improvement

    Top Management MeetingMonthly meetingTrend review


    Delivery Cost

    Service Technology

    Customer Ranking NO. 1

    Customer Satisfaction

    For the realization of the customer-oriented management objective, SPIL holds monthly/quarterly meetings for reviewing the rating of customers in different areas (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Ser