procedure to wear indian virgin hair extensions

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Procedure to wear Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

www.echelonhair.comProcedure to wear Indian

Virgin Hair Extensions

Clarify and Dry your Hair CompletelyClarifying shampoos cleanses your locks and helps Virgin Indian Hair Extensions stick your hair. After shampooing make sure you dry your hair completely.

Picking Indian Remy Hair ExtensionsSelect hair extensions same color and texture your real hair so can blend easily your hair. If extensions straight, then use flat iron achieve same appearance. If extensions wavy curly, use curling iron curl your natural hair. Here we showing wear straight Indian Remy Hair Extensions.

Section your hairComb all your hair top your head into ponytail and secure hair tie clip. Then take back comb and gently tease lower half your hair one-inch sections keep Virgin Indian Hair Extensions securely place. If you want add more extensions, you can pull down more hair from ponytail.

Fixing Virgin Indian Hair ExtensionsEvenly Clip human hair extensions into teased section your hair. Make sure clips your hair extensions close enough roots your hair and blended enough layers hair must invisible. Some Indian Remy Hair Extensions come one large piece, while others come multiple smaller pieces. If you using multiple clip-on, then attach them one-by-one, making sure you evenly distribute them along section your hair.

Release ponytailGently release top section your hair and allow blend Virgin Indian Hair Extensions. Backcomb top section your hair. Use hair spray ensure stays all day. Enjoy!

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After Straight Hair ExtensionAfter coil curl Hair ExtensionAfter loose wavy Hair Extensionwww.echelonhair.comAnd thats it!You are done


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