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  • A leading cosmetic brand name, we "Privia" are leading manufacturers ofcosmetics. The brand expresses healthy confidence based on New York feel,where users can experience unadulterated original system of New Yorkers.

  • - Profile -

    Established in the year 2006, at Seoul, Korea, we "Privia Korea" are leadingmanufacturers of cosmetics for women. The product range made available by usincludes B.B. Cream, Illusion Powder Pact, Illusion Glittering Blusher, ClearLiquid Foundation, Rich Vital Skin, Rich Vital Lotion, Rich Vital Cream, ShinyPowder Pact, Perfect Magic Peeling Gel, Perfect Pure Foam Cleansing and SweetIllusion Eau De Toilette.

    These professional branded products help users to be reborn as elegant skinbeauties. PRIVIA, the brand also shows everything of basics of make-up andaspires to be part of everything about you. Backed by extensive research trialsas well as well established production norms, these products go along with thedreams of proud and beautiful females who are not ready to settle at theirpresent times. Actually, not give up their dreams in the idea brand Privia standsfor.

    Today, our cosmetic products offer a fine balance towards meeting the demandsof females who are in their teens and early twenties as well as females in theirmid twenties. We while formulating the products ensure these matches up withthe expectations of people attracted to new and fresh items and flashing trendsas well as people who demand stable make-up that naturally expresses theirskins.

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    B.B. Cream:

    An exquisite product with triple function (base foundation skin care), which activelyresponds to skin aging and maintains clean makeup, based on intensive skin care functions.

    B.B. Cream Privia V-Face B.B Cream

    Privia aboutU B.B Cream

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Rich Vital Lotion:

    Feeling tired and sunburned after just a few minutes in the sun. Drive away all your troublesas our rich vital lotion protects your skin and leaves you looking fairer and fresher thanbefore Privia oriental rich vital lotion makes the skin ever lastingly vivid and elastic byproviding maximum moisture and nutrition.

    Rich Vital Lotion Privia Homme Sport MilkLotion

    Privia Intense WhiteningSerum

    Privia Intense Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Rich Vital Cream:

    Tired of dull looking skin, tired of looking in the mirror and missing some much neededfairness. Look no further, our rich cream will literally take all the darkness away and leaveyou looking fair, radiant and fabulous. It makes your skin vivid and elastic skin andcompletely transforms tired and enervated skin due to our vegetable content.

    Rich Vital Cream Privia Oriental WrinkleDaily Cream

    Privia Perfect DeepCleansing Cream

    Privia Oriental WrinkleRepair Vital Cream

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Shiny Powder Pact:

    Now you can have a celebrity look everyday with our shiny powder pact. A product that notonly makes your skin beautiful from the outside but also nourishes your skin from inside tomake it look fabulous everyday. It also helps in covering imperfections as well as makingskin translucent.

    Privia Skin RecoveryEssential Triple Pact

    Privia Skin RecoveryShiny Powder Pact

    Privia Illusion PowderPact

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Privia Cosmetic Products:

    Privia Skin RecoveryBlooming Makeup Base

    Privia Miracle WrinkleCare Sleeping Pack

    Privia Skin Recovery FacePowder

    Privia Oriental WrinkleDaily Essence

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Privia Eye Care Products:

    Privia Oriental Rich VitalEye Cream

    Privia Aqua MarineCollagen Eye Patch

    Privia Glittering EyeShadow

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Other Products:

    Privia Clear Twoway Cake Privia Illusion GlitteringBlusher

    Clear Liquid Foundation Rich Vital Skin

  • - Cosmetics and Skin Cream -

    Other Products:

    Perfect Magic Peeling Gel Perfect Pure FoamCleansing

    Privia Clear MildCleansing Foam

    Sweet Illusion Eau DeToilette

  • - Company Factsheet -

    Year of Establishment 2006

    Nature of Business ManufacturerExporter

    Total Number ofEmployees

    11 to 25 People

    Turnover Upto US$ 0.25 Million (or upto Rs. 1 Crore Approx.)

    Major Markets East EuropeEast AsiaSouth East Asia

  • - Contact Us -

    Contact Details:

    Privia, KoreaMs. Lea KimNo. 201, Kolon Digital Tower - 3, Seongsu Dong - 1 G. A., Seong Dong, GuSeoul, Seoul National Capital - 133 110, Korea Website: