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1. Private PaaS for the Enterprise: Apache Stratos & WSO2 Private PaaS Lakmal Warusawithana Director Cloud Architecture, WSO2 Inc Vise President - Apache Stratos Imesh Gunaratne Senior Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc PMC Member - Apache Stratos 2. Agenda Introduction to Apache Stratos Introduction to Containers Introduction to Docker Introduction to CoreOS and Flannel Introduction to Kubernetes Apache Stratos integration with Docker, CoreOS and Kubernetes Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS WSO2 Private PaaS Demo - Kubernetes, WSO2 ESB 3. Apache Stratos Apache Stratos is a highly-extensible Platform-as- a-Service (PaaS) framework that helps run Apache Tomcat, PHP, and MySQL applications and can be extended to support many more environments on all major cloud infrastructures Stratos initially developed by WSO2 and last year donated to Apache Software Foundation After successfully complete the incubating process Stratos now graduated as Top Level Project 4. Apache Stratos Layered Architecture 5. What are containers? 6. What are containers? 7. What are containers? 8. What are containers? 9. What are containers? 10. What are containers? 11. What are containers? 12. What is Docker? 13. What is Docker? 14. What is Docker? 15. What is Docker? 16. What is Docker? 17. What is Docker? 18. What is Docker? 19. What is Docker? 20. What is Docker? 21. What is Docker? 22. What is Docker? 23. What is Docker? 24. What is Docker? 25. What is Docker? 26. What is Docker? 27. What is Docker? 28. What is Docker? 29. What is Docker? 30. What is Docker? 31. How does images are stored in Registry? 32. Docker File System 33. Demo - Basic Docker boot2docker Create basic container Write a dockerfile Build a docker Image Create a container using created docker image Access via host machine port 34. What is CoreOS? 35. CoreOS Cluster 36. CoreOS update management 37. What is Flannel? 38. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is a platform for hosting Docker containers in a clustered environment with multiple Docker hosts Provides container grouping, load balancing, auto-healing, manual scaling features ...etc Project was started by Google Contributors == Google, CodeOS, Redhat, Mesosphere, Microsoft, HP, IBM, VMWare, Pivotal, SaltStack, etc 39. Key Concepts of Kubernetes Pod - A group of Containers Labels - Labels for identifying pods Proxy/Service - A load balancer for Pods etcd - A metadata service cAdvisor - Container Advisor provides resource usage/performance statistics Replication Controller - Manages replication of pods Scheduler - Schedules pods in worker nodes API Server - Kubernetes API server 40. Kubernetes Pods 41. Kubernetes Pods 42. Kubernetes Labels 43. Kubernetes Labels 44. Kubernetes Services 45. CoreOS with Kubernetes 46. Apache Stratos L1 Architecture for Docker based Cartridges 47. Stratos Architecture with Docker Support 48. Kubernetes Resources Used by Stratos A Kubernetes Service is created for each transport/port mapping defined in the cartridge. Kubernetes Service is a load balancing service for Pods. A Kubernetes Pod is created for each member in a cluster. A Kubernetes Pod is a group of Docker containers. Kubernetes creates a separate Docker container for networking. 49. Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS 50. Introduction to WSO2 Private PaaS The WSO2 Private PaaS is a complete, enterprise- grade solution, offering an open Platform as a Service (PaaS) At the core of WSO2 Private PaaS, lies Apache Stratos , providing cloud-native capabilities such as multi-tenancy, elastic scaling, self-service provisioning, metering, billing and resource pooling among several other functionalities More significantly, it also adds functionality to host pre-integrated, fully multi-tenant WSO2 Carbon middleware products as cartridges that deliver a range of cloud PaaS services 51. WSO2 Cartridge Component Architecture 52. Configurator Component Architecture 53. WSO2 Private PaaS/Kubernetes Deployment Architecture 54. Load Balancer Architecture 55. WSO2 Private PaaS Demo ESB Docker Image Creation Deploying ESB in PPaaS on Kubernetes Artifact Distribution Autoscaling Load Balancing 56. More Information! peek-into-apache-stratos.html introduction-to-docker https://cwiki.apache. org/confluence/display/STRATOS/4.1.0 +Stratos+M2+Developer+Preview 57. Thank You