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  • FEATURE ARTICLE:REVERSAL TIMES:The Master Key to Well-Timed Micro Trades

    NNOOVVIICCEE NNOOTTEESS::UUSSIINNGG YYOOUURR LLEEVVEELL IIII SSCCRREEEENNPaul Lange reviews the elements anduses of the "Market Maker Window"

    WWHHYY TTRRAADDEE OOPPTTIIOONN SSPPRREEAADDSS??Steve Lentz of OptionVue Researchshows you how options can be a powerful tool for speculators


    TTRREEAATTIINNGG YYOOUURR TTRRAADDIINNGGAACCTTIIVVIITTYY AASS AA BBUUSSIINNEESSSSDave Fleck, CPA of TradersAccounting shows traders why legalentities offer more tax advantagesthan sole proprietorships





    SUMMER 2003

    Ranked #1web site and Training Facility

    by Barrons, Forbesand Stocks and Commodities

    This Issue: REVERSAL TIMES: The Master Key to Well-Timed Micro Trades, Page 15


    Summer 2003 ~ Volume 2, Issue 2$4.95 US $5.95 CAN

    Oliver L. Velez and Greg CapraFounders of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc.

    FEATURE ARTICLE:REVERSAL TIMES:The Master Key to Well-Timed Micro Trades

    Ranked #1web site and Training Facility

    by Barrons, Forbes and Stocks and Commodities

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  • DISCLAIMER: There is a very high degree of riskinvolved in trading. Past results are not indicative offuture returns. and all individuals affiliated with The Pristine View assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results.The indicators, strategies, columns, articles and all otherfeatures are for educational purposes only and shouldnot be construed as investment advice. Information forstock observations are obtained from sources believedto be reliable, but we do not warrant its completeness oraccuracy, or warrant any results from the use of theinformation. Your use of the stock observations is entire-ly at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility toevaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness ofthe information. You must assess the risk of any tradewith your broker and make your own independent deci-sions regarding any securities mentioned herein.Affiliates of may have a position or effecttransactions in the securities described herein (oroptions thereon) and/or otherwise employ trading strate-gies that may be consistent or inconsistent with the pro-vided strategies.

    CONTACT INFO Toll Free: 1-800-340-6477International: 1-914-682-7613 Email: Privacy Policy: Copyright 2003, All rights reserved. COPYING AND ORELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION OF THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT OFPRISTINE.COM IS A VIOLATION OF THE COPYRIGHT LAW.


    Summer 2003 ~ The Pristine View ~ 3

    The Pristine ViewWinter 2003 ~ Volume 2, Issue 2

    Editorial Staff

    Editor in Chief ~ Anthony Nunes

    Contributing Writers ~ Oliver L. Velez;Greg Capra; Paul Lange; Steve Lentz;

    Avery Meizner; Dave Fleck; Dan Gibby;Jarred Froman; and David Rainbeau

    Interested in becoming a contributingwriter? Send e-mail to

    Advertising Sales

    Advertising Sales address:18111 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 450

    Irvine, California 92612(949) 250-3960

    Sales Manager ~ Anthony Nunes

    Imagine Pristine in its early days, a start-up company with amodest daily newsletter sent by fax from a Bronx, NYbasement apartment to a single customer! Certainly, humblebeginnings, wouldn't you agree? Just nine short years later,Pristine now serves tens of thousands of clients with free andpaid subscription education and market intelligence on adaily basis. We grew by treating each and every client as wewould our own family, providing knowledge, support, and

    encouragement on the way to self-empowerment. After all, isn't that what educa-tion is all about? For every student of ours who goes on to surpass the masters, webeam with pride. And that's why we often speak of our clients, as well as ouremployees and associates, as part of the "Pristine Family." We never forget thatyou, the client, are the reason for our success; and we are grateful for your continued support and loyalty.

    We are extremely excited about recent developments. In February, weacquired Digevents, Inc., a leading edge company in the production and distribu-tion of live and recorded online content. This purchase has truly catapulted us intothe world of media. We now produce and present online courses (both live andarchived) and CD's of our own material as well as that of other leading educatorsin our field. We've expanded our on-site education and venues as well, providingmore than 200 seminars and workshops throughout the country and abroad peryear. What's more, we've expanded our range of educational programs, with seminars, in-house laboratories, mentorships, and one-on-one coaching. Whetheryou are new to the markets or a seasoned professional, we have something for you.Take a moment and look through our expansive curriculum at,or request our latest Course Catalog at 877-999-0979.

    And now, we are pleased to welcome you to our latest, expanded edition of TThhee PPrriissttiinnee VViieeww. This issue is forty percent larger, with more articlesand powerful new content on trading the markets. We're sure you'll find someenjoyable and informative reading, with ideas and concepts to improve yourinvestment and trading results.

    In this edition, we present articles from both our founders, Oliver L. Velez andGreg Capra. Oliver provides insights into market timing focusing on key reversalperiods throughout the market day. Greg addresses important concepts of ThePristine Method by delving deeper into Pristine Key Buy and Sell Setups, explain-ing nuances and refinements in our approach. We believe you'll find these articles both entertaining and enlightening.

    Also in this issue, you'll find for the first time, articles from expert contributors outside our Company. Steve Lentz, Director of Education atOptionVue Research, offers insight into options trading in his informative article,WWhhyy TTrraaddee OOppttiioonn SSpprreeaaddss?? And David Fleck, CPA, of Traders Accounting, writesan excellent article on the advantages of incorporation in TTrreeaattiinngg YYoouurr TTrraaddiinnggAAccttiivviittyy aass aa BBuussiinneessss.

    Enjoy and keep in touch. We like to hear from family!

    Best, Alan Himelfarb


    Novice Notes. Using Your Level II Screen.Pristine Certified Trainer Paul Lange reviewsthe elements and uses of the "Market MakerWindow".

    Pristine Technologies. Jarred Froman uncov-ers spyware and how you can protect yourcomputer from this intrusive software.

    A Students Testimonial...In this two-partseries, a Pristine student shares his experiencein Pristine's Two-Week Trading Laboratory.

    Trading Diary: Developing and Using OneThat Works!...Pristine Certified Trainer DanGibby takes you on a tour through the manyelements of the typical worksheet.

    Six Steps to Refining The Pristine Buy/SellSetup...See what defines a high qualitysetup. Greg Capra explains the finer detailsof the PBS and PSS.

    Why Trade Option Spreads?...Steve Lentzof OptionVue Research shows you howoptions can be a powerful tool for speculators.

    FEATURE ARTICLE: Reversal Times: TheMaster Key to Well-Timed Micro Trades.There are eight specific time periods wherethe market experiences price reversals.Oliver L. Velez explains how these timeframes serve as an indispensable tool for allmicro and intraday traders.

    Treating Your Trading Activity As ABusiness...David Fleck of TradersAccounting shows traders why legal entitiesoffer more tax advantages over sole proprietorships.

    4 Summer 2003 ~ The Pristine View ~










    A Word From our Chief Operating Officer.

    Letters to the Editor.

    Extended Hours Trading.





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