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  • Printmaking Studio Rules and Safety Guidelines

    All the people that use the printmaking facilities of Zygote Press, must follow these studio rules and guidelines. People not following these will be asked to alter their actions or will be asked to stop their printmaking activities. During open studio hours a monitor is in control of the studio and can answer your questions. Users must recognize his/her authority and responsibility. Users must attend safety training and tutorial sessions to be arranged by Shop Manager prior to be allowed to use printmaking equipment. Friends of users must get approval and pay for Open Studio time if coming with approved user. ANY Print, PRINTED AT ZYGOTE -- All prints made at Zygote Press, on/with our euipment, should absolutely bear the Zygote indicia, by either being CHOPPED [embossed] or stamped on the back. Editions, one print from every edition pulled at Zygote Press, on/with our equiptment, should be given to the Zygote Archive. At no time should anyone be handling Archive prints.

    General Safety Rules to be Observed

    1. All aerosol spraying and solvent applications must be performed outside on loading dock with designated paper laid down on loading dock. Zygote is currently looking into spray booth/hoods for improved solvent-spray area.

    2. Read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the hazardous materials that you use.

    3. It is recommended that users wear closed toe shoes in the studio.

    4. Use personal protective equipment (gloves, eye protection, respirator and an apron) in the studio.

    5. No Food or drink are allowed in the digital room, in Polymer Plate Maker/screen exposure room or in Clean Paper area.

    6. Chemicals must be stored in their hazard classification. i.e. solvents in flammable cabinets; acids in acid room; and bleach (oxidizing) separate from other chemicals.

    7. Users must know where all emergency exits and fire extinguishers are located.

    8. Users must notify Shop Manager staff, instructor, or studio monitor if injured or observe an injury.

    9. The first aid kit and fire extinguishers are located in the studio for emergency use.

  • 10. Solvent RAGS must be place in respective RED CONTAINERS immediately after use.

    11. Spills must be cleaned up immediately and materials discarded properly.

    12. No users may use the print studio without either attending a printmaking class or attending a safety lecture unless their is a responsible Open Studio monitor on duty.

    13. Please double check the door when you come in-it has the tendency to stick with weather changes. Please pull securely when entering.

    14. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed when leaving the studio. Back two doors (one of loading dock and one that goes up to ZPASS and the front door.

    15. Users are not allowed to bring personal printmaking supplies such as; steel, solvents, chemistry, inks, or paint into the studio without checking with Shop Manager first. Only materials that appear in the MSDS book are allowed in the studio.

    16. Print studio tables, inking stations, presses and general work areas are to be cleaned and degreased with vinegar or Simple Green at the end of each class/session.

    17. Bicycles should be placed out of main thoroughfares making clear pathways to shop.

    18. No inks or solvent may be stored in users assigned print drawers or cabinets.

    19. Users must notify Shop Manager of any personal physical or health limitation that could hinder or affect their usage of the printmaking equipment or facilities.

    20. Studio must be cleaned and furniture returned to its original position before users leave studio (stools, tables pushed back, mobile screen tables put back in proper places).

    Safety Rules and Equipment Procedures for Individual Rooms within Zygotes Studio

    Safety Rules/General Workshop

    1. Limited solvent-based or chemical materials are allowed in this space. Oil, vinegar and other cleaning agents are recommended.

    2. No cutting on tables with matte knives or box cutters allowed. Self-healing mats are located under paper table.

    3. Expended knives and cutting blades must be place in sharps container.

    4. Personal materials and objects must be stored in lockers/studios.

    5. Debris and spills must be cleaned up to prevent trip and fall situations.

    6. Users cutting wood or linoleum blocks must cut away from themselves. Blocks

  • should be cut on a bench hook to prevent slippage and aid support.

    Paper Guillotine

    1. Users must get a tutorial prior to using. Only paper-products to be cut on shear (Only approved materials may be cut).

    Digital Lab, Computer/Digital Room Purpose

    The digital lab at Zygote has three primary functions:

    1. The lab is for users that have taken the digital lab tutorial.

    2. Allow users to work in conjunction with a printmaking class (screen, polymer) to produce photo films (positives or negatives) and to produce layouts to assist in the production of print.

    3. Provides a space for users to work on projects or Zygote-related activities.

    All users use the computer at your own discretion, and all intellectual property it is upon the user to secure and prevent others from using. Zygote is not responsible for any files lost or left on desk top. All files should be stored on your own USB. All files and other saved information on the computer will be routinely cleared.

    Safety Rules

    1. See General Safety Rules: all apply!

    2. No food or drink is permitted in the digital lab.

    3. All users are advised to use hand sanitizer before and after using keyboard.

    Computers, Scanners, and Printers

    1. See safety and ergonomics for computer use.

    2. Monitors should not be repositioned or moved in tech room.

    3. Computer users should adjust chairs to their appropriate height.

    4. Printouts must be removed from printers, table near printers, and computers.

    5. Keyboards must be cleaned after use.

    6. Recycle all paper in proper bins and recepticles.

    Clean Paper Area

    This area is dedicated to only clean activities beginning with paper preparation to the final curating of the prints. The cutting table is for assisting the student in cutting or tearing paper to the proper size and shape.

  • Safety Rules

    1. See General Safety Rules: all apply!

    2. Clean area around cutter and place unwanted scrapes in recycling/trashcan.

    3. Cutting is allowed only on the self-healing cutting table.

    4. No etched plates or plates with an applied ground are permitted in the clean paper space.

    Paper Cutting Table

    1. The large center table is for cutting paper and matte board and is covered with a self- healing cover material. This cover material saves the edge quality of the blade and holds the paper so that it does not slip or twist, endangering the cutters hand.

    2. Tables must be free of debris and cleaned after use.

    3. The cutter needs to use caution and be aware of how and where to hold onto the metal ruler as they pull a razor knife along the rulers edge.

    4. When tearing or cutting paper, the torn edge or the cutting knife or should never pass the holders hand.

    5. Expended blades must be placed in the red sharps box located on the wall.

    Registration Punch (located in clean paper area)

    1. The registration punch can be used for either punching registration holes into paper or plates.

    2. Slide paper or plate under multiple holes punch and align to rulers.

    3. Press down handle with sufficient pressure to punch through material.

    4. Repeat process until finished and clean work area. Discarded materials must place in proper trash container.

    Intalgio/Relief General Area

    The majority of the print activities take place in this lab for all processes. Screen-printing takes place on screening table with minimum amount electronic or technical equipment. Five etching presses produce the pressure to transfer ink from a copper plate, relief block, or paper sheets to a sheet of paper. All paper after printing is to be placed on the drying racks to air-dry the wet paper or wet ink. In addition the pressroom is equipped with ventilation fans, a flammable storage cabinet, open studio monitors, print cabinets with shop supplies, and paper soaking trays. Intaglio Safety Rules: All General Safety Rules Apply

    1. Brayers and rollers must be cleaned properly before being returned to storage

  • stations.

    2. Protective clothing must be worn during printing and clean up; gloves, eye protection and aprons, when using solvents and inks.

    3. Scrape ink from inking area using a razor and place-unwanted ink on phonebook page. Take care when using a razor and always scrape away from yourself. The ink and paper must be placed in the designated solvent buckets metal can for ink waste. Clean remainder of ink with Canola oil.

    4. Always consider cleaning with Canola oil, then clean area or tools with soap and water and dry completely.

    5. All tools must be returned to their storage area after use.

    6. All rags with ink or solvent must be placed in the red containers.

    7. Ventilation must be turned on before and during the inking procedure and during the cleanup process.

    8. Only one person should be operating a printing press at a time. When the hands of the operator are on the crank-hand, after rolling-up the plate and setting the paper, no other person should have hands on the press.

    9. Clean press bed after uses to remove ink residue with small amount of solvent on rag and rinse press bed with water to remove solvent and ink residue.