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<ul><li>1.Printing InkAdditives</li></ul> <p>2. 23PRINTING INK AdditivesContent Water Based Systems Defoamers Dispersing Agents Rheology Modifiers Wetting &amp; Leveling Agents Micronized &amp; Coated Waxes Waterbased Wax Dispersions and Emulsions45 67 89 1011 1213 1415 Solvent Based Systems Defoamers, Dispersing, Wetting &amp; Leveling Agents Micronized &amp; Coated Waxes Wax Dispersions1617 1819 2021 Oil Based Dispersions41516212021 Radiation Cured Systems &amp; Special Additives 2225 Micronized &amp; Coated Waxes 2223 Defoamers &amp; Dispersing Agents 2425 Special Additives 2425 Notes2627 3. Printing Ink AdditivesMNZING is a highly regarded, privately owned specialtyd foamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers e ,additive company with headquarters in Heilbronn,wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coatedG ermany. We have a presence in over 40 countries andwaxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions, haveare a technology driven organization with an extensiveachieved worldwide recognition for their performance,staff of highly experienced R&amp;D and technical servicequality and technical innovation.personnel in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our manuThe technical mission of MNZING is to solve ink andfacturing plants in Germany, USA and China have broadcoating formulation problems. We offer state-of-the-artsynthesis and formulation capabilities in order to besttechnical service testing to all customers, regardless ofserve our global customer base.their company size. Based on our broad range of addiWe are committed to creating value and improving ourtive chemistries, MNZINGs technical service work procustomers formulations with our complete range ofvides our customers the optimum solutions with respecialty additives. These additives, which includespect to both technical performance and value.Printing inks are part of our daily life. They are used for means of information or decorative purpose in print media, catalogs and brochures, on packaging, textiles and articles of daily use. The major application processes are flexographic, gravure, offset and screen printing. Depending on the application printing inks have to meet many different requirements. MNZING has a long lasting expertise in printing inks and offers a broad portfolio of additives to the printing ink manufacturers. Our Application Technology Center is willing to support you during the development of products , which provide your customers with best possible solutions. 4. 45PRINTING INK AdditivesWater Based Systems Defoamers When selecting a suitable defoamer, special attentioners, wetting and dispersing agents are used to emulsifyhas to be paid to the balance between defoamingand stabilize hydrophobic substances e.g. binder partiWater Based SystemsSurface active agents (surfac ants) especially emulsifi te fficiency and compatibility with the printing ink. Ourcles, pigments and fillers in water based printing inks.broad range of defoamers and deaerators based on difThese surfactants tend to create foam by stabilizingferent chemical technologies enables us to offer youincorporated air in aqueous systems, that can lead tothe ptimal defoamer for each type and application of oproblems during the production as well as the applicayour water based printing inks.tion of water based printing inks. Defoamers ProductTypeAGITAN 105poa, eeasyAGITAN 109veg, poa, efairAGITAN 120poa,oms,efairAGITAN 155oms,eeasyAGITAN 156poa,oms,eeasyAGITAN 282measyAGITAN 299poaeasyAGITAN 350poahardAGITAN 351poahardAGITAN 650woeasyAGITAN 731oms, poahardAGITAN 760oms, poahardAGITAN 761omshardAGITAN 766oms, poafairAGITAN 771oms, poafairAGITAN E 256oms,eeasyDEE FO PI-123D, eeasyDEE FO PI-353D, efairDEE FO PI-403D, eeasyDEE FO PI-753D, oms, eeasye = Aqueous emulsion poa = Polyoxalkylene technology fsi = Few siliconeMineral oil Silicone free freem =Mineral oil 3D = 3D polysiloxaneAPE freeIncorporation Flexographic and gravure inkswo = White oil oms= Organic modified polysiloxaneCorrugated board &amp; porous paper 5. hydrophobic particleWater Based Systemssurfactant moleculesAdditional Technical Information on Defoamer Technologies Defoamer Application Tables Defoamer Recommendations for BindersFigure | Foam bubble with surfactant double layerCoated paper &amp; packagingFilm &amp; foil Metallic inks ApplicableScreen printing inks RecommendedInk JetOverprint varnishes Highly recommendedPress sideFountain solutionPigment grinding 6. 67PRINTING INK AdditivesWater Based Systems Dispersing Agents In addition to the following product overview includingadditives e.g. transparent inorganic pigments (ironrecom endations for various applications, there are moxide titanium dioxide) and matting agents (silica) in ,Water Based SystemsFor the dispersion of pigments, fillers as well as functional also guide formulations for many pigments available.water based printing inks we offer a broad range of highFurthermore we are ffering you on request to prepare oquality dispersing agents.dispersant recommendations for specific pigments.Additional Technical Information on Dispersing Technologies Dispersant Recommendations Guide Formulations Technical News No. 3Dispersing Agents ProductTypeChargeActive contentSolvent%EDAPLAN 395High molecular copolymeranionic30WaterEDAPLAN 396High molecular copolymeranionic35WaterEDAPLAN 397Polyglycol estersnonionic100EDAPLAN 470Acrylic based polymeranionic50ButyldiglycolEDAPLAN 472Acrylic based polymeranionic50ButyldiglycolEDAPLAN 480Acrylic based polymeranionic85WaterEDAPLAN 482Acrylic based polymeranionic85WaterEDAPLAN 490High molecular copolymernonionic40WaterEDAPLAN 492High molecular copolymernonionic35WaterEDAPLAN 516Acrylic based polymeranionic20WaterMETOLAT 390Fatty derivative copolymeranionic55WaterMETOLAT 392Olefinic polymeranionic45WaterMETOLAT 394Olefinic polymeranionic55WaterMETOLAT 514Acrylic based polymeranionic34WaterAPE free 7. Water Based Systems Inorganic pigmentsOrganic pigments ApplicableCarbon blacks RecommendedTransparent inorganic pigmentsFillers Highly recommendedMatting agents (silica)Laked azo pigmentsBinder containing grinds 8. 89PRINTING INK AdditivesWater Based Systems Rheology Modifiers In addition to the following product overview includingsary to adjust its rheology profile with the help of rheorecommendations for applications, our applicationlogy modifiers. This can be mana ed by using associa gWater Based SystemsFor the optimal application of printing inks it is necestechnology team is at your disposal to identify the besttive thickeners based on polyurethanes. Polyurethanerheoogy modifier or combination of thickeners for your lthickeners can be used solely or in combination withspeci c formulations through lab tests. fieach other as well as with other types of thickeners (e.g. polyacrylates or cellulose ethers). Rheology Modifiers ProductRheology profileTypeActive contentSolvent%TAFIGEL PUR 40pseudoplasticPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 41pseudoplasticPUR20WaterTAFIGEL PUR 44pseudoplasticPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 45newtonianPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 48pseudoplasticPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 50pseudoplasticPUR21WaterTAFIGEL PUR 51pseudoplasticPUR20WaterTAFIGEL PUR 60strong pseudoplasticPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 61strong pseudoplasticPUR25WaterTAFIGEL PUR 64strong pseudoplasticPUR40Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 65strong pseudoplasticPUR20Water/ButyltriglycolTAFIGEL PUR 80newtonianPUR20WaterTAFIGEL PUR 85newtonianPUR25WaterTAFIGEL AP 10system dependentAP31WaterTAFIGEL AP 15system dependentAP29WaterTAFIGEL AP 16system dependentAP29WaterPUR = Polyurethane (nonionic)AP = Anionic copolymer emulsion 9. 10010000 S -11000Additional Technical Information on Rheology Modifiers Technical News No. 4Figure | Rheology profiles of TAFIGEL PUR thickenersOrgano tin freeAPE freeFlexographic &amp; gravure inksScreen inks</p>