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PrintersPlus Print Savings Booklet.


  • 1. PRINTERSPLUS IS COMMITTED TO OFFERING CUSTOMERS SIX WAYS TO WORK SMARTER AND THIS BROCHURE WAS CREATED TO SHOW YOU HOW. Just about every organization offering solutions to your business needs promises to save you money, but not all can deliver on that promise. At PrintersPlus, our years of experience, our partnerships with the largest and best manufacturers, and our breadth of product selection offer customers a new level of value. VALUE In todays business environment flexibility is a key component to success, which is why PrintersPlus should be your hybrid solution provider. We can offer you the most comprehensive print solutions along with technologies that extend beyond imaging and print. Whether its networking, servers, storage, computing products, or our expertise in green print practices, PrintersPlus is an asset to any organization looking to consolidate and save costs. Organizations have to work more efficiently and so do the products that they use. We make sure that happens, it is part of our value proposition to you. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE PrintersPlus, as a well-recognized solution provider, is focused on helping government and industry achieve operational excellence while guaranteeing best value. We have mechanisms in place to support cost savings through the use of supply arrangements, competitive volume discounts, and best priced products online. Reducing the carbon footprint is foremost in all our solutions; we focus on sustainable technologies and ensure every product sold is supported with a lifecycle management program. Going green is a great way to save long term. SAVINGS, 6 WAYS We provide a vast selection products, nationwide support, and top shelf service. Let us tell you about our consulting and discovery services, online systems, supply arrangements, print rationalization, managed print services, and environmental initiatives. Through these initiatives our goal is to improve the design, management, and delivery of how you procure imaging and print solutions, and support an immediate reduction in operational costs. ACHIEVE BEST VALUE
  • 2. 1 CONSULTING SERVICES PAGE 2 PrintersPlus Imaging and Print Specialists will determine what is best for your environment and then build an easy step-by-step plan to achievement. PRINT SOLUTIONS PAGE 3 PrintersPlus best practice approach to Print Rationalization and/or Managed Print Services will help you achieve optimal settings through a phased and non-invasive approach. ONLINE SYSTEMS PAGE 4 PrintersPlus offers clients a customized option to buying online. Our web site is populated with your products at desired pricing, ships products to you the very next day, and is supported by authorized, nationwide warranty service. SUPPLY ARRANGEMENTS PAGE 5 Improve your costs over time by consolidating commodity-based purchasing into a streamlined approach, coupled with simple billing options. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PAGE 6 PrintersPlus isnt just about printers. From printers, scanners, copiers, and servers to the networks where they run, our nationwide reach and our depth of experience are reflected in the products and services we provide. SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT PAGE 7 Save energy, cut carbon, recycle more, and get rewarded. PrintersPlus supports the David Suzuki Foundation through our Print Green program. SIX WAYS TO SAVE
  • 3. 2 CONSULTING SERVICES CONSULTING SERVICES PrintersPlus takes a trusted advisor approach to determining what is best for your business. Our consultative approach allows us to perform a detailed analysis. The insight we gain helps us build a comprehensive plan that demonstrates where improvements should be made and savings can be found. BUSINESS ANALYSIS Our holistic approach to process improvement allows us to do more than simply reconfigure your print fleet. We analyze how you work, purchase equipment, manage consumables, and recycle waste. Doing so helps us understand your business process and recommend improvements to save you time, money, and improve operations. DISCOVERY SERVICES Once we understand how you work through business analysis and process support, PrintersPlus focuses on your print and imaging environment. We are an agnostic solutions provider with the expertise to support multi-vendor environments. We conduct a fleet audit to take account of every device, and collaborate with your teams to understand workflow and determine process improvement. Doing so allows us to identify new solution requirements to better support your organizational needs. BEST PRACTICE APPROACH Our best practice methodologies are built right in so that every consideration is made and implementation is non-invasive. PrintersPlus will then draft a simple timeline and phased approach to support every recommendation made.
  • 4. 3 PrintersPlus eliminates information overload by providing customers with turnkey solutions that achieve their desired state. Our in-depth understanding of print and copy supports our history of working within your network infrastructure. This gives us the ability to focus on the right solution for large or small organizations. PRINT RATIONALIZATION SERVICES Print Rationalization is our most recommended service. It takes account of your current investments, looks at how to best reconfigure the environment to optimal settings, and incorporates the services and solutions that make sense for your business. MANAGED PRINT SERVICES Managed Print Services (MPS) is recommended when IT resources are lacking and/or unique solutions require improved management capability. PrintersPlus offers secure, and remote management options to give customers peace of mind. PRINT SOLUTIONS
  • 5. 4 ONLINE SYSTEMS Organizations are always on the lookout for tangible ways to streamline costs and PrintersPlus Online solutions make it even easier for business customers to save. When you partner exclusively with PrintersPlus, business customers see the instant benefits of buying their print and imaging products, and supplies. Exclusive Price Agreement Extensive Technology Product Selection Unique Log-ins, 1-Click Ordering Client Dashboard with Order History My Favourites and Order Reminders Track Assets and Identify Purchase Volumes Confirmation and Delivery Notifications Online Chat and Live Phone Support Dedicated Account Representatives National Distribution Centres, and Next-day Delivery PURCHASING ONLINE AT ANY TIME OF DAY MAKES DOING BUSINESS FAST AND EFFICIENT.
  • 6. 5 SUPPLY ARRANGEMENTS Our experience has taught us that analyzing your needs, proposing a solution, installing the right products, and ensuring everything is running efficiently gives PrintersPlus the edge it needs to provide print and imaging solutions at every level. Our terms and conditions for supply arrangements are easy. Since we assess your current as well as your future needs, PrintersPlus helps you control your costs, expected or otherwise. We find ways to save you money. We encourage our regular customers to enter into a supply arrangement because it improves your total cost of ownership, billing options, keeps your technology up-to-date and maintained so your business is uninterrupted. Furthermore, supply arrangement contracts are not carved in stone. There is room for flexibility so your wants and needs are met and maintained. You will not be forced to accept more than what you actually need. OUR JOINT PROCUREMENT PROGRAM HAS HELPED US LAUNCH NEW, ENVIRONMENTALLY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGIES, WHILE KEEPING PRICES LOW.
  • 7. 6 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PRINTERSPLUS TAKES CARE OF CUSTOMERS FROM START TO FINISH. WE REPRESENT THE BEST IN MANUFACTURERS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPORT YOUR INVESTMENTS NATIONWIDE. When you hire a value added solutions provider that specializes in print, you are gaining the benefits of working with a specialist that knows both worlds. Our years of experience selling a variety of IT solutions along with our knowledge of servicing a wide variety of industries and organizations of every size has established PrintersPlus as a leader when it comes to selling and servicing technology solutions nationwide. We are fast, efficient and support your solutions requirements anywhere in Canada at anytime. We represent the best in manufacturers of information technology, bringing bulletproof solutions to your business. Our bilingual technicians respond to your questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. We are an authorized sales and service centre, and our team knows how to support your IT investment. Our Spare-In-The-Air Program arranges overnight delivery of replacement product or partners so you can get back to business right away. Billing options like PrintersPlus Cost-Per-Page program will help to streamline the cost of equipment, supplies and other services into one payment. We also maintain your equipment to your standards, and our pre-sales and post-warranty service ensures you get the most out of your investment.