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  • Principles of Magazine DesignJOUR 500 Contemporary Magazine

  • Rules of Magazine DesignDesign for function, not for decorationGood design facilitates readingGood design draws the reader inGood design leads the readerGood design has multiple points of entry headlines, decks, photos or illustrations, cutlines, sidebars while being clean and simple

  • Department headingHeadlineDeckBylineBody copyPull quote or call outArtFolio

  • Two-page spread Think of two facing pages as a single unit unless theres a full-page ad

  • Two-page spread

  • Four Elements of a PageEvery magazine page is made up of four elements:Art (graphics, photos, illustrations)TextHeadlines/titles and subheads/decksCaptions

  • Elements of a page And dont forget

    white space

  • ArtEvery page or two-page spread should have a dominant piece of art, a single focal point

  • Let photos tell the story

  • Let photos tell the story

  • UnityMagazines should be consistent style, typeface, color palette, use of white spaceConsistent design helps give a magazine personality

  • Unity: TypographyLimit yourself to just a few fonts:One for body copyAnother for department titlesA third for photo cutlinesUse special fonts for display headlines

  • TypographyFind creative ways to use type in display headlines

  • Consistency

  • Consistency

  • Trend: Brief text, lots of images

  • Trend: Celebrity covers

  • Anatomy of a Magazine CoverlogoimageCover linesWhite spaceIssue dateprice

  • Anatomy of a Magazine CoverlogoimageCover linesWhite spaceIssue dateprice

  • Covers: Poster

  • Covers: One theme, one image

  • Covers: Multitheme, One-image

  • Covers: Multitheme, Multi-image

  • Covers: All Typographic