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  • 1. The writing timeline PRINCESS WINGATE
  • 2. It took time to get this far and your history is everything. -Princess Wingate THE PAST
  • 3. Kindergarten 2002-2003 Every morning we started off singing the alphabet song and it was so easy but then came the part when we had to write. I knew how to write every single letter except for the fact I always got the letters p and q confused with each other. Picture from: Print Lowercase q Picture from: Print Lowercase p
  • 4. Fourth Grade 2006-2007 It was my first time writing a fictional story, just to be creative thinking outside of the box and it was hard coming from last year, when every thing had to be serious because of the big scary writing test. The story was about how this fire breathing dragon lost his fire and just by going to taco bell and using the most spiciest hottest sauce he got his fire back. . I was so proud of getting an one hundred on my paper. Picture from: Taco sauce Picture from: Dragon
  • 5. Sixth Grade 2008-2009 My first year in middle school and not knowing anyone who surrounds me, the teacher assigns us to read a book . It seems to look like all my peers have already read this book before. A month later we suppose to write a reflection and I have no idea what a reflection truly was. I felt so embarrassed for being the only one who hadnt read the book and didnt know what a reflection was. Picture from: Esperanza Rising
  • 6. Eighth Grade 2010-2011 My last year in middle school feeling like no one could stop me from going to high school. My teacher finally decides she wants to learn something about her students before they leave. Story of my life is what I called my paper, opening up to my teacher and class about all the hardships that has ever came up in my life, it was truly a tear dropper. Everybody learned something about me that day. Pictures from: smiley face , days of the week, food, story
  • 7. The past always help the present, we never want to repeat the same mistakes -Princess Wingate THE PRESENT
  • 8. Ninth Grade 2011-2012 Usually when the teacher assigns work in history hell tell us the topic well, for any class really they would tell us what to write our paper on. But this time it was different, ten full page journals on what ever we wanted. The freedom I took advantage of, from writing about artist to the people who could least inspire me. Picture from: Drake Picture from: J. cole Picture from: Hitler
  • 9. Judging on the past I could tell in what direction my future was heading in. -Princess Wingate THE FUTURE
  • 10. Eleventh Grade 2013-2014 Now I think my freedom would be very limited because Im older now so writing little two page papers are over, I probably write a five to six page paper on how does global warming directly affect me. Or on what is the economy and how different is it from other countries. Picture from: Global Warming Effects Picture from: Effects of Global Warming
  • 11. Twelfth Grade 2014-2015 Going to be the head of the school leaving off to go to real college and every one knows that to get into college you have to write an acceptance letter. So now teachers are going to make sure we write awesome acceptance letters, making us rewrite them every time they find an error. Picture from: College Picture from: the key
  • 12. College 2015-when I finish Because I want to become a famous ,well known, top of the line neurosurgeon I just know tons of eight to ten page long papers are headed my way. Picture from: tarheels Picture from: hopkins Picture from: tech
  • 13. The writing timeline PRINCESS WINGATE


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