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  • 1. Prime PartnershipOpportunity for 3-stars hotels Final presentation of Opportunity Execution Project

2. Fundamental Problem significant costs for hotel maintaining and developing HOTELS weak brand awareness high customer acquisition costs no access to best practice sharing high procurement prices decentralized contract managementCORPORATE attractive volume pricingCUSTOMERS unable to find reliable hotel chain in mid-price segment approach varies for different hotels level of services doesnt meet expectationsCLIENTS no loyalty programs too complicated booking poor service for high priceVenture Lab 2012Prime Partnership Team 3. ProductOur product is complex of services for development and management for 3-starhotel chain under the famous brand, in order to increase the popularity, incomeand keep complete economic and financial independence. In exchange for partnership contributions and high quality standards. reservation Web system 24x7 call center; cooperation with the largest participation in exhibitions andGDSs; fairs; active marketing promotion; exchange of experiences and joint procurement; best practices; recruitment services; business activities with corporate training programs and staff clients;development; online booking through popular auditing and consulting of services;standards compliance; intranet access to customer implementation and databases, standards, advertisingoptimization of business and marketing materials, etc.processes;Venture Lab 2012 Prime Partnership Team 4. About our teamAleksandr KirpichovSergey Shanin Team Leader, executive in sales, 10+ years PMP, project manager, 5 yearsexperience in own and partners large Retailchain management and development experience in risk management, team building, stakeholders negotiationsBorys Baturynets Karyna Kirpichova LL.M., attorney-at-law. 10 years practice in marketing manager, 10+ yearscorporate law and dispute resolution experience in marketing and distribution, brand development Prime Partnership Team We met each other after the 1st phase of Venture Lab during the search of appropriate teammates for main project. All of us participated several face-2-face meeting and carried on an online negotiations with another active members of Venture lab project. Finally when we understood that we have challenging idea for main project and we could enjoy working with each other, Prime Partnership team was created. Our team consists of four motivated and result-oriented teammates with balanced skills set and ambitions to be in the TOP teams.Venture Lab 2012Prime Partnership Team 5. Business model Value PropositionsRevenue Streams Customer Segments This is convenient and Royalty successful brand for 3-star Partners hoteliers or owners hotels. Main features are commissions of hotel business dynamic growth, high level Advertisement guests of the hotel of service, advanced model Audit, consulting, chain of communication, trainings services Corporate customers technology and hotel chainfees franchise. Value added services to franchiseesVenture Lab 2012 Prime Partnership Team 6. Sales and Marketing Strategy 1. Promo at conferences,1. Direct sales managers asexhibitions, specialized forums forhoteliers primary channelhoteliersor owners 2. Hospitality associations as 2. Promo at Internet (own and of hotel an secondary channel specialized websites, cross placing businessbanners, social networks) 1. corporate website >50% of sales clients 2. Travel agencies and travel1. Clients feedback management guestsweb sites ( etc)2. POSM at travel agencies, of the~15% of sales3. Internet (own website, crosshotel3. Discount portals (Groupon placing banners, social networks, chain etc) ~5% of salesreviews from other tourists. 4. Other (regular and occasional clients who applied directly to the hotel 1.Direct mail, presentations,corporate2. Promo through travel agencies,1. Direct sales managers 3. Internetcustomers 2. Telesales 4.Loyalty program for corporate customers staffVenture Lab 2012Prime Partnership Team 7. Risksloyalty erosiondenial of servicegovernment restrictions partner unreliabilitycompetitionemployeeclimatic conditionsdishonesty demand decreaseinflationhackings income concealmentstandard violations Possible strategies to prevent or minimize high-priority risks: Standard violations periodic inspections to monitor compliance with the franchise standards, mysteryshopping, staff trainings, etc. Income concealment legal actions. Denial of service risk should be transferred to the hosting company. Partner unreliability partnership programs, rebates.Venture Lab 2012 Prime Partnership Team 8. Partners and Allies Promotion agencies Suppliers of equipment, Hotels Media expandable materials Educational institutions Social networks Promotional gifts Tourism development Web manufacturers government Exhibitions departments Design companiesKnowledge Awareness Procurementsbase IT solution suppliers Travel agencies, Developing agenciesassociations, operators Hosting companies Booking systems Call-centers E-Commerce providersIT & Web DistributionVenture Lab 2012 Prime Partnership Team 9. FundingTotal 1st year Up to 150K USDinvestments 1/3 - own capital 50K USD OWN CAPITAL LOAN CAPITAL2/3 - venture capital 100K USD From 2nd financial year project starts toFollowed generate profit and dont require additionalfinancingfinancingVenture Lab 2012 Prime Partnership Team 10. Thank you for your attention and look forward to Prime Partnership Final presentation of Opportunity Execution Project