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PRIA Proudly Sponsors. Property Records Education Partners (PREP). PREP Chapters – Keeping it going . Keeping your PREP Chapter alive About PRIA and PREP PREP Chapter Co-Chair Responsibilities Topic ideas Actual Agendas from other Chapters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PRIA Proudly Sponsors

PRIA Proudly Sponsors Property Records Education Partners (PREP)

PREP Chapters Keeping it going Keeping your PREP Chapter alive

About PRIA and PREPPREP Chapter Co-Chair ResponsibilitiesTopic ideasActual Agendas from other ChaptersLinks to presentations you might useResources for you

About PRIAPRIA is the leading national resource for both government and business land records partners to develop and promote national standards and best practices, including:Technology Standards and Implementation GuidesWhite Papers and Best PracticesModel LegislationInformational ResourcesPRIA has supported PREP since 2002 when it was created to involve participation at the LOCAL level

About PREPWhat is PREP supposed to be about and how can PREP help your industry within your community?PREP provides a local structured forum for property records industry stakeholders to meet and work together more effectively. Weve found that the over 36 PREP Chapter(s) have improved local working relationships through discussion of local issues and expanded educational opportunities.

About PREPPREP Chapter participants are better informed and enjoy a stronger voice when addressing state and federal legislation, standards, and best practices.

PREP is a way to meet that requires only (1) Government and (1) Business co-chair who organize meetings (only one PREP participant must be a PRIA member although PRIA membership is encouraged.)

About PREPPREP provides a mechanism to work with problem areas in the local market place

PREP provides a united forum to develop meaningful legislation

PREP participation has been proven to reduce document rejection rates

PREP helps develop a broad contact go to list

About PREPPREP gives you a reason to invite stakeholders from all parts of the real property industry such as: recorders, title companies, recording system vendors, mortgage companies, banks, escrow agents, etc.

PREP is a cost efficient way to stay involved with important issues locally and to hear from PRIA about national standards setting and necessary industry education.

About PREPPREP enhances recognition in your county and community:Local public officials who have PREP chapters and work with their business counterparts to solve industry related issues allow Recording officials to have a greater presence with their business constituencyConversely PREP allows the business community to be heard directly by county officials.

PREP Chapter Co-chair ResponsibilitiesAs a PREP Chapter co-chair what are my responsibilities? Co-chairs set up meetings and keep a current inventory of the local real property records people in all sectors of the industry (title folks, county recorders/staff, banking, mortgage, escrow, other governmental agencies, notaries, legal secretaries, attorneys, data aggregators, recording related vendors, etc.)

PREP Chapter Co-chair ResponsibilitiesCo-chairs hold meetings consistently and on a schedule that works in their region (could be monthly via phone or in person, quarterly, semi-annually or annually)

Co-chairs find speakers, topics and prepare agendas that focus on issues of interest locally and/or on PRIA information

PREP Chapter Co-chair ResponsibilitiesCo-chairs communicate with PRIAs PREP Coordinator:Let her know annually and/or intermittently all your proposed meeting datesSend all minutes/agendas to herSend all attendee lists to her(Templates for all the above are on the PRIA/PREP webpage)

PREP Chapter Topics Actual PREP Agendas and Meeting Minutes are always on the PRIA/PREP webpage, but here are a few topics commonly seen: eRecording hold an eRecording symposium with vendors, users, submitters, etc. or simply have a discussion/check in to check current status of eRecording in your area.

PREP Chapter Topics Land Fraud there are prepared land fraud survey presentations on the PRIA/PREP webpage and this is always a good topic to ask your local district attorneys and/or state and local government reps who specialize in land fraud issues.

PREP Chapter TopicsPrivacy Issues in Land Records There is a privacy white paper suitable for discussion on the PRIA/PREP webpage; this is a good area to discuss the always ongoing issues in the area of land records.Notary Basics There is an audio presentation available on the PRIA/PREP webpage which gives a clear overview of what to expect from a Notary.Document rejection stats This area is becoming an issue again with higher volumes of recording starting to return.

PREP Chapter TopicsCharging Fees for access to land records always a controversial topic, as different counties and states often do this differently and via subscription services OR simply on the internet for free. See white paper on PRIA webpage on Bulk Records Access.

PREP Chapter TopicsLand Descriptions and Interpretations one Chapter held an all day seminar with presentations from the local Land Surveyors Association. They are also going to invite the Surveyors to review how they create Surveys for Recorders/Title people and discuss different methods used by Surveyors.

PREP Chapter TopicsGIS and Land Records how do the two relate and why is it important? ESRI is one of PRIAs members and is willing to speak to Chapters or provide an outline of discussion about this relationship and how it will help the citizen to have these bodies of data connected.

A typical template for a PREP Meeting AgendaWelcome & RegistrationIntroductions: meet your business partnersPRIA and PREP News/UpdatesExchange county and document submitter informationDiscussion on current issues of mutual concern to your group: document processing issues, rejections, proposed and new legislation, eRecording, etc. Future meetings, future educational opportunities, etc.

PREP Chapters across the US

PREP Meeting Agendas Metro MinnesotaMN Metro PREP Meeting February 14, 2013 - Business MeetingApprove Agenda/Additional Items Approve Meeting Minutes of November 8th, 2012 (?)Unfinished/Ongoing Business ERERC updates County eRecording Volumes MLTA/MCRA Workgroup Legislative Updates from the MN Bar, MLTA, MNAR, MCRA New Business Accepting certified copy of probate package (1 filing fee) vs certified copy of each doc (multiple filing fees) Discussion of process for removing old memorials, recitals, etc Order, Examiners Directive, etc Amy Roble Overview of Case 0:11-cv-03548-ADM-JSM (Venture Bank v United States of American) re:reasonable inspection of public records 2013 Meetings: February 14, April 11, June 13, 2012 suggest alternate date(s), MCRA Summer Conf Conflict, September 12, and November 14, 2013

PREP Meeting Agendas Southern CaliforniaSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PREP CHAPTER(Business Co-Chair, Zachary Zaharek of First American Data Tree LLC; andGovernment Co-Chair, Tauna Mallis - Assistant Recorder for Riverside County)

PREP is holding its 3rd annual Southern California Chapter conference sponsored by FirstAmerican Data Tree LLC, on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, in Orange County at the FirstAmerican campus, located at 5 First American Way, Santa Ana, California 92707, from 8:30 a.m. to12:30 p.m., with check-ins starting at 8:00 a.m.

This year the dynamic panels will consist of:1. County-Recorders from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, andSan Diego counties;2. Deputy District Attorneys from the Real Estate Fraud Divisions from Los Angeles,Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties; and,3. Wells Fargo - origination department representative

The previous conferences have been a tremendous success with a great attendance and weare expecting the same this year. Please RSVP to Jamie McCauley at no later than September 4, 2013. For questions or additional information, please contact Zachary Zaharek, First American Senior Corporate Counsel, at; 714-250-7713 or Jamie McCauley, First American Corporate Paralegal, at; 714-250-6468.


Melanie Gornik from SimpleFile presented a demonstration about the submitters side of e-recording. There were many questions ranging from how do the counties handle these documents to what will it cost me to where do I sign up. There are several e-Recording submitting vendors approved by the ERER Commission. Information about them may be found at: Drew Imes from the Department of Revenue Demonstrated the eCRV (e Certificate of Real Estate Value). His humorous Top Ten Reasons to use the eCRV was enthusiastically received. Information about the eCRV may found at : Phaedra Torres from Lake Superior Title demonstrated the eWell Certificate. She described that the application is easy to use and folks should not be wary of it. Information about the eWell certificate may be found at: Both applications are largely self-directing and intuitive.

PREP Meeting Agendas Colorado eRecording Summit and PREP MeetingColorado PREP Chapter Meeting & eRecording Summit Thursday, July 19, 2012 Join a panel of experts to discuss eRecording: Is it meeting expectations? What is or is not working well? Where does it go from here? How can PREP facilitate future eRecording goals? And other questions. . .

Teleconference call in number, panel members and additional information to follow.

PREP Meeting Agendas SE PennsylvaniaSOUTHEAST PA REGIONAL PREP (2/12/13)


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