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    You need to transport, store or export your goods or products?

    Avei nevoie s transportai, s depozitai sau s exportai mrfuri sau produse?

    MobVip v st la dispoziie cu ambalaje industriale din lemn. Conformarea la normele internaionale i calitatea produselor noastre v ofer garania transportului n siguran, fr sanciuni sau pierderi financiare!

    MobVip offers professional wood packaging. Compliance with international download presentation read more standards and the quality of our products will guarantee a safe and secure transport!




    Soluia este

  • Despre noiCine suntem?

    MobVip este o companie de top care v ofer soluii de calitate

    n materie de ambalaje industriale din lemn tratat. Firma a fost

    nfiinat n anul 2001 i este una dintre cele mai profesioniste din

    piaa romneasc n confecionarea de ambalaje din lemn tratat. Cu

    toi aceti ani de experien n spate, ne mndrim cu un nivel ridicat al calitii:

    toate produsele de ambalare pe care le vei achiziiona de la noi sunt supuse

    tratamentelor, controalelor, marcrii i atestrii corespunztoare LEGISLAIEI

    FITOSANITARE n vigoare n ara de destinaie.

    Cu ce produse v putem deservi?

    Pe lng ambalajele industriale din lemn pe care vi le punem la dispoziie,

    MobVip exceleaz i n alte cteva domenii conexe legate de prelucrarea


    amarri i ancorri ale mrfurilor de mare tonaj.

    producerea, recondiionarea i comercializarea de palei i europalei;

    producerea de mobilier la comand pentru: dormitoare, sufragerii, buctrii,

    birouri, gradinie, coli, magazine, baruri;

    Ce garanii ofer MobVip n producerea ambalajelor industriale din lemn?

    n materie de producere i comercializare de ambalaje din lemn, MobVip v

    ofer garania conformitii cu cele mai recente standarde impuse de

    Organizaia Mondial a Comerului. Astfel, toate ambalajele din lemn produse

    de MobVip sunt supuse tratamentelor termice i de fumigaie n conformitate

    cu standardul ISPM 15. Acest lucru garanteaz c nu vei ntmpina neplceri

    n punctele vamale ce pot fi cauzate de folosirea unor ambalaje


    Pentru a citi mai multe informaii despre ISPM 15 - NIMP 15 - IPPC, accesai: n lipsa unor ambalaje din lemn corespunztoare (precum i a paleilor) nu este

    posibil efectuarea operaiunilor de export n condiii optime de siguran a

    mrfii transportate. Astfel, MobVip v st la dispoziie cu soluii de cea mai

    nalt calitate, pentru ca dumneavostr s v putei transporta mrfurile n

    condiii de maxim siguran i fr a ntmpina probleme la vam, datorate

    ambalrii necorespunztoare.

    MobVip i demonstreaz profesionalismul i superioritatea prin cele

    3 garanii pe care vi le ofer:

    1.Ambalaje i ambalri industriale de cea mai bun calitate pentru

    transporturi maritime, terestre i aeriene.

    2.Preuri mai mult dect convenabile.

    3.Livrarea tuturor ambalajelor la timp.

    About usWho is MobVip?

    MobVip is a company that offers top quality solutions in terms of treated

    wood packaging. The company was founded in 2001 and is one of the best

    professionals in the Romanian market in the production of treated wood

    packaging. With all these years of experience behind us, we can proudly

    offer you very high quality products: all our packaging products are subject

    of treatment, control, marking and attestation appropriate to the

    PHYTOSANITARY LEGISLATION of the destination country.

    What products can we offer you?

    Besides wood packing that we put at your disposal, MobVip excels in other

    areas related to wood:

    production of furniture for bedroom, living room, kitchen, offices,

    kindergartens, schools, shops and bars.

    production, remanufacturing and selling of pallets and europallets, both

    new or used.

    docking and anchoraging heavy goods and packages.

    What are our guarantees?

    In terms of production and trade of wood packaging, MobVip guarantees

    conformity with the latest standards required by World Trade Organization.

    Thus, all wood packaging products are subjected to heat treatment

    according to ISPM 15 standard. This ensures that you will not have any

    inconveniences caused by using improper packaging when transiting


    View to read more about the

    ISPM15 - NIMP 15 - IPPC standard.

    In the absence of proper wood packaging (as well as pallets) is not

    possible to export operations in optimal conditions of safety of goods

    transported. Thus MobVip is at your disposal with the highest quality

    solutions, so that you can transport your goods in conditions of maximum

    security and transit customs without problems due to improper packaging.

    MobVip demonstrates its professionalism and excellence through the 3

    guarantees that we offer all of our clients:

    1. The finest quality wood packaging

    2. More than convenient prices

    3. Timely delivering of our products




  • Ours ProductsMobVip is the perfect solution when you need professional treated wood packaging with the best quality at reasonable prices.

    High Quality ProductsThe wood packaging we provide have the highest quality and comply with the recent regulations of the World Trade Organization. All packages are thus manufactured and treated to withstand temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius.

    The diversity of productsMobVip is at your disposal with a wide range of wood packaging products - all of the highest quality and providing mechanical protection against internal and external pressures during loading / unloading, transportation and storage of your goods. Below you will find the 4 types of main packaging solutions we're offering you:

    1. Boxes with bearing bases - reinforced with load-carrying parts and materials from wood sleepers.2. Boxes with non-bearing base - provides protection from physical and chemical level, without using load-carrying parts and materials.3. Wooden boxes - both in bearing and non-bearing bases4. Wooden pallets - europallets, platforms etc.

    The maximum dimensions of our packages depend on the method of transport that will be used. For the shipping to take place in optimal conditions with no unexpected problems, we use: Triple-layer VACUUM-PACK film Inhibitors of corrosion in vapor phase that form a molecular coating on metal

    surface Moisture absorbers: COR CAP tablets and silica, also TROPAGEL bags Sponges with VpCI additives for electrical components (1 sq m of cloth

    provides assurance that the volume of 3 cubic meters of cargo)The maximum dimensions for shipping can only be provided by the transport company services that you use, we recommend contacting its representatives and we can provide custom wood packaging for your needs.

    Other services MobVip offersBesides providing wood packaging solutions, MobVip will be at your disposal with other related services, where quality and professionalism are guaranteed: Wood treatment services:

    using the termic method- HT; using the fumigation method - MB;

    Wood treatment services with insecticides and fungicides; Fireproofing wood services - which guarantees protection against burn

    wood products. Professional wood drying services; Processing services - wood planer;

    Compliance with the latest standaredeAll wood packaging offered by MobVip meet regulated standards and requirements of the international standard ISPM 15 - NIMP 15 - IPPC.To meet these standards, all loads must be packaged in heat-treated wood and need application-specific markings. Following these rules, MobVip guarantees serious repercussions that may appear in customs transiting for non-compliance with the standards. On disclosure, customs are able to decide the fate of your goods: they can be sent in country of origin, re-packaged, or even destroyed. But as a MobVip customer YOU will be protected of all these sanctions, and also be protected against the financial loss that these measures entail.

    MobVip will provide all necessary documents to perform a legally and safe transportation method in accordance with international standards ISPM 15:

    Treatment ID; Certificate of phytosanitary measures and treatment for export; Chart graphics; Romanian affixing packaging.

    Produsele noastreMobVip este soluia perfect atunci cnd avei nevoie de ambalaje industriale din lemn tratat de cea mai buna calitate, la preuri rezonabile.

    Produse de calitate superioarAmbalajele din lemn tratat pe care vi le punem la dispoziie sunt de cea mai bun calitate i conforme cu cele mai recente reglementari ale Organizatiei Mondiale a Comerului. Toate ambalajele sunt astfel fabricate i tratate pentru a putea rezista la temperaturi de -30 grade Celsius pn la +60 grade Celsius. Diversitatea produselor oferiteMobVip v st la dispoziie cu o gama larga de produse de ambalare n lemn - toate de o calitate superioar, ntruct asigur protecia mecanic a materialelor ambalate mpotriva presiunilor externe i interne din timpul ncrcrii/descrcrii, transportrii i depozitrii produselor dumneavoastr.

    Iat cele 4 tipuri de ambalaje principale pe care vi le punem la dispoziie:1. Lzi cu baze portante - poart greutatea pieselor i materialelor ambalate prin traverse de lemn;2. Lzi cu baze neportante - ofer protecie la nivel fizic i chimic; nu poart greutatea pieselor i materialelor ambalate;3. Cutii din lemn - att cu baza portant, ct i neportant;4. Palete din lemn - palei, platforme etc.

    Dimensiunile maxime ale ambalajelor pe care vi le punem la dispoziie difer n funcie de metoda de transport pe care o vei folosi. Pentru ca transportul maritim, terestru sau aerian s se desfoare n condiii optime

    i fr probleme, folosim: folie triplustratificat VACUUM-PACK; VPCI (inhibatori de coroziune n faza cu vapori), care formeaza un nveli

    molecular pe suprafaa de metal; absorbani de umiditate: tablete COR PAC i SILICAGEL, precum i sculei

    TROPAGEL; burei cu aditivi VPCI pentru componentele electrice.

    Alte servicii oferite de MobVipPe lng oferta de ambalaje din lemn, MobVip v mai st la dispoziie i cu alte servicii, n care calitatea i profesionalismul sunt garantate: Servicii de tratare a lemnului cu CERTIFICARE FITOSANITAR:

    Tratarea lemnului prin metoda termic - HT; Tratarea lemnului prin metoda fumigaie - MB;

    Servicii de tratare lemn cu substane insecto-fungicide; Servicii de ignifugare lemn - care garanteaz protecia produselor din lemn mpotriva arderii; Servicii profesionale de uscare lemn; Servicii de prelucrare - rindeluire lemn.

    Conformitatea cu ultimele standarde n vigoareToate ambalajele industriale din lemn oferite de MobVip corespund normelor reglementate i impuse de standardul internaional ISPM 15 - NIMP 15 - IPPC. Pentru a corespunde acestor norme, toate ncrcturile mpachetate n ambalaje din lemn trebuiesc tratate i este necesar aplicarea marcajului specific. Respectnd toate aceste norme, MobVip v garanteaz evitarea repercursiunilor grave ce pot aprea n cadrul vmilor n cazul nerespectrii acestor standarde de ambalare. n cazul ambalrii neconforme, vmile sunt n msur s decid soarta mrfurilor dumneavoastr: acestea pot fi remise n ara de origine, re-ambalate, sau chiar distruse. ns n calitate de client al MobVip dumneavoastr vei fi ferit de toate aceste posibile sanciuni, implicit i de pierderile financiare pe care aceste msuri le atrag dup sine. MobVip v va furniza toate documentele necesare efecturii unui transport legal ambalat i fr probleme n conformitate cu standardele internaionale ISPM 15:

    buletin de tratament; certificat de conformitate i tratament pentru MSURI FITOSANITARE necesar

    exportului; aplicarea marcajului romnesc pe ambalaj,





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