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  • 1. Ndran 301, Holice 534 01 Czech Republic

2. The Czech Republic is in the Central Europe The capital: Prague 10 mil. inhabitants Area: 78.867 km The highest mountain: Snka (1.602 m) The head of the state: president Vclav Klaus The longest river: VLTAVA Language: Czech 3. Prague our capital 4. Prague beautiful historical city 5. The Pardubice Region We are from here 6. Kuntick hill 7. Pardubice the capital of the region 8. Pardubice The most popular sport in the Pardubice Region is ICE-HOCKEY. Our ice-hockey team is in the highest Czech hockey league. Pardubice is well-known as a town of horses (Great Pardubice Steeplechase), motorbikes (motorbike race Golden Helmet), gingerbread and beer Perntejn. 9. Holice lies near Pardubice. It is popular and famous thanks to Emil Holub, the traveller. He made expeditions to Africa. There is his statue and The Africa museum of Dr. Emil Holub 10. Holice 11. SA Holice 12. SA Holice We have six fields of study.AutotronicMeans of transport LogisticsMechanic of carsElectrician of carsRepairman of a cars bodyDriver - mechanic of cars 13. and in June there is MX World Championchip !!!