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    Student Name ResearchSupervisor


    Thesis Title

    Karan Agrawal Karyn L. Bischoff Vet MedIdentification of protoxins, mechanism of actionand a microbial basis for Red Maple (Acerrubrum)Toxicosis in equines.

    Olufunmilayo C.Agunloye

    Patrick Stover NutritionalSciences

    Insights into Nuclear Localization of Folate-Binding Protein and Disease Risk

    Samuel Alperin ChristianeLinster

    Neurobiology andBehavior

    Rats do not engage their cholinergic systemsfor near threshold odor detection.

    Taylor Baird SamanthaBrooks

    Animal Science Copy Number Variation of a Novel Pseudogenefor LCORL in the Horse

    Brian AlexanderBarron Anthony G. Hay Microbiology

    Investigation of Regulatory Elements Involvedin N-Acetylglucosamine-Induced Inhibition ofCurli Biosynthesis

    Kathryn Blackley Nelson HairstonEcology andEvolutionaryBiology

    Inbreeding and Potential for EvolutionaryRescue after Environmental Change

    Serina Brady Warren AllmonEarth andAtmosphericSciences

    Implications of Landmark Analysis of OligoceneCamelid Endocranial Casts for Phylogeny andBrain Evolution

    Ashley Brown Matthew Hare Natural Resources Estimating the Effective Population Size ofCrassostrea virginica

    Donna Cassidy- Microbiology and Constructing a Physical Map of the

  • Frances Chen Hanley/TheodoreClark

    Immunology Tetrahymena thermophila Genome: MappingDeletion Strains in a Binucleate System.

    Catherine Cheng Carl HopkinsNeurobiology andBehavior

    Morphological Correlates of SignalDevelopment and Variation in Weakly ElectricMormyrid Fish

    Raymond ChouMichaelGoldstein Psychology

    The Role of Social Interaction in CatalyzingReal-Time Changes in Song Development ofthe Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

    Aaron Cohen Robert WeissVet BiomedicalSciences

    The Effect of Ribonucleotide ReductaseDeregulation on Mitochondrial Function andReactive Oxygen Species Production

    Anna Dadhania Warren Zipfel BiomedicalEngineering

    Development of Monoclonal Tumors throughthe Application of the CreloxP Excision System

    Timothy Dyster Paul Sherman Neurobiology andBehavior

    Wilsons Disease and Protection fromTuberculosis

    Rebecca Fellman Paul Bowser Vet Microbiologyand Immunology

    The Effect of Temperature Change on ViralPathogenesis of Viral Hemorrhagic SepicemiaVirus (VHSV) in Fathead Minnow (Pimephalespromelas)

    Robert Fetcho Chris B.Schaeffer


    Sub-Surface, Femtosecond Laser Incisions asa Therapy for Partial Epilepsy

    Eva Franzova Marci Scidmore Vet Microbiologyand Immunology

    Characterization of the Intracellular Traffickingof Chlamydia trachomatis Elementary Bodies

    Neha Gavai Marci Scidmore Vet Microbiologyand Immunology

    Analysis of Rab11-FIP3 Function in Chlamydiatrachomatis Infected HeLa Cells

    Neurobiology and Glucocorticoid and androgen signaling

  • Rachel Genova Andrew Bass Behavior pathways diverge between singing and non-singing midshipman fish.

    Eric Gordon Esther Angert MicrobiologyInvestigations of the Source, Distribution,Expression and Physiological Function ofThiaminase I



    Neurobiology andBehavior

    Modeling Opposing Effects of 1 and 2Noradrenergic Receptors in Main Olfactory BulbGranule Cells

    Sean Griffin Tom SeeleyNeurobiology andBehavior

    Do honey bees use the directional informationin round dances to help them find nearby foodsources?

    Clair Han Charles Aquadro Molecular Biologyand Genetics

    Selective Advantage for Unpreferred Codons inDrosophila melanogaster genes

    Susan Herrick Joanne Fortune Vet BiomedicalSciences

    The Regulation of the Production of Estradioland Progesterone by Bovine Fetal Ovaries

    Marina Hoashi Chris FrommeMolecular Biologyand Genetics

    Investigation of New Cargo Proteins for theNovel Vesicle Coat Complex Exomer inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

    Donna Jin David Lin Vet BiomedicalSciences

    SPOCK Proteins Inhibit Neurite Outgrowth ofOlfactory Sensory Neurons

    Erik Johnson Siu Sylvia LeeMolecular Biologyand Genetics

    Dysfunction in the Mitochondrial ElectronTransport Chain and the Role of CEP-1 inMediating Longevity in C. elegans

    Andrew Johnston Ronald Booker Neurobiology andBehavior

    Regulation the Regulator: How Greatwall andPP2A-Twins Interact to Regulate the EGFRSignaling Pathway in the Development of theDrosophila melanogaster Eye

  • Emily Kearney Anurag AgrawalEcology andEvolutionaryBiology

    How Plant Adaptation to Resource AvailabilityImpacts Growth and Defense: A FieldExperiment with 11 Solidago Species

    Sun Woo Kim Charles AquadroMolecular Biologyand Genetics

    Elucidating the Functional Role of a ConservedMetazoan Gene (CG18508) under PositiveSelection in Drosophila melanogaster

    Vishesh Kothary Kenneth WSimpson

    Vet ClinicalSciences

    Patterns and Molecular Mechanisms ofResistance to Rifaximin in Escherichia coliAssociated with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseHonors

    Anupama Kumar Howard Howland Neurobiology andBehavior

    An Inexpensive Photorefractor for Screening forMyopia.

    Vidhya Kumar Barbara StruppNutritionalSciences

    The Cognitive and Neural Benefits of PerinatalCholine Supplementation in a Mouse Model ofDown Syndrome and Alzheimers Disease

    Joshua KisooLee


    Neurobiology andBehavior

    Effects of Innate Preferences for CommonlyUsed Odorants in a Forced Choice OdorDiscrimination

    Jina Lim David Smith PsychologyThe Role of the Anterior Thalamus on Behaviorin Early and Late Learning in a ContextualLearning Task

    Scott Luro David Stern Plant Biology RNase J Participates in PPR Protein-MediatedMaturation of Chloroplast mRNA

    Ava Mainieri Hudson KernReeve

    Neurobiology andBehavior

    Ecology Explains the Paradox of RareMutations in Cancer

    Mrinalini Modak James Casey Microbiology andImmunology

    Assessing the Stability of Viral HemorrhagicSepticemia Virus in Post-MortemZebrafish.

  • Nathaniel MorrisChristianeLinster

    Neurobiology andBehavior

    Neural Activity of a Cholinergic Input to theRodent Olfactory Bulb During OdorDiscrimination

    Michael Motley Paul SolowayNutritionalSciences

    Interdependency Between Two EpigeneticModifications At Select Loci In MouseChromatin

    AnthonyMuscente Warren Allmon

    Earth andAtmosphericSciences

    Anomalous Preservation Potential of the Soft-Bodied Hydroid Plumalina Hall, 1858 in theNew York Devonian

    Alexis Mychajliw Richard HarrisonEcology andEvolutionaryBiology

    Origin and Timing of a Recent InsularColonization of Muskrats, ondatra zibethicus

    Jessica Natale Jerrie Gavalchin Animal Science Effects of Individual Polybrominated DiphenylEthers Exposure on the Immune System

    Justin Oh Eugene Madsen Microbiology

    Genome-Guided Physiological Confirmation ofAromatic Carbon Degradation and NitrogenFixation by Poloromonas naphthalenivoransstrain CJ2

    Kate Orlofsky Michael Webster Neurobiology andBehavior

    Type Matching in the Gray Catbird (Dumetellacarolinensis)

    So Hae ParkSamuelCartinhour

    Plant Pathologyand Plant MicrobeBiology

    Analysis of the small RNA spot 42 in the plantpathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomatostrain DC3000





    Breast cancer micro-environmental interactionspromote bone metastasis through pre-metastatic niche formation.

    Ecology and Dispersal by Overflows in a Rock-Pool

  • Kara Pellowe Nelson Hairston EvolutionaryBiology

    Metacommunity is Trophic-Level Specific

    AlexanderReinaldo Prez


    Neurobiology andBehavior

    A Computational Model of the OlfactoryExternal Tufted Cell

    ColetteLafontaine Picard Siu Sylvia Lee

    Molecular Biologyand Genetics

    HCF-1 inhibits SKN-1 to modulate stressresistance but not lifespan in CaenorhabditiselagansandDetermination of enrichmentregions for H3K27me3 and other low-signal,high-noise ChIP-seq data

    Natalia Piland David WinklerEcology andEvolutionaryBiology

    Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) Feedingon Wax Myrtle (Morella cerifera): Omnivory inthe Floridian Winter

    Redi Rahmani David DeitcherNeurobiology andBehavior

    The elusive M52: Phenotypical characterizationand genetic localization of a temperature-sensitive paralytic mutation in Drosophilamelanogaster.

    Sinthu Ranjan Jun Kelly LiuMolecular Biologyand Genetics

    Isolating and Characterizing sma-9 SuppressorMutations in C. elegans to Identify NovelModulators of the BMP Pathway

    Nischay Rege Volker M. Vogt Molecular Biologyand Genetics

    Role of Putative Dimer Interfaces in theAssembly of the Immature RSV Particle

    Jamie Roden Robert WeissVet BiomedicalSciences

    The DNA Damage Response as a Determinantof Therapeutic Sensitivity in Testicular GermCell Tumors

    Caroline Rusk Walter KoenigBird PopulationStudies

    Vagrancy as a Measure of Long-DistanceDispersal in Cooperatively and Non-Cooperatively Breeding Species of Birds

    Alessandro A. Vet Biomedical Controlling Neurogenesis: The Role of Jagged1

  • Bailetti Sez Dave Lin Sciences and Wnt Signaling on Neural Stem CellsMaintenance and Proliferation

    Nicholas Saleh Richard HarrisonEcology andEvolutionaryBiology

    Reproductive Success and Body Size in theCricket Gryllus firmus

    Shina Satoh Ahmed AhmedMolecularMedicine

    Thermodynamic Characterization of Agonistand Antagonist Interactions with GluA3 S1S2Binding Domain

    Moira Scaperotti Ron Harris-Warrick