preventing abuse and fraud against elders

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Preventing abuse and fraud against elders. Senior Aware. Danis Prud’homme Executive Director Réseau FADOQ (Quebec Federation for Seniors) IFA 11 th Global Conference on Ageing – Prague 3c. Neglect, abuse and violence. May 31th 2012. RÉSEAU FADOQ. Largest Senior Organization in Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Preventing abuse and fraud against elders

  • *Senior AwareDanis PrudhommeExecutive Director

    Rseau FADOQ (Quebec Federation for Seniors)

    IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing Prague3c. Neglect, abuse and violenceMay 31th 2012

  • *RSEAU FADOQLargest Senior Organization in Canada


    Improve Quality of live of seniors through programs and activities

    Advocate for seniors rights at the Local, Provincial and National levels

    Act as the Agent of Change for Positive Ageing

    May 31th 2012

  • *Geography and StatisticsCanada : Approx. 33,000,000 people10 provinces and 3 territories

    Quebec : 7,000,000 peopleover 30 % are 50+1,600,000 are 65+1,500,000 are 15 and under

  • *The programSenior aware was born from the unique collaboration between three flagship organizations:

    Each of the three partners has a rich expertise in the field of elder abuse, fraud and advocacy for seniors rights.

    All the resources and material was designed and validated by a provincial advisory committee of keys recognized organizations.

  • *The goalsReaching various cultural and native communities living in Qubec/Canada, two groups in which elders can be particularly vulnerable due to isolation

    Aims to raise awareness among seniors, social stakeholders and the general public regarding elder abuse

  • *How is it working?Through free one-hour sessions given by a senior volunteer and a police officer

    Combining experience of a peer and the knowledge of a professional A unique energy!

  • *How is it working?Coordination of the program is done at two levels:Provincial coordinator oversees the training of the volunteers, the coordination of the program with partners and follow up with the advisory committee

    Regional coordinators are present on the field in every administrative region with the volunteers, police officers and regional resources

  • *How is it working?Built around an interactive DVD with five original videos presenting abuse and fraud situations, a reference kit and an animation guide made especially for the volunteers and the police officers.

    All material has been translated in French, English, Italian and atikamekw and the volunteers and police officers are trained to animate the sessions in those languages.

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