prestel and mythical creatures! there is also some space for your own creatures and favorite...

Download PRESTEL and mythical creatures! There is also some space for your own creatures and favorite animals!

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    Medieval Creatures

    Create Your O wn A

    rtworks !

  • Fantastic Creatures

    Unicorns, phoenixes, dragons and gryphons. You’ve got to have heard about

    these mythical creatures. They appear in fi lms and countless books. Interestingly,

    these mystical beings were especially painted in medieval times. In those days, their

    representation was not out of the ordinary: pictures in books, as well as elaborate

    carpets and mosaics revealed amazing beasts or brave knights fi ghting against

    dangerous dragons and other monsters.

    These creatures were illustrated collectively in what was known as a bestiary.

    This was a type of anthology, where real and imaginary animals were illustrated and

    described. People at that time only learned about exotic animals on other continents

    from such books. So it is no small wonder why the illustrations were not always true

    to nature itself.

  • This book will enable you to colour in, paint and use stickers of many mythical

    creatures and landscapes in the medieval style. So, let’s get painting and let your ideas fl ow.

    And, who can these two see here?

  • Who lives in this

    massive castle?

    And what are those people

    harvesting in the field?

  • You can choose your own colours for the animals

    and mythical creatures!

    There is also some space for your own creatures and favorite animals!

    Many stickers can be found in the middle of this book! You can stick them

    on the countryside scene on the next page or even put them in your own drawing.

  • Goodness! They look fierce!

    There is plenty of space in this park for animals and plants with cheerful faces.


    Sabine Tauber

    Medieval Creatures Create Your Own Artworks! Sticker Book

    Paperback, Broschur, 16 Seiten, 22x27 260 farbige Abbildungen ISBN: 978-3-7913-7281-5


    Erscheinungstermin: September 2016


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