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  • Press dates Siemens Press dates at Hannover Messe 2013

    Content01 Press dates

    Hannover Messe

    02 TIA-Portal

    03 Comos Tour 2013

    04 Pop, crackle and bang

    05 Power-to-Gas plants

    06 Industrial communikations

    07 RFID applications

    08 Industrial network products

    09 Process industries

    10 Did you know ?

    11 clear and brief

    Monday, April 8, 2013Admission 18.00 hrs, start 18:30 hrsSiemens Press Conference Convention Center, Room 1Thomas M. Doebler, Partner / Head of Manufacturing at Deloitte Germany, and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm, CEO Siemens Industry Sector, will be in Hanover to discuss socio-political trends in modern industrial societies and the technical requirements of fu-ture-oriented production. Tackling a very current theme, Thomas Doebler will be presenting a paper entitled Manufacturing Renaissance Pros-pects for a Competitive Industry, and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm will be talking on Shaping the Future of Pro-duction with Siemens: On the way to Industry 4.0.

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013from 09.00 10.00 hrsPress Breakfast Siemens PLM SoftwareConvention Center, Room 17Smarter decisions, better products. In view of tighter budgets and shorter pro-duct lifecycles, minimizing the turnaround from ideas into successful products has never been more important for compa-nies. Efficient Product Lifecycle Manage-ment (PLM) provides an integral approach to optimizing company-wide innovation and product development processes. Urban August, CEO of Siemens PLM Software in Germany, will be providing an overview of the latest developments and customer projects happening in the German market. He will talk about ways in which software from Siemens can help drive forward the integration of these pro-cesses and about the role played by the companys latest acquisitions in achieving these aims. Press information relating to Siemens PLM software will be available during the fair at Booth E18, Hall 7.

    PressServiceIndustry Automation Division Issue 03-04 | March 2013

    Siemens at Hannover

    Press Office at Booth D35, Hall 9

    The Press Office will be located to


    rear of the Siemens booth, on the

    far right.

    Siemens Press Office employees w

    ill be

    pleased to talk to you there from M


    through Friday.

  • 2PresseService | Siemens Industry Automation Division Ausgabe 03/2013

    TIA Portal

    Nuremberg, Germany. Since the be-ginning of the year, the Siemens In-dustry Automation Division has been on the road with its TIA Portal Inno-vation Tour under the banner Expe-rience new dimensions. Prospective users in some 54 different regions around the world can find out all about the Totally Integrated Automa-tion Portal (TIA Portal), drive integra-tion and the new S7-1500 controller family. Visitors will be able to disco-ver how to optimize their production processes through quick, efficient engineering and significantly improve plant profitability.As part of the TIA Portal Innovation Tour, Siemens experts will be holding a series of fascinating live demonst-rations to show how even the most demanding automation tasks can be

    easily solved using the TIA Portal: The different events, which can last up to a day, will offer users the chance to experience the intuitive operating concept first hand. High-lights featured on the tour will inclu-de the high-performance Simatic S7-1500 controller family and drive integration with Stardrive, alongside other products suitable for use with the TIA Portal. The individual events will be supplemented by a video presentation and a well-ba-lanced microfair showcasing the in-dividual products in more detail. Ai-med at a wide audience spanning different branches of industry, the Innovation Tour is designed to ap-peal to all those interested in fin-ding innovative automation solu-tions.

    TIA PortalTIA Portal goes on world tour

    The TIA Portal allows users to find solutions to wide-ranging automati-on and drive tasks: from project creation through commissioning, operation and maintenance to up-grades for existing automation solu-tions. With its intuitive user inter-face and uniform operating concept, integrated system diagnostics for transparent, device-independent display and shared, consistent data storage, the efficient engineering framework for control, display and drives also significantly drives down project costs.

  • PressService | Siemens Industry Automation Division Issue 03-04/2013 3

    Comos - Making data

    Comos Tour 2013Comos - Making data work.-Tour 2013 launches in April

    For details of dates, tour stops and other information on the Comos - Making data work.-Tour 2013, go to Here, anyone interested in taking part can register for this free event series.

    Nuremberg, Germany. The Comos - Making data work.-Tour 2013 is due to take to the road in April. Up until the end of September 2013, experts from the Siemens Industry Automation Divi-sion will be providing information on the trends, challenges and innovations affecting the process industries around the world in several regions.

    By staging one-day events featuring live demonstrations, presentations and a microfair exhibition, experts from Siemens will be spreading the word to visitors about both industry-specific and overarching concepts using the software solution Comos. The spot-light will be on the entire plant lifecycle and on ways

    of interlinking the worlds of planning and operation. The tour will set out to show how an integrated system of plant management can be implemen-ted on the basis of a uniform, object-oriented data platform from the en-gineering stage through automation to plant operation.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to experience more efficient ways of configuring workflows, consistently and safely exchanging data from pl-anning through to maintenance, and accessing the latest plant documen-tation at any time for an accurate up-to-date snapshot.

  • PressService | Siemens Industry Automation Division Issue 03-04/2013 4

    Pop, crackle and bangAutomated pop, crackle and bang

    Programmable logic


    Las Vegas, Nevada/USA. The Spencer Technical Group based in Las Vegas is a specialist in the field of control panels for pyrotechnical systems used in con-certs. For control and synchronization, the manufacturer relies on technology from the Siemens Industry Automation Division. Based on controls from the Si-matic S7-1200 series, the company has succeeded in significantly improving safety and driving down its engineering input and costs by around 30 percent.

    Rock bands such as Guns n Roses, Nickleback or Kiss often add excite-ment to their concerts by using pyro-technical effects. The Spencer Techni-cal Group controls, monitors and synchronizes the flame heads, firing boards and propane gas accumulators used. Using an automation solution based on PLC (programmable logic controller) technology, the company has succeeded in significantly impro-ving safety and reliability for the opera-tor. The system is able to monitor faults occurring in the flame heads and moni-tor gas pressure in the accumulator tanks. Using the TIA Portal Engineering Framework, Spencer was also able to simplify the configuration process, dri-ving down costs and engineering time as much as 30 percent. In its pyrotech-nical solutions, Spencer uses up to 32 Simatic S7-1200 controls, HMI(Human Machine Interface) devices and network components which are jointly configured and simply connected over a Profinet cable. The new PLC-based technology has repla-ced the former hardwi-red system, making for significant savings in terms of wiring costs. A key factor in Spencers decision to work with Siemens technology was a com-bination of cost, performance and functionality, for instance simple data exchange between S7-100 controls and all other system components over Profinet.

  • PressService | Siemens Industry Automation Division Issue 03-04/2013 5

    All subsystems and field devices, such as Sitrans flow meters, are inte-grated into the system. The data transparency created in this way ma-kes it possible to efficiently run the plant throughout its entire life cycle. Efficiency is also promoted by the lar-ge number of diagnostic functions in-cluded in Simatic PCS 7. All plant data and documents are organized in a central engineering database which can also be used by subsystem sup-pliers. This significantly reduces the time needed for planning and com-missioning and, hence, time-to-mar-ket. The systems scalability ensures the rapid and smooth translation of findings gained in a pilot plant to a large-scale plant.

    Storage technologies play a key role in the field of renewable sources of energy: Solar and wind energy do not

    supply power during darkness or in calm weather, while producing more than is needed at peak times. Power-to-gas plants help convert surplus generated power to be stored for la-ter use.

    Simatic PCS Solar

    Power-to-Gas plants Automation of power-to-gas plants

    Karlsruhe, Germany. The field of rene-wable energy is facing new challenges especially regarding the expansion, in-tegration and management of power generation. These challenges concern the generation, transportation, trading, distribution and, most importantly, the storage of electrical energy. One pro-mising solution is to store it chemically in the form of hydrogen and methane. In