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  1. 1. Dangerous Sculptures by Jos Toledo Ordez at the Palais des Nations July 18, 2013 The exposition Dangerous Sculptures from Guatemalan artist Jos Toledo Ordez (Pepo Toledo), opened last July 18 before a large crowd at the Palais des Nations, United Nations Office, Geneva. Jos Toledo Ordoez is a Guatemalan sculptor, painter, movie producer, and art and literature promoter. This multifaceted profile has allowed him to expose his sculptures in 22 individual expositions, in places as prestigious as the Jos Luis Cuevass Museum and Diego Rivera's Museum, both at Mexico, the Art Gallery of International Development Bank at Washington D.C., and now in the Palais des Nations from the United Nations at Geneva. He has also unveiled 10 urban sculptures in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Mr. David Chikvaidze in representation of Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Director- General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, inaugurated the exposition, thanking the artist for contributing with such unique artwork to the halls of the Palais des Nations. In the opening remarks, he said: We are pleased to showcase these sculptures for the international community here in Geneva. The themes of respect for our natural environment, sustainability, and the quest for peace certainly resonate with the work of the United Nations here in Geneva and around the world. In these sculptures we see a commitment to the preservation of nature and to promoting harmony with all humanity. Let us share this same commitment this evening, in our work for a better, safer, and more sustainable future.
  2. 2. Ambassador of Guatemala, Carla Rodrguez Mancia, stated: No better place could have been chosen for this premiere than the city of Geneva which is internationally known for its commitment to peace, security, and development, seat of the Office of the United Nations, a global message for a global city and a global word. Many have also approached me for an explanation on the title of the exhibition: Dangerous Sculptures. I can really assure you that the only danger that you might face while admiring these sculptures is the danger of changing your mind and your attitudes in a way that will surely contribute to a better world for all. Finally, the artist quoted: My message goes against the destruction of nature and the degradation of human relations in all senses: violence, war, injustice, and of course, the destruction of art itself associated with truth and human values. Hence the name of this expo: Dangerous Sculptures, because truth hurts and the search of freedom threatens human race oppressors. The exhibit was scheduled to start July 18 and end August 14. Due to the success on the inauguration day, the United Nations cultural authorities decided to extend the end of the event two more weeks, until August 30. At the end, the Guatemalan artist proposed his Angel of Peace sculpture to be installed in the gardens of the Palais des Nations, handing the project to Mr. David Chikvaidze. The next stop of the exhibition Dangerous Sculptures from Pepo Toledo will be held at La Maison de IAmerique Latine at Paris, on October 9 this year.
  3. 3. Mr. David Chikvaidze in representation of Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Director- General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ambassador of Guatemala Carla Rodrguez Mancia, and the sculptor Jos Toledo Ordez. Mr Chikvaidze holds in his hand the project for the Angel of Peace sculpture.
  4. 4. Marlene Rommel Toledo, Ana Regina Toledo Ordez the sculptors sister -, Jos Toledo Ordez, his wife Regina, and Karin Rommel.
  5. 5. The artist explains his work to attendees.
  6. 6. Jos Toledo Ordez poses with two of his artworks at the entrance of Palais de Nations.
  7. 7. View of the audience.


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