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President Obamas FY 2013 Education Budget. Robert L. Moran Director of Federal Relations American Association of State Colleges and Universities. Overall Education funding. Title I programs$14.5 billion Education Improvement grants$1.2 billion IDEA$11.6 billion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Robert L. MoranDirector of Federal RelationsAmerican Association of State Colleges and Universities

  • Overall Education fundingTitle I programs$14.5 billion

    Education Improvement grants$1.2 billion

    IDEA$11.6 billion

    Higher Education$3.2 billion

    Pell Grants$22.8 billion

  • Breakdown of Higher Education FundingPell Grant Program$22.8 billionTitle III Programs$431 millionTitle V Programs$109 millionTRIO$840 millionGEARUP$302 millionRace to the Top$1 billionFirst in the World$55.5 million

  • Pell Grant ProgramPresident continues to support Pell Grants

    Maintaining level funding

    Directs savings from 3 proposals to future program needsPerkins Loan Program$8.6 billionRestructure GA payments$3.2 billionRestrict subsidized loans to students under 150% of time$1.8 billion

  • Technology in BudgetEffective Teachers and Leaders State Grants (New)Budget request:$2.5 billionThe initiative also would support State and local efforts to use technology and interdisciplinary approaches

    funds would be used to strengthen the use of technology across the core academic content areas

    Investing in Innovation (I3) grantsBudget request:$150 millionpursue breakthrough developments in educational technologies and learning systems,

    Numerous references to STEM education

  • Higher education proposalsTuition Sensitivity: revamp the formulas for campus based programs.

    Race to the Top: College Affordability and Completion Fund

    First in the World Grants

    Tax proposals

  • Tuition SensitivityCampus based programs

    Supplementle Education Opportunity Grants (SEOG)

    Federal Work Study Program

    Perkins Loan Program

  • Tuition SensitivityRevamped formulas would focus on rewarding institutions that:

    Have or keep tuition levels low;

    Provide good value; and

    Enroll and graduate low-income students.

  • Race to the Top:College Affordability and Completion Fund$1 billion fund to award grants to states that:

    Significantly restructure state formulas for support payments to institutions of higher education to strengthen and improve productivity;Improve alignment between K-12 and higher education; andCommit to maintaining or increasing state funding for higher education.

  • First in the WorldFund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)Request: $55.5 million

    to support exemplary, locally developed projects that are models for innovative reform and improvement in postsecondary education. The 2013 request would provide $55.5 million for the First in the World (FITW) initiative, which would apply the lessons of the successful K-12 Investing in Innovation (i3) program to the challenge of improving college completion, particularly for minority and low-income students. First in the World would provide venture capital to encourage innovative approaches to improving college completion, research support to build the evidence of effectiveness needed to identify successful strategies, and resources to scale up and disseminate strategies we already know are successful. Up to $20 million of FITW funds would be dedicated to projects involving minority-serving institutions

  • Higher Education Tax ProvisionsAmerican Opportunity Tax CreditBudget proposes to permanently extend

    Loan forgiveness for borrowers after 25 years in repaymentIncome Based Repayment/Income Contingent Repayment

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