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  • President JeffersonWho was Jefferson? 3rd PresidentDemocratic-RepublicanconservativeFor the states and the people.

  • Jeffersons GoalsWhat were his goals as president? Democratize AmericaMake government smaller and less powerfulReconcile (get over) party differences.

  • Jeffersons PlanHow did he plan to achieve his goals?Democratize acted less formal and dressed/acted like a regular citizen.Louisiana Purchase - Expand the country so that more people can own land and be involved in government.2. Keep the government out of the economy (laissez faire and free market) = no tariff. Cut budget, decrease size of the government departments and army/navy, and repeal whiskey tax (vintage conservative economic policies).3. Reconcile differences: Keep some Federalist policies = keep the national bank, pay off debts, and allow many federalists to keep their jobs. Allow them to stay involved without giving in.

  • What hurt Jefferson Plans?Marbury v Madison precedent (example) for Judicial Review. Courts would have the power to overrule any law or action (including Congress, the president, and even the states!) National government power grows (win for the Federalists and liberals)!John Marshall - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court served for over thirty years was a Federalist who supported power of national government.

  • Louisiana PurchaseWhat brought it about?1795s Pinckneys Treaty with Spain had guaranteed the US the use of New Orleans to protect western statesSpain lost Louisiana to France and Jefferson was concerned about the use of the port so he sent diplomats to negotiate a treaty with France.France (who had lost Haiti to revolution) was in need of money so they offered up all of Louisiana.The French dictator needed money for his European wars!

  • Achieving one goal at a cost!The Louisiana PurchaseUS bought the land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains Doubled size of the US, opened land up for more farmers (Jeffersons goals farmers will be landowners = voters!)

    Results: Caused arguments over slavery, immigration, Indian problems, and transportation inventions, and expanded presidential power.

  • Lewis and ClarkChose Lewis and Clark to explore the land:They went to the Pacific Ocean with the help of Sacagawea and other Native Americans.Mapped the territory and opened land for Americans to settle.

  • From sea to shining..Set stage for expansion and settlement in those areas and conflict with the Spanish/Mexicans.Lewis and Clark and Pike set the precedent for expansion leading to Manifest Destiny.1805 to 1807: Zebulon Pike explored the upper Mississippi River, the Arkansas River, and parts of present day New Mexico and Colorado.

  • What were Jeffersons goals?To reconcile differences with the FederalistsTo reduce the size of the government and keep it out of the governmentTo democratize the governmentAll of the aboveNone of the above

  • How did Jefferson attempt to achieve his goals?Keeping the tariff and the National BankGetting more land so there would be more votersWith Marbury v. MadisonAll of the aboveNone of the above

  • What hurt Jeffersons ability to achieve his goals?The Louisiana Purchase made the country larger making room for more votersLewis and Clark opened land for settlersThe case of Marbury v. Madison increased government power.The National Bank went out of business creating inflation and depression

  • Why was the Louisiana Purchase important?It doubled the size of the United StatesIt opened land for slaveryIt increased the power of the presidentAll of the aboveNone of the above

  • Economy of the early republicWhat was the Early Republics economy like?New England factories slowly grewMiddle states slowly developed industry and continued to provide food for the other states.Southern plantations produced as much as possible People began to move to the west, clear land, and farm (based on the environment of their new homes).Trade grew rapidly. Yankee (New England) traders shipped goods all over the world.

  • What was the Early Republics economy like?

  • Problems in Foreign PolicyWar with the Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean Sea Pirates demanded a bribe and Jefferson refused to payUSS Philadelphia was captured. US Marines burned it and marched 500 miles to attack TripoliDispute was settled by treaty in 1805.

  • Foreign Policy ProblemsEuropean nations did not respect American neutrality:Both Britain and France began to seize American trading ships again!British began impressment of American sailors (force sailors to work on their ships almost like kidnapping).

  • The EmbargoJefferson wanted to stay neutral, he convinced Congress to pass the Embargo Act Nobody in America could trade with any foreign countries. Hurt the American economy. Millions of dollars were lost Made Northerners very upset leading to more sectionalism!Congress passed the Non Intercourse Act allowing trade with countries other than France and Britain. It led to ship seizing and impressment again!

  • What is the message of the cartoon?

  • What problems did Jefferson encounter in foreign policy?Britain and France worked together to blockade the U.S.The British invaded from CanadaThe French sold Louisiana to Jefferson for 15 million dollarsBoth the British and French seized American ships.

  • How did Jefferson handle the problems in foreign policyHe issued the Neutrality Proclamation.He convinced Congress to pass the Embargo and Non-intercourse Acts.He sent John Jay to negotiate a treaty.He offered to trade with the first nation that would respect U.S. neutrality.

  • What was the result of the Embargo Act?Sectionalism increasedThe Federal government power decreasedMillions of dollars were madeAll of the aboveNone of the above

  • Which goal did Jefferson achieve?Reconciled differences with the Federalists and the party fighting ended.Reduced the size of the government and kept it out of the economy.Made the nation more democraticAll of the aboveNone of the above

  • Why was Marbury v. Madison important?It led to the Louisiana PurchaseIt set the precedent for the supremacy of the Federal GovernmentIt set the precedent for judicial review and increased powerIt set the precedent for the interstate commerce power of the Federal Government.

  • Why is Jefferson viewed by some as a hypocrite? He was a liberal but he decreased the power and influence of the Federal Government.Lewis and Clark set a precedent for Manifest DestinyHe stuck to his principles despite the problems that the nation faced.He increased the power of the Federal Government and supported the Embargo

  • How did the Louisiana Purchase come about?Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans to protect the economy of the western states.To open land for slavery and support plantations in the Gulf CoastTo increase the power of the presidentJefferson wanted to pay France to stop seizing ships

  • MadisonWho was Madison?ConservativeDemocratic-RepublicanFaced many problems:Following JeffersonNative Americanspressured for warship seizing and impressmentsectionalism

    Father of the Constitution, writer of the Federalist Papers, and Dolly Madisons husband

  • Problems with Natives:Different culture meant different beliefs about landMany had died because of disease and murderSlowly being pushed back to the west by the Americans.Natives had supported the British during the Revolution.Washington had tried to keep peace but the Louisiana Purchase threatened their lands again.

    Tecumseh formed a confedration of natives to save lands

  • How did the problems grow into an international problem?Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet formed a confederation of Native peoples.Village at Tippecanoe in the Indian Territory (Indiana).The British began to supply the confederation with supplies and encouraged the natives to attack the American settlements in the west. The Confederation threatened American power.The Americans led by Governor William Henry Harrison attacked the natives at Tippecanoe. The natives were defeated and the Prophet was killed. Tecumseh was not there.The British continued to support and encourage the natives

  • Pressure for War from the War HawksYoung Democratic Republicans who wanted war against Britain because:Anti-British, Impressment and ship seizingBritish helped the Natives, wanted Take over Canada and Florida NATIONALISM! Led by Henry Clay

  • Trade and the war between Britain and France

    Americans wanted to trade with all nationsShip seizing and British impressment continued

  • War of 1812Madison offered to trade with the first nation that respected American neutrality. France quickly agreed.America and France became allies and the British started to blockade US ports.Fighting broke out at sea and Madison asked Congress to declare war.

  • What was the Indian Confederation?The group of Indians who formed the Indian TerritoryAnother name for the War HawksSouthern Indians who wanted to form an alliance with AmericaNative Americans led by Tecumseh formed to save their landsAll of the above

  • Who were the War Hawks?All of the abovePeople who called for war after the Embargo Act failedThe group of Americans who wanted to attack at TippecanoeNative Americans who wanted to save their landsYoung Democratic Republicans who wanted war with Britain

  • What problems did the Americans have with Native Americans?The Louisiana Purchase threatened Native landsAmericans attacked the Indians and killed the prophet at TippecanoeBritish supplied the Natives and encouraged them to attack AmericansNatives formed a confederation to save their landsAll of the above


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