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Presenting Yourself to an Employer. Presented by Delicia Lewis. This Workshop Covers. Tell me about Yourself Elevator Pitches Posture Clothing Handshakes Eye Contact Speech Enthusiasm Courtesy What NOT to do. Tell me a about yourself. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Presenting yourself to an Employer

Presenting Yourself to an EmployerPresented by Delicia LewisThis Workshop CoversTell me about YourselfElevator PitchesPostureClothingHandshakesEye ContactSpeechEnthusiasmCourtesyWhat NOT to do

Tell me a about yourselfDont got into details that are on the resumeDo stress your passion for the jobDo explain briefly why you love your jobVideo

Make an Elevator PitchYou and the CEO of your dream company are in an elevator going up 8 flights, what do you do?Talk to them! Make a point why they should hire you!Hi! My name is BLANK, Im here for an interview for X position. I would make a really good addition to your team because

PostureSit up straightStand to greet othersDont fidget

ClothingProfessional, conservative clothing is always the best choice!Dress to Impress

HandshakeHave a firm handshakeDont extend the length of the shake- up, down, up-done!

Eye ContactLook the employer in the eyeEye contact is very important!Dont look at the floor

Tone of Voice, Speed of SpeechAdd a touch of energy and passion to your voiceWatch how fast or slow you are speakingAre you on the phone? Add a little extra voice inflection to convey that you are very interested!

Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm and passion are what employers are looking for. They want to know you are excited about being a part of the company and would be happy with your job.

Professionalism and CourtesyAlways be polite, professional, and courteous.Say Yes Sir or Yes Ma'am unless they tell you otherwise. Do not say yeah or sureTry to watch how many Ums you say, keep it minimalDont forget to say Thank youAlways Follow UpSend a Thank you email or note. Be patient- send a thank you the day of the interview, or the next dayWait a week to hear back-THEN follow up with the employer to let them know you are still interested.Wrap it up: Video

What NOT to doDo not bring a coffee with youDo not chew gumDo not have bad breathDo not use too much cologne or perfumeDo not have food in your teethDo not pick at your teeth around the employer/buildingDo not call or email 100 times a dayDo not forget a thank you noteDo not slouchDo not complain about your previous boss or position

Complaining about your boss or company- DO NOT DO IT!!!! Recruiters dont want to hire people that were upset with their last position. Their thought process tends to be: He didnt like the last position, he wont be happy in this position. And they will move on to the next candidate. If you truly hated your previous position tell the recruiter that you are looking to expand you skills, are seeking new challenges, challenging new material/projects, or you would like a new experience. If the recruiter asks, be honest, but try and give it a positive spin. For example: I loved my previous position. I enjoyed creating websites, flyers, and presentations. I want to take the skills I learned with that position and challenge myself to apply them in new an innovative ways. 13Questions?


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