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The ANU Career centre has kindly provided us with the slides that were used in the workshop - Presenting Yourself Professionally, last Wednesday 22 Feb 2012.


<ul><li> 1. FINSOC Networking Workshop 2012 Networking there is more to it than you think</li></ul> <p> 2. Networking- there is more to it than you think The nitty gritty food and drink 3. Networking- there is more to it than you think Networking in general.. Over 80% of jobsare never advertised part of a range ofskills earning the right to ask a favour. Many companies will be assessing yourpotential to represent the firm, andeventually , bring in new business 4. Networking- there is more to it than you think Why now ? Many graduate recruiters on campus..Looking for people who have the potentialto make the successful transition into theworld of work 5. Networking- there is more to it than you thinkMost employers look for a well rounded individual.. Communication andteamwork are often top of the list! 6. Networking- there is more to it than you thinkSelection based on selection criteria..Networking events, like assessment centres, are very much part ofthe selection process do you have what it takes to represent thefirm? 7. Networking- there is more to it than you think The reason that this event is structured likethis, is to see your networking skills inaction networking well at a cocktail partyor social function is a vital careerdevelopment skill! 8. Networking- there is more to it than you thinkJ.P. Morgan has a long-standing reputation for doing first-classbusiness in a first-class way. Combining a proud legacy withinnovative and strategic thinking, we help companies grow andmarkets develop. We have an exceptional team of employeescollaborating globally to deliver the best solutions and advice tomeet our clients needs. We operate in 100 countries, and holdglobal leadership positions across our businesses. This is why weare the most respected financial institution in the world and whywe can offer you an outstanding career. Be part of it. 9. Networking- there is more to it than you think Making the most of a J.P. Morgan campus event Our campus networking events are a unique opportunity to meet ahuge variety of representatives from all lines of business. Its yourchance to make a positive impression on the people you meet from J.P.Morgan. Below we have highlighted some top tips to help you make themost of your interactions with our J.P. Morgan representatives. Preparation Think about what you hope to achieve by talking to certain people andwhy In order to make a good impression, its important to be organized andconfident Prepare questions and think about how to describe yourself, whatyoure studying and what career you hope to achieve 10. Networking- there is more to it than you think Advice for JP Morgan Events Ensure you leave your "comfort zone" and approach people to politely introduce yourself. If youreunsure of whos who, use the graduate recruiters to introduce you Shake hands - a firm hand shake goes a long way Dont feel nervous about approaching a group of people i.e. business representatives who arealready talking to students Ask appropriate and concise questions, and ask questions that require more than yes/no answers Be clear in your communication. The people you meet understand that you may be nervous butthey will respond favourably to someone who is genuine, interested and non-aggressive If youre not very confident, try not to attach yourself to the first person you speak to Always pay attention to the person you are speaking to and be interested in what they are saying During the event, moderation with alcohol is important - over indulgence can leave negativeimpressions It often helps to make notes following the networking sessions. These may come in handy if youapply for a position Source JP Morgan website 11. Networking- there is more to it than you think Example networking questions At all of our events we bring a range of people along from different business areas to answer thequestions that are really on your mind. We want you to fully understand the opportunities were offering,so that you can make your application with confidence. But we understand that when put on the spot, itsnot always easy to come up with questions. Weve highlighted a few to get you started: Why did you join J.P. Morgan? Whats the difference between J.P. Morgan and its competitors? Are there any downsides to working here? What do you have to do to get promoted? How easy is it to work abroad? What are the differences among the business areas? Have you experienced any difficulties - and how did you overcome them? How do you balance your work and personal life? What has the highlight of your career been so far? How long did it take you to feel like you were making a real contribution? Was there a big culture shock when you joined? Tell me about your experience as a summer intern? Whos been an inspiration to you? 12. Networking- there is more to it than you think Business cards The good old business card is still one of thebest networking tools. At our campusnetworking evenings, youll notice that wegive you personalized business cards onarrival. Hand these to the J.P. Morganrepresentatives you want to impress, andthose who have impressed you. These cardsare also a great way for us to catch up withyou after the event. 13. Networking- there is more to it than you think Be yourself, but be your best self thattakes some thought and preparation! Networking is as much about listening as itis about talking the loudest person in theroom is not necessarily the mostimpressive 14. Networking- there is more to it than you think Know when to say goodbye.. And do it graciously! 15. Networking- there is more to it than you think Your degree underpins graduate recruitment. PART OF what employers look for 16. Networking- there is more to it than you think The nitty gritty.. handshakes 17. Networking- there is more to it than you thinkGood luck in your brilliant careers Any questions?</p>