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Nursing Academy Of East Kotawaringin

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Patient satisfaction is a response or responses given by patients after comparing the expectations of patients with what is experienced or acquired patient to the quality of services provided by nurses. The author uses the indicators of patient satisfaction, among others, the attitude and approach of hospital personnel to patients, quality of care, administrative procedures, and facilities provided by the hospital.

Definition of Patient Satisfaction

The level of patient satisfaction is known of the overall score obtained subject after filling scale patient satisfaction. The higher the total score obtained subject, the higher the level of satisfaction experienced by the patient. Vice versa, the lower the total score obtained the subject of filling patient satisfaction scale, the lower the level of satisfaction experienced by the patient. The satisfaction felt by patients is a very important aspect for the survival of a hospital .. Patient satisfaction is a subjective value to the quality of services provided. Subjective judgments are based on past experience, education, psychological situation at the time, and the influence of the environment at that time.

Measure Patients' Satisfaction

Aspects That Affect Patient SatisfactionThere are several aspects that influence patient satisfaction, namely: a. Aspects of comfort, including the location of hospitals, hospital cleanliness, comfort of the room that will be used by the patient, the patient's food eaten, and equipment available in the room.

b. Aspects of the relationship of patients with hospital personnel, covers hospitality hospital personnel, especially nurses, information provided by the hospital personnel, communicative, responatif, supportive, and nimble in serving patients.

c. Aspects of technical competence of personnel, covering the courage to act, the experience, credentials, and famous.

d. The cost aspect, including the high cost of services, whether or not affordable by the patient, and whether there is any relief given to the patient.

Definition Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction is the level of one's feelings after comparing the performance (results) that he felt compared with expectations

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Satisfying customers' needs is the desire of the hospital. In addition to being an important factor for the survival of the hospital, satisfying the needs of customers can increase competitive advantage. Customers who are satisfied with the services with the principles of Shari'ah would use the services again when the same need reappear later. This means that customer satisfaction is a key factor in service with the principles of the hospital.

Aspects that affect patient satisfaction

To be able to satisfy the needs of customers, the company can carry out the following steps:Knowing the needs and desires of customers.Know the decision-making process in the airport.Build the image of the hospital.Build awareness of the importance of customer satisfaction.

Factors influencing patient satisfactionIn the opinion of Budiastuti (2002) suggested that patients in the evaluation of satisfaction with the services received by reference to several factors, among others:The quality of products or servicesService qualityemotional factorsPrice Cost

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