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Presenting . . . . You!. Writing Your Resume. This is not the time to be humble!. What is a resume ?. A short description of your training and experience. An employers guide to what you can do. Chronological Lists most recent job first - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presenting . . . . You!Writing Your Resume

  • What is a resume?A short description of your training and experience An employers guide to what you can do

  • Types of resumes ChronologicalLists most recent job firstLists other jobs in reverse orderMost common type

  • FunctionalTransforms experience into functions/skills.Good for those changing careers or who have little experience.

  • What to includeName, address, phone number, e-mail addressCareer objective - optionalEducationWork experienceProfessional licenses, certificates

  • Military experienceMembership in organizationsSpecial skills, honors, awards or achievementsReferences

  • Use action verbs to describe what you did on the job!

  • No YesPassive Voice vs. Active Voice

    Filing was done Maintained files

    Program was Researched or written designed program

    Children were Supervised childrensupervised

  • Use action verbs--power words--when describing your work. managed planned organized analyzedtaught initiated directed developed produced trained maintained supervised

    Some resume writers even bold or italicize these words

  • Words to avoidAbbreviations and acronyms, unless they are commonly used.Personal pronouns the reader knows the resume is about you; the addition of I, me, or my is redundant. Your resume should be as concise as possible.

  • Chronological Resume

    Objective Education Work History Awards, memberships References

  • Sarah J. Brown Current Address Permanent Address 2928 East C 2834 Rd 22C Torrington, WY 82240 Laramie, WY 82070e-mail: sjb@warmmail.comObjective:To obtain part-time/summer employment working with animals while attending college. Education: August, 2004 - Present Eastern Wyoming College Vet Tech Major Work History: May , 2003 - August, 2004 Mountain View Veterinary ClinicKennel attendant (part time) - Fed and watered animals according to schedules and medical instructions. Cleaned and disinfected cages, pens and yards. August, 2002 - May, 2003 DJs Pet Shop Evanston, WY Fed and watered animals, cleaned kennels, operated cash register, customer service.References: List at least three

  • Functional Resume

    Objective Qualifications Education Work History References

  • Address: Jonathon Q. Smith Education University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY Eastern Wyoming College, Torrington, WY B.S. Political Science June, 2004 A.A. Political Science May, 2002QualificationsSales: Skilled in selling ideas and persuading others to agree upon a common goal.. Planning: Well organized and have public relations experience. Training: Able to train and motivate people to maximum work performance. Work HistoryUnited Minority Students, University of Wyoming Program Representative: July 2004-Present) Planned and implemented ten educational and cultural programs.Political Science Department, University of Wyoming Research Assistant (September 2002- May, 2004) Assisted professor in research project concerning voter apathy; interviewed subjects and compiled survey results. References available upon request

  • How did the last resume differ from the one before?1.There was no objective.The objective is optional. If you are applying for a specific job, use it. However, if you are willing to get your foot in the door, or are applying for more than one type of job, you do not have to use it.

  • 2. The last resume stated, references available upon request, which is acceptable. However, wouldnt you rather have the employer have your references in hand so he doesnt have to make that extra phone call?

    Listing your references puts you a step ahead!

  • Yes, you may have noticed that Mr. Smiths address is also missing, but only in the interest of space. Your address and phone number are always on the resume!

  • Another optionCombination Resume:Functional and Chronological

  • Combination Resume Samantha K. Jones 1500 West Z Street Torrington, WY 82240 307-555-0000 skj@hotnet.netEducation Eastern Wyoming College Graduated December, 2004 School of Cosmetology Wyoming State Board Exam Associate of Arts Degree Passed, January, 2005 Experience 2003-Present part time insurance clerkTimmerly Insurance Agency Duties: process applications and claims, type claims, type, maintain files, receptionist, reconcile bank statements, prepare tax reports, payroll, cash method accounting bookkeeper.1997-2003Self-Employed cosmetic consultant Managed Avon business.1988-1997 Full-time homemaker/mother Temporarily left job market to raise three children. Skills Strong organizational skills Strong leadership skills Ability to work with others Able to motivate others Volunteer Experience: Financial Secretary for church. Jayceettes past president References: List at least three references

  • How long should my resume be?Many sources will tell you that the resume should be only one page in length. Its true that it should be concise. However, after youve worked for a period of time, your list of skills, organizations and training may become longer. In a survey, employers stated they prefer more information presented concisely over the one page format.

  • Most Common Mistakes

  • 1. Too much information2. Too short3. Punctuation errors4. Poor grammar

  • 5. Misspelled words6. Verb tense changed7. Disorganized8. Inappropriate paper

  • D e t a i l s

  • What is too much information?HobbiesHealthHeight,WeightMarital Status

  • Its not necessary to state any of the previous information.However, if you have a hobby or sideline that is applicable to the job for which you are applying, list it!Ex: woodworking = carpentry job

  • What is too short?Worked in office.Worked on ranch.Typed, filed, answered phones, computed payroll, bookkeeping.Fed cattle, repaired equipment, fixed fence, swathed and baled hay.

  • Punctuation Proofread for commas, periods, quotation marks. Grammar Dont use no double negatives. SpellingAwlays pruf for spleling airers.

  • Verb Tense not parallelOrganized meeting scheduleTake notes at meetingWriting minutes of meeting Select one tense and stay with it!

  • Disorganized!

    Work experience


    Operated crane

    5/99-9/99 Sheridan,WY


    Gillette High School

    May, 1995

    Eastern Wyo College

    May, 2000

    Special Training

    Attended heavy equipment operator school Fall, 1999

    Job objective:

    To do construction work in a mine

  • Though it may be attention grabbing, using bright orgaudy colors will not be to your advantage. See?

  • Use stationery that is attractive, and doesnt hurt your eyes to read.

    Colors to use?Beige, pale blue, off-white are best.

    Available at bookstore, officesupply stores.

  • Selecting fonts

    Sans serif - May be used for headers. This one is Arial.

    Serif - works nicely for the text. This one, Times-Roman, is most commonly used.

  • Customize your resumeCustomize your resume for the job for which you are applying. Perhaps you want to emphasize certain skills or volunteer work you have done in addition