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  • 1.Presenting ResearchEmily Ashford

2. Summary of research and I also went out and asked people and thepeople I interviewed were all vegetarians.Their were about 4/5 people within myinterview resource. 3. Purpose of Research The purpose of the survey and the audience research was to seehow many people are vegetarians and how many people wouldconsider it so we have more of an idea of who are recipe cardswould go to and get a better idea of what audience Im dealingwith. What I would like to get out of this is an idea of the audience thatthe recipe cards would be better for, in my case, itd be more forfemale as they are the ones who have answered my question air asbeing a vegetarian. The way this could influence my project is after I find out myaudience I could have had a better idea at who my target market isand the a reason to create a theme. For example a lot of peoplesaid they would consider being a vegetarian as part of a diet or fordieting so I could have a training themed recipe card for motivationand with a vegetarian meal. 4. How I conducted research The main methods I used in survey monkey tocollect my answers and with that I used a lotof yes and no answers and paragraph boxesfor people to type out their own answers. The way people filled them in is I sent the liketo the survey page all over social net workingsites and had my friends help me out byletting me interview them with their opinionson meat and why they are vegetarians. 5. Question 1 are you a vegetarian? I had about 60 peopledo my survey and outof those 60, 2 of themare vegetarians leaving96.67% are people whoeat meat. I also asked why andmy answers werepretty much I likemeat to much 6. Question 2 are you male or female? 57.63% were maleswho answered mysurvey and 42.37% ofthem were femaleshow ever the 2vegetarians werefemales. My resultsshow that females maybe more likely tovegetarians rather thanmales. 7. Question 3 what age group do you fitin? 71.67% of the people whoanswered my question airwere between the agegroup of 13-18. this showsthat my audience may bemore in that age group andwith 21.67% being 19-25.this will help me out bygiving me more of an ideaof how old my audiencewill be. The twovegetarians from my surveyare both in the age groupof 13-18. 8. Question 4 who does most of thecooking in your house? A lot of the answershere were sayingeither that mumscook or that theycook them self. 9. Question 5 -If you eat meat, would youever consider becoming a vegetarian? However out of the60, 12 said they wouldconsider becoming avegetarian for reasonsuch as dieting, theout break of horsemeat and not knowingwhat is in your meatsand just for a change. 10. Question 6 what is your favouritedish? However a lot ofpeoples favouritemeals did involve alot of meats likeSundayroasts, Lasagne andBacon. 11. Question 7 if you are a vegetarian,why did you become one? 12. Question 8 what food do you eatmost of? 13. Question 9 do you watch cookingprogrammes? 14. Question 10 what food could you notlive without?