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  • 1. Presenting ReportENGLISHParean Roadwork sluggishOLEH : XII PEMESINAN 1 ARIF SAEFULLAHaspresenterARIS KRISWANTOasanswer questionBAMBANG IRIANTO asanswer questionNOVSA TRISATYA W asanswer questionNURITAasmoderatorNUURWENDIaswriterSMK NEGERI 1 LOSARANG INDRAMAYU Jalan Raya PanturaLosarangTelp. (0234) 507237 Losarang Indramayu Website :www.smkn1losarang.sch.idE-mail : Presenting Report (We Stand Up For The Future)BAPERSHAT4

2. Perbaikan di Jalan Parean Dinilai Lambat KANDANGHAUR Perbaikan di jalan parean, Desa Kandanghaur, dinilai lambat. Sampai sekarang, perbaikan jalan di desa Ilir dan desa bulak masih belum terselesaikan. Jumat (7/6). Badan pelaksana masih bekerja pada pengaspalan pekerjaan jalan. Beberapa pengendara motor berkata, lambatnya perbaikan jalan berdampak pada kelancaran arus lalu lintas. Selain itu, pengerjaan paving masih belum selesai dilakukan secara keseluruhan menimbulkan risiko kecelakaan. kondisi jalan raya yang tidak mulus, sementara mengancam keselamatan pengguna jalan terutama pengendara sepeda motor. Dari mulai dikeruk, saat ini kondisinya masih tersisa. Setelah selesai pengaspalan tidak secara keseluruhan, Ucap Nurkholis (47), salah satu pengendara motor, Jumat (7/6). Perbaikan jalan di daerah Kandanghaur panjangnya sekitar dua kilometer. Perbaikan dilakukan proses pengerukan pada lapisan aspal. Sekarang ini, Paving baru selesai sekitar 50 persen. sudah hampir empat bulan perbaikan masih saja belum selesai. Sekarang baru desa Ilir dan belum keseluruhannya. Saya fikir, perbaikan jalan lambat karena perbaikan hanya mengganti lapisan aspalnya saja, Ucap Santy (33). Pengguna jalan yang sehari-hari melintasi perbaikan jalan tersebut.Presenting Report (We Stand Up For The Future)BAPERSHAT4 3. Parean Roadwork sluggish KANDANGHAUR Coast road improvements in the area Parean, Districts Kandanghaur, considered slow. Untill now, road repair Ilir and Bulak village have not yet been completed. Friday (7/6), implementing agency is still working on asphalting of road works. A number of riders say, the slow pace of road repairing work in the area impacts on the smooth flow of traffic . Moreover, still not done woth the paving of the overall risk of accidents. the road conditions are not smooth, while threatening the safety of road users especially motorcyclist. From the strat of dredged, currently still left their condition. When done asphalting not overall, said Nurkholis (47), motorcyclist to rader. Friday (7/6). Road improvements in the area Kandanghaur length is about two kilometers. Repairs are carried out dredging process on the asphalt layer. Current, new paving completed about 50 percent. it has been almost four months of repairing not completed. Now just recently Ilir village and still not whole. I think, the slow road repairs because the repairs are replacing the asphalt layer only. Said Santy (33). Road users who daily cross the road repair.Presenting Report (We Stand Up For The Future)BAPERSHAT4 4. Question and Answer Questions : 1. Dian Setiadi : what will you do if any accidents in the road ? 2. Sayful Alwi : how long normal roadwork in Parean ? 3. Mrs.Ratna : why road is broken ? 4. Rahmat Soleh : what the materials on the contruction to make roadwork, and how can be a intternational roadway ? 5. Irfan Maulana : why the road is broken ? 6. Rudiman : what will we do when be pass Kandanghaur street to safety ?Answered : 1. We will be saved the road, and we call the police and hospital for send an ambulance for handle the accident. Before the police and ambulance come, we will give the sacrivice a first aid for soften the injury 2. Is normally specifed by the implementing agency, but we already know that within four months srill can not be resolved 3. (because the queastion charles from Mrs.Ratna (no.3) and Irfan (no.5) same, in charge of one answer). Because the road can to see from asphalt quality. If asphalt quality is low, so the road will always broke because through by way of a big cars untill the road will broke. If the asphalt quality is high so the road cant will broke. 4. The materials is : asphalt,various types of soil,land,grayel,and other supporting materials. To become an international standard high way, should be good quality high way, such a smooth way, there is no congestion on the road, in the inside street there are many shady trees, and comfort on the highway for motorists. 6. We have to drive no too fast so could an accident. When the drive should focus on street, must respect each other motorist do not preced each other. If posible there should be police to secure the high way.Presenting Report (We Stand Up For The Future)BAPERSHAT4 5. Pictures Nurita as ModeratorAris as the Answer questionNurita in actionNovsa as the Answer questionArif as Presenter Presenting Report (We Stand Up For The Future)BAPERSHAT4