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The art of coaching

An innovative, dynamic and structured process of personal and professional development which aims to establish and accomplish Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Timely objectives

Encompasses a broad range of tools: assess and examine values, talents and motivationidentify aligned objectives Define action plan and focused strategies techniques to develop competenciesreach valuable and sustainable milestones

We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle

coaching creates habits of achieving more and better...... to always go beyond the preconceived limitations

BEING congruent conductPERFORMANCE concurred actionsKNOW-HOW clear cognizance discover and highlightVALUESidentify and maximizeTALENTScreate and focus on MILESTONES


masterycomprehensionintroductionapplicationskill acquisitions and competencies development training

+ coaching

SKILL Aquisition

Individual Coaching sessions provide the ideal environment for training participants to link their newly acquired skills and immediate on the job applicationDirectly combine Coaching to any training content, change iniciative or leadership development program to achieve professional objectives and successObtaining positive results goes beyond a successful training course it signifies that employees understand HOW the training is relevant to their work and are able to apply new skills and alter their behavior

ConsultantMentorTherapistProvides specialized advice and suggestions about specific problems or questions.Provides specific recommendation and solutions for business questions.Transfers knowledge and experiences to the student.

Provides orientation and consoling to a person who is less experienced and know ledged.

Centred on the emotions and experiences rooted in the past.Recovery of individuals that exhibit occupational dysfunction.

Dysfunctional Functional

A coach is not a...

A coach supports

Increasing and enhancing workplace business communication to promote better quality work and Service for improved customer satisfaction


Aligning heightened performance with team and organizational goals

Maximizing and leveraging individual strengths and talents to enhance performance

Taking accountability for individual behaviors and actions in the implementation of new soft skills and personal development learning

Motivating individuals to expand beyond perceived limitations to drive organizations to new dimensions of performance and productivity.


aligned global visionorientao focalizadaskills | talents development

focused orientationorganizational fit

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