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    *** , , . *We need a change from that kind of future to one that is purposely designed, and this will take many players. It will take many participants and a lot of conscious action. This concept of GeoDesign, as we lay it out this morning, is a systematic methodology for geographic planning and decision making. It takes GIS, all the knowledge that you build and maintain, layers of information, measurements, and analytic models, and it connects us to an interactive design process where we can design and get feedback right away. So what if we do this here? What's the impact of that? This is how our mind actually works. But GIS has not really been equipped to do this exactly before, leveraging all of that knowledge. What we are doing is extending GIS with tools and methods that support this kind of creative process, and to get an idea of this, I'm going to just quickly show a video that gives you a sense of sketching.

    This is a little area in San Diego County, and it's a suitability map in the background, suitability for urban development. I'm simply sketching here some land use, and you can see as I sketch, there's something that the governor would like: performance measurement or evaluation or impact evaluation of my sketch. Some high density housing, some lower density housing and the effect is, the impacts are on increased drainage or runoff, rather, and taking of habitat areas. So I'm designing in a simple, intuitive way and getting immediate feedback for, in this case, a land use community. This is on a touch table, Microsoft surface table, and I'm doing the same thing in a little group, not alone now, but as a collaborative effort, and getting feedback back on this. Here is a suitability model for routing, like transmission line routing or road routing or other linear routing, and I'm sketching and getting feedback. Third is I'm doing it on the Web. I'm simply sketching in as a citizen saying, "This area is near my house," to use the governor's metaphor, "and I would like it to go into a park or an open space or because I have local knowledge, I want it to be protected."