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<ul><li> 1. Growth Through Partnership Dedicated Global Offering for External Asset Managers (EAM) November 2011EXTERNAL ASSET MANAGERJune 2009Slide 1</li></ul><p> 2. Slide 2 3. CS Private Banking: A Global Franchise London GuernseyLuxembourg FrankfurtParisViennaLisbon ZurichMilanSt. PetersburgMonacoSan Francisco MadridMoscowChicago BostonGibraltar BeijingLos Angeles New York IstanbulDallas Atlanta Baltimore Athens Beirut Shanghai MiamiCairo DohaDubai Nassau Guangzhou TaipeiAbu Dhabi Hong Kong Mexico Mumbai Bangkok CaracasBogot Kuala LumpurSingaporeLima Jakarta Rio de Janeiro So PauloJohannesburg SantiagoMontevideo SydneyBuenos AiresCape Town MelbourneService locations Slide 3 4. Private Banking at Credit Suisse AwardsWe dont like talking about ourselves, but the punditsdoPrivate Banking at Credit Suisse is one of the top names when it comes to putting your assetsin the right hands. This is confirmed also by the experts, as shown by the various awards wehave received.Awards at a glance Best Global Wealth Management House 2011 (Euromoney) Best private bank globally 2011 (Euromoney) Best Bank in Switzerland 2011 (Euromoney) Best Global Bank 2010 (Euromoney) Best Bank in Switzerland 2010 (Euromoney) Best Private Banking Services Overall Global Award 2010 (Euromoney) Best Private Banking Services Overall in Switzerland 2010 (Euromoney) The 2010 asset management elite: magna cum laude (Handelsblatt Elite Report) Best Bank in Switzerland 2009 (Global Finance) Best Private Banking Services Overall in Switzerland 2009 (Euromoney) Best Wealth Management House 2009 (Euromoney) The 2009 asset management elite: summa cum laude (Handelsblatt Elite Report) Worlds Best Developed Market Banks Awards 2009: Best bank in Switzerland (Global Finance)Slide 4 5. Why Switzerland ?Slide 5 6. Rising National Debt Worldwide, Lower Levels inSwitzerlandSlide 6 7. Write-Downs and Capital Increases in FinancialSector Slide 7 8. Credit Suisse EAM department EAM business operates onUnmatched experience Dedicated team and staff award winning CS PB platformin servicing EAM globallysupporting EAM requirements and technologyDedicated unit specialising in provision of services to EAMs for more than 10 yearsSegregated and ring fenced organisation embedded within the global Private Bank divisionGlobal presence via dedicated booking centers and staff, operating on CS PB platformsServicing more than 1000 EAMs worldwide250 dedicated staff globallyApproximately 55 bn CHF Assets under Management in EAM business Slide 8 9. Credit Suisse EAM "Triangle Setup" Full licensed Asset Management Documentation of "know yourMandate customer" and "flow of funds" (discretionary due to regulatory duties and co-or advisory) operation with Credit SuisseLimitedEAM1 Power ofYour ClientExternal Asset Manager attorneyCo-operation DelegationDedicatedagreement (EAMof clientDelivery ofEAM servicesbanking productscontract) identification (e.g. Custody, Brokerage)Note 1: EAM = Credit Suisse term for wealth &amp; asset managers, family offices, fund providers and financial advisors.Slide 9 10. A flexible approach for youWe jointly develop your very own tailored solutionEvery EAM is differentSize, structure, lifecycle and clientsIndivdidual needs varyLong term strategic partnersFlexible approachWe try and listenWe understand EAMs BusinessesA focus on understanding your long term goals and objectivesWe tailorSolutions according to your specific business needsServices to support your future growthCredit Suisse has a flexible approach based on an open platform where we customize and tailor solutions based on yourbusiness needs Slide 10 11. Credit Suisse delivers unrivalled serviceContinuously assisting you through a unified teamYour dedicated teamRelationship Manager (RM) Investment Advisor (IA) Manages your partnership across Credit Suisse Offers EAM specific investment solutions Co-ordinates access to all the business services of the bankDevises innovative investment and trading ideas Designs your own tailor-made solution Provides "best in class" transaction services Help and support with day-to-day business needs Advises on market news and trends Provides access to the whole bankCredit Suisse has a dedicated team of experienced managers that will assist you in developing the appropriate strategy foryour business through a well versed methodology Slide 11 12. Credit Suisse offers a "One Stop Shop"Specialist supported with state-of-the-art product architectureExternal Asset ManagerEAM Relationship Manager / Investment AdvisorProducts &amp; Services for External Asset ManagerBasiceToolsInvestmentTailor-made OtherProducts &amp; ServicesProducts &amp; SolutionsSolutions ServicesRelationship Manager Tool CoachInvestment AdvisorIB, Solution Partners,Various specialistsPLF team etc.(legal, tax etc.)Allround coordinator EAM Net HomeBrokerage andAccount setup /EAM Net execution Labelled Fund Succession Planning forFrameworkAdvanced ReportingFund LabSolutions EAMCustodyPortfolio Net Structured Investment Foundations &amp; TrustsEAM Events &amp; trainingsExecutionPrivate Swift NetworkProducts Direct Access Trading Investment BankingReporting (AIS/IPC)Forex Trading Alternative Investments Direct OrderSolutionsFinance and Leverage Formalities ToolPrimary- &amp; SecondaryAgreementsPension Fund SolutionsCredit Cards Secure Mail ResearchCustomised SIPRetrocession reportingPayments PM tool coordinationSolutions Relocation ServicesDay to day trouble Global CustodyCash Pooling Solutionsshooting Life PortfolioMarket Data Providers Report consultingSlide 12 13. Unique global offeringWe have a strong portfolio of products and services to meet your needs Technology ExecutionProductsComprehensive functionality Open product platform, covering allsupported by a powerful transactionBest execution capabilitiesasset classesplatform, state-of-the-art reporting,Comprehensive Multi-Asset ClassComprehensive product offering,connectivity solutions and more By E-Tool or Dealerdelivering flexible solutions acrossSimple to use, real time &amp; flexible the whole value chain Direct market accessMulti-national technology for all One stop shop encapsulating allbooking centers your investment needsLocation Multi-booking center, providing access to different market jurisdictions Slide 13 14. Technology June 2009 Slide 14 15. EAM TechnologyOne platform for EAM consisting of several integrated modulesCompetitive advantages EAM Net Comprehensive functionality, fromHome a powerful transaction platform toGlobal information high-end-client reporting portalPrivate swiftFormalitiesNetworkApplicationConnectivity with Easy-to-use applications (that areportfolio management Relationship openingsystemsused internally within Credit EAM Net Suisse)Positions, portfolio&amp;transaction Portfolio FOREX Net Trading Real-time connectivity, compatible Reporting &amp; performance with many Portfolio ManagementFX dealscalculation Systems INVESTNetTechnologyPortfolio analysis &amp; investment proposalsMulti-national technology approach for all booking centers world-wideOur easy to use technology will support you in meeting your business needs and addressing thedemands of your clients through a single dedicated platform Slide 15 16. EAM NetEAM Net HomeHomeGlobal information portalMain access point Access Booking Platforms Zurich, Singapore and Germany Access Credit Suisse Private Banking Research. Subscribe to publications Create watchlists of investments and virtual portfolios Access forms online and other information for our EAM partners Secure messagingSlide 16 17. EAM NetVersatile tool for portfolio management &amp; transactions Realtime portfolio Archiving, portfolio analyses &amp;viewing and transaction platform management &amp; transaction platform allowing access from anywhere at anytime Place securities orders directly to stock exchanges around the world, including bulk orders TradingOnline trading accessEnabling you to obtain investment statements &amp;Direct market access performance calculations,Equity, Bond, Derivative trading also as PDFResearch &amp; Market Data Archive functionality stores documents, e.g. statements &amp; legal forms Slide 17 18. EAM Net EAM NetClient ManagementClients Overview of clients placed in your care, with the option of displaying EAM- specific client responsibilityClient search Client Search by different criteria (e.g. name, domicile, place)Personal views Selection and ability to draw up client lists Information of account-overdraft Information of money-market-maturitiesSettings Option to define personalized default values Slide 18 19. EAM NetEAM NetReporting &amp; transactions Asset / LiabilityAccounts - Real-time-information ofaccounts and securities positionsPerformance - Online-information ofperfomance as well as direct orderpossibilitiesPrint outs - Overview of ordered /generated investments- &amp;performance statements Best ExecutionOrder Entry onlineOverview of pending, settled,and expired stock marketorders of the past 10 daysCorporate actions overviewPosition movement detailedinformationBooking instructions per tradeMove cash between accountsSlide 19 20. EAM NetPortfolio rebalancing1 Chose your2 Define3Generate4 Check Investment StrategyClient Groups Group OrdersPortfolio 3 Generate group orders in only 3 steps:Define desired target investmentsCheck selected clients andcalculated amounts and adjust ifnecessaryConfirm and submit group orderRecent enhancement to block order functionality, enables PM tool like functionality, efficient client management, timesavings for your business Slide 20 21. Portfolio Net CSHigh-end client reporting with a wide range of reporting functionalitiesPerformance Attribution Management EffekteDetailed analysis nach Branchen 01.10.2005- 31.12.20051.00%0.80%0.60% Transactions 0.40%0.20% Holdings and asset allocation0.00% -0.20% Risk-0.40%Total Financials CashEnergyTelecommIndustrials MaterialsInformation ConsumerHealth Care UtilitiesDiscretionaryTechnology Services ConsumerStaples Return details and return time seriesMarktselektionTitelselektion Interaktion Portfolio vs. benchmark Contribution/attribution ReportingIndividualityZerlegung Tracking Errornach Faktoren 31.12.2005Benchmarking &amp; asset allocationCustomizable consolidations 70.00%60.00%Performance &amp; risk figures Individual benchmarks50.00%40.00%Consolidation &amp; holdings30.00%20.00%10.00%Historical data Print and export 0.00%LnderBranchenTitelspezifisches systematischeWhrungen FaktorenbrigeRisiko Sophisticated PDF reports by mouse click Simple data export to ExcelPortfolio Net CS is fully integrated in EAM Net Home and appropriate only for end clients with assets inexcess of $15mSlide 21 22. Portfolio Net CSHigh-end client reportingPortfolio Net CS is an exclusive online reporting solution available for selected EAMs who manage large end-client portfoliosPerformance bersicht Performance Attribution bersichtKennzahlen VermgensstrukturVermgensstrukturrollend 01.01.2005 - 31.12.2005 nach Branchen 01.10.2005- 31.12.2005 31.12.2005 nach Anlagekategorien 31.12.2005nach Lndern 31.12.2005Relative Attribution aktueller Monat aktuelles Quartal seit Jahresbeginn Portfolio Benchmark PortfolioPortfolio Benchmark DifferenzAnzahl Positionen60552 Aktien 99.39%Portfolio brutto 3.72%4.46%27.07%Belgien 0.00% 1.93% -1.93% MarktselektionTitelselektion InteraktionTotal Standardabweichung18.55%17.33% Futures *0.00%Portfolio netto3.71%4.44%26.94%Dnemark1.33% 1.33% 0.00% Consumer Discretionary 0.01% -0.13%0.03%-0.09% Beta vs. Benchmark 1.05Freie Liquiditt ** 0.61%Benchmark3.94%3.67%26.51%Deutschland 9.28% 11.35%-2.08%Consumer Staples 0.02% -0.21%0.02%-0.17% Erwarteter Tracking Error (p.a.) 3.28% Kollektivanlagen 0.00%Finnland1.49% 2.41% -0.92%Energy -0.11%-0.10%-0.01% -0.22%PerformanceersichtbFinancials 0.01% 0.33% 0.00%0.34% Total 100.00%Frankreich 24.37% 15.65%8.72%monatlich 01.01.2005 - 31.12.2005 HealthCare 0.00% 0.17% 0.01%0.18%Griechenland0.00% 1.04% -1.04%* exklusive Futures in allfllig vorhandenen KollektivanlagenIndustrials-0.07%0.46% -0.05% 0.34% ** exklusive freie Liquiditt in allfllig vorhandenen KollektivanlagenGrossbritannien38.01% 40.28%-2.28%Jan 05Feb 05 Mrz 05Apr 05 Mai 05 Jun 05Jul 05 Aug 05 Sep 05 Okt 05 Nov 05 Dez 05 YTDInformation Technology 0.00% -0.23%-0.03% -0.25%Irland0.00% 1.31% -1.31%Portfolio brutto2.69% 2.33% 0.02% -3.09%4.98%4.66%4.51% -0.75% 4.79% -2.88% 3.70% 3.72%27.07% Materials0.03% 0.43% 0.04%0.50%Italien 3.71% 6.37% -2.66% Zerlegung Tracking ErrorBenchmark 2.73% 2.26% 0.36% -2.75%5.14%4.59%3.79% -0.52% 4.83% -3.51% 3.36% 3.94%26.51% Telecomm Services-0.02%0.00% -0.01% -0.02%Niederlande10.17% 5.74% 4.43%nach Faktoren 31.12.2005Relativ (zu brutto) -0.04%0.07% -0.34% -0.34% -0.16% 0.07%0.72% -0.23% -0.04%0.63%0.34% -0.23%0.55% Utilities-0.01%0.18% -0.04% 0.13%Norwegen1.69% 1.22% 0.47% 0.07%Cash 0.02% 0.00% 0.05%sterreich0.00% 0.69% -0.69%Portugal1.15% 0.47% 0.68%Performance bersicht PortfolioTotal-0.12%0.91% 0.01%0.80%Branchen2.40%quartalsweise 01.2005 31.12.200501. -Schweden4.20% 4.01% 0.19%Lnder 20.01%Spanien 4.01% 6.20% -2.20% Titelspezifisches Risiko 63.60%Freie Liquiditt *0.61% 0.00% 0.61%1. Quartal 05 2. Quartal 05 3. Quartal 05 4. Quartal 05 YTD brige systematische Faktoren13.90%Portfolio brutto5.10%6.48%8.69%4.46% 27.07%Whrungen 0.10%Benchmark 5.43%6.95%8.24%3.67% 26.51%Total 100.00%100.00% 0.00%Relativ (zu brutto) -0.32%-0.47%0.46%0.80%0.55%Total100.00% Asset Allocation Performance ReportingPerformance AttributionRisk Reporting Performance AttributionManagement EffekteZerlegung Tracking ErrorVermgensstruktur Rendite relativ und kumuliert nach Branchen 01.10.2005 - 31.12.2005nach Faktoren 31.12.2005nach Lndern 31.12.2005 01.01.1997 - 31.12.20051.00% 70.00% 140.00%7.00%45.00% 120.00%6.00%0.80% 60.00%40.00% 100.00%5.00%35.00%80.00%4.00% 0.60% 50.00%30.00%60.00%3.00%0.40% 40.00%40.00%2.00%25.00%20.00%1.00%0.20% 30.00%20.00%0.00% 0.00%15.00% -20.00%-1.00%0.00% 20.00% -40.00%-2.00%10.00% -60.00%-3.00% -0.20% 10.00% 5.00% -80.00%-4.00% -0.40%0.00% 0.00%-100.00%-5.00%LnderBranchen Titelspezifisches WhrungensystematischeTotal EnergyFinancialsTelecommConsumer MaterialsInformationIndustrialsCashUtilities Health CareTechnologyDiscretionary Schweden PortugalSpanien ServicesFreie Liquiditt Irlandsterreich Frankreich Niederlande Dnemark Belgien NorwegenDeutschlandGriechenland Grossbritannien ItalienFinnland Consumer StaplesFaktoren-120.00%-6.00%brige RisikoJan 97SepJan 98SepJan 99SepJan 00 Sep Jan 01SepJan 02SepJan 03 Sep Jan 04 Sep Jan 05 Sep Mai 00Mai 01 Mai 97 Mai 98 Mai 99 Mai 02 Mai 03Mai 04Mai 05 Marktselektion Titelselektion Interaktion PortfolioBenchmark Relativ (rechte Skala)Portfolio (linke Skala)Benchmark (linke Skala) In addition to the online reporting in Portfolio Net CS we can provide sophisticated and customized reports of up to 80 pages for individual clients in excess of $15m, reports can be generated on a monthly or quarterly basis.Slide 22 23. INVESTNetPortfolio analysis and investment proposalsHelp to define your portfol...</p>