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    Jain Irrigation System Ltd.

  • 7/25/2019 Presentation on Jain Irrigation_V5


    Company Profle

    Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is a diversifed entity with turnover in

    excess o 1 Billion S! "ased in Jalgaon# $aharashtra# India% &aving 'lo"al presence with () manuacturing "ases spread

    over * continents%

    +heir products are supplied to 11, countries with a"le assistancerom ,-)) dealers and distri"utors worldwide and could reached

    to over *%. million armers% +hey are the second largest $icro/Irrigation company in the


    +he $icro/Irrigation !ivision manuactures a ull range oprecision/irrigation products%

    Provides services rom soil survey# engineering design to agronomic support%0urtures a sprawling ))) acre &i/+ech 2gri Institute3 a 4arm 5esource 56!#!emo# +raining 6 7xtension Centre% 2lso underta8e turn8ey pro9ects oragricultural and irrigation development with holistic 6 integrated approach%:ver 1.)) agri and irrigation scientists# engineers and technicians areengaged in o;ering services or complete or partial pro9ect planning andimplementation e%g

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    Company Profle

    +wo $a9or Segment with leadership in all its products3

    Hi Tech Agri-Input Products: $icro/Irrigation systems and Bio/+ech+issue culture%

    Industrial Product: P=C Pipes and sheets# =egeta"le !ehydration#4ruit processing%

    Process tropical ruits li8e mango# "anana# pomegranates intopurees# concentrates# 9uices and I>4 products% 2lso dehydrated:nions 6 =egeta"les%

    It is the only company in India which is not only a Pioneermanuacturer o hi/tech agricultural inputs "ut aIso a total 2gri/

    Service provider# li8e +raining and 7xtension Institute# large armcultivator and an 2gricultural Consultancy organi?ation% It isthrough such multi/dimensional activity profle that Jain Irrigationnurtures the complete agri-value chain and has "ecome a :ne/Stop &i/tech 2gri Shop%

    +heir un@inching e;orts in pursuit o excellence appropriately"lended with ongoing 5esearch and !evelopment e;orts have

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    +he feld o $icro Irrigation%

    Micro Irrigation System Market include;

    !rip Irrigation System%

    Sprin8ler micro/irrigation system%A - o 'lo"al IrrigationSystem

    $icro/sprin8ler Irrigation%

    $icro/Jet irrigation%

    Groing importance o! Micro Irrigation system;

    5ising Population 6

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    Layout o !rip Irrigation System%

    Layout o Sprin8ler Irrigation


    Irrigation Systems

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    $otives "ehind 2cDuisitions%

    $ar8et7ntry 6 to

    "ecome anInternationalBrand%


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    Merger and Acquisition at Jain Irrigation.

    #$$%E 2cDuired Chapin

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    0aan!an# Israel 4ormed in ))1 "y merger o 0aan A7st% 1-( and !an A7st% 1-)3twowell esta"lished and prominent Irrigation company%

    0aan!an develops# manuacture and mar8et advanced irrigationtechnologies%

    7xtensive application/ 4ields #:rchards 6 plantations# greenhouses 6nurseries# residentialKindustrial and landscape area%

    Hi""ut?3 a 8ind o cooperative society3 mem"ers sharing economic


    Jain Irrigation acDuired Hi""ut? 0aan AIsrael unit in ))- withagreement to maintain activities in Israel until ))%

    $ore than 0IS 1. million invested in Joint =enture% 0aan!an Jain increased its sales turnover "y more than .

    0ow a glo"al networ8 with manuacturing in S2# Spain# $exico# Bra?il#Chile# 2ustralia and mar8eting units in 4rance and Italy%

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    ))/)1E Journey o 0aan!an Jain%

    JISL has "ecome second largest drip irrigation company in the world%

    :perates in entire 2gri/value chain# enhancing its appeal to armersaround the world%

    Powerul presence at international and Israeli exhi"ition%

    Strengthening relationship with the oreign and national media%

    =isits "y delegation# ministers# potential customers%

    !eep and ongoing relationship with the relevant governmentagencies%

    7xtensive Branding process with BB!: A2dvertising agency# 0ew or8

    M a signifcant step in the strengthening o ties "etween Israel and India% +his is an

    immense opportunity to expand our activity in the world in the areas that provide

    solution to the growing glo"al climate change# water# ood and energy crises%N

    $r% 2nil B Jain A$!/ Jain Irrigation 6 Chairman/ 0aan!an Jain

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    ./0+& TH. "AS.1

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    4uture O

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    Thank /ou


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