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  • 1.CrossFit A Digital Marketing Strategy That Wont Quit

2. INCREASE Participants, Coaches, and Affiliates 30% USA 20% Global CrossFits Goal: Become a widely recognized and respected fitness program all over the world 3. What is CrossFit?1. Train on your own 2. Hire a CrossFit Trainer 3. Become a CrossFit Trainer 4. Compete in CrossFit Events 4. Target Audience 5. Attract With Results Affiliate Coach Level 1 Participant Teach all levels how to be an effective part of our strategy #CrossFit 6. Tools and Tactics Official CrossFit Site Blogs CrossFit Mobile App 7. Key Performance Indicators Google Analytics Site Traffic Certifications View Counts 8. Budget Activity Hours ($250/ hr) Strategy and Planning 10 hours Building 50 hours Implementing 10 hours Total Contract Service Fee $17,500 Activity or Expense Monthly Units Management & Maintenance 30 Hours Paid Media: Google Adwords $800 Monthly Retainer $8,300 9. Digital Marketing A Priceless Investment