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Part 1 of FOSIS's "How to run a successful Islamic Awareness Week?" course. The content was designed and delivered by


<ul><li> FOSIS IAW Training Pre-planning </li> <li> Have good intention and work hard - Shaykh bin Bayya </li> <li> Theme, Aim &amp; Objectives +BONUS SECTION: Creative Thinking! Structure/Format Talks - Exhibitions The IAW Proposal </li> <li> Theme Whats the theme (story) of your IAW? General but Focus Appeals to Non-Muslims/Muslim Examples: Allah Quran Muhammad Islamic History </li> <li> Aim Vision General Statement of Intent/Purpose/Vision Example: X University Islamic Society aims to raise awareness of Islam within and outside X University through exploring the history, character and legacy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). </li> <li> Objectives Objectives need to be SMART S = Specic M = Measurable A = Achievable R = Realistic T = Time bound Should cover Internal/External Objectives </li> <li> Choosing an IAW Title Helps in Marketing &amp; Slogan Be Creative! Think Marketing! Appeal to all Avoid Cliches Examples: The Quran: Explored </li> <li> Bonus Section: Creative Thinking </li> <li> Pre-requisites of Creativity Denition of Creativity Imaginative processes with outcomes that are original and of value Think like a child Dont be afraid to be wrong Have courage Think in new ways Employ tools/techniques to help you </li> <li> Brainstorm Brainstorm with EVERYBODY! Play the peanut-butter game Get a ipchart/Pen Everyone shout out ideas Any idea = good idea even peanut butter!! </li> <li> Mind-map Explore other elds Looks at things holistically and parts link and combine ideas </li> <li> Get a sketchbook! Idea Journal Big Sketchbook Small Pocket Idea notebook </li> <li> Structure/ Format </li> <li> Formats: Evening Talks Exhibitions Quran Recitals Dawah Marquee LunchTime Stories </li> <li> Exhibitions Relaxed Dawah atmosphere Museum Style Good for One-on-One Dawah Easy to run once setup Great PR for ISOC One main hall vs. Small exhibitions Content Linked to the theme Professional vs. In-House </li> <li> Talks Evening vs. Lunchtime Verify Speaker Quality Set topic Same venue each time Arrange technology Other Important notes: Have a contract with the Speaker Remind/Conrm a week before/day before Arrange transport for them </li> <li> Dawah Marquees Attention-grabber! Hard to miss. Great for One-on-One Dawah Include variety of stalls to attract maximum audience: Literature, Audio/Visual, Henna Stall for sisters, Arabic Calligraphy Issues to consider: Manning the stalls, Overnight Security, weather! </li> <li> Lunchtime Stories Under the umbrella of Multifaith chaplaincy Stories of the Prophets Stories of the Hereafter Stories of the Quran Provide FREE Lunch! Newcastle ISOC: Valentine Day Special Speed date with Religion </li> <li> The IAW Proposal </li> <li> The IAW Proposal Great PR move for any Aims &amp; Objectives ISOC. Format Logistics Universities &amp; SU love it! Health and Safety Must be brief BUT Professional Format Who are you? Background on ISOC Theme </li> <li> Bibliography Creativity: - thinking.htm - Ken Robinson: Learning to Be Creative Exhibition Islam: </li> </ul>


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