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Color is a great way to embrace bright flora growing nearby these blossoms would have outshined any other door, so now the entrance gets to share the spotlight

Constructed from 40 planks of Burma teak, this door contains fabulously intricate inner mechanisms including a wire rope and hidden counterweight to create its dynamic opening effect. It looks just like an ordinary oversized door when closed, but fans out into a beautiful curved opening

This wooden door is especially unique. Its wood body continues down beneath the stairs and off to the sides to create the illusion of one large door, with a set of varied stairs seeming to float in front

Woodcarving can come in handy for artistic expression as well. This door takes its owl motif to the next level by including a sculptural beak and tinted windows for eyes

This door is built into a round window, its unique shape and proportions ensuring undivided attention

Bright yellow is a cheerful and welcoming color, perfect for a front door

This bright blue door stands out against the surrounding potted plants, a cool drink of water within a desert-inspired garden

Pivoting doors always seem to create a stir among visitors. This method can turn even an ordinary door into a show-stopper


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