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  1. 1. Premature LaborPremature Labor OROR Preterm labourPreterm labour
  2. 2. Premature labourPremature labour ((Preterm labour)Preterm labour)
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION Premature labour is generally a labourPremature labour is generally a labour that occurs after 20 wks & beforethat occurs after 20 wks & before 37 completed wks of gestation37 completed wks of gestation
  4. 4. DEFINITIONDEFINITION Preterm labourPreterm labour (PTL) is defined(PTL) is defined as one where theas one where the labour startslabour starts before the 37before the 37thth completed weekcompleted week (180beats/min
  5. 42. Cont..Cont.. 4- provide physical and emotional support4- provide physical and emotional support 5- Provide adequate hydration5- Provide adequate hydration 6- Provide client and family education.6- Provide client and family education.
  6. 43. PROGNOSISPROGNOSIS Results inResults in highhigh -perinatal mortality-perinatal mortality -perinatal morbidity-perinatal morbidity With intensive neonatal care unitWith intensive neonatal care unit,, survival rate of the baby weighing b/wsurvival rate of the baby weighing b/w 1000 to 1500 gm is more than 90%1000 to 1500 gm is more than 90% WITH USE OF SURFACTANTWITH USE OF SURFACTANT, survival, survival rate of infants born at 26wks is aboutrate of infants born at 26wks is about 80%80%
  7. 44. CLIENTCLIENT EDUCATIOEDUCATIO NN All PREGNANT womenAll PREGNANT women should recognizeshould recognize followingfollowing S/S s:-S/S s:- -uterine contractions-uterine contractions every 10-15 minutes orevery 10-15 minutes or lessless -menstrual-like cramping-menstrual-like cramping -dull backache-dull backache -lower abdominal-lower abdominal pressurepressure -diarrhea-diarrhea -increase or change in-increase or change in vaginal dischargevaginal discharge -vaginal bleeding-vaginal bleeding