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  1. 1. relationshipThere will always be that senior classmate that you kind of fancy. If youre a girl, its morecommon to fall for that senior you deemed to be wiser and cooler than guys in yoursame grade. But what happens when youre a guy, and you fall for that girl who is 2 years older than you? Should you pursue it? By Gishmora AdamsL ets break it down. When a one of my best girlfriends recently Are you ready to be more mature? Can 14-year-old girl dates a 16- reconnected with an old friend (who you be there for her when she is facing year-old boy in school, its was our junior in NPCC back inemotional stress from the pressures ofconsidered cool. Friends would be secondary school) through Facebook. her classmates?swooning on how she managed toAfter a few weeks, they had alreadyget a senior to notice her. However, if started dating. But, as soon as it gotAre You Easilythe situation was reversed, would itserious, he bailed on her by sending an Inuenced?still be the same?SMS saying not to contact each otherWill you be easily intimidated byanymore because he couldnt get pasther? Is your ego willing to take aIt was too much the age gap. It was a break up throughbackseat? Will you fall prey to whatin the end... an sms. How immature was that? Andyour friends are telling you? Will youI once knew a male classmate whoto make matter worse, he started SMS- take heart to the gossip surroundingwas in a relationship with a senior ing & calling to explain how stupid hethe both of you?2 years older. They met each otherwas a week later.though their CCA and after some These are just some of the questionstime realised that they clicked and Even the celebs that you have to answer beforedecided to pursue a relationship. do it!jumping into the relationship. WereHowever, they kept their relationship Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore does it not saying jumping into a relationshipunder wraps for a year before nallyand even Justin Bieber does it. Well, not with that pretty senior who alsodeclaring that they were together.really, but he did confess his love for incidentally has a crush on you isWhy? Simply put: A fear of backlash Kim Kardashian and Barbara Walterswrong. All we mean is to take time which they received from friendswhos more than 30 years his reect and be truthful. Remember:and family. However, they persevered Examples aside, should you pursueWhat matters most is the sincerityand stayed together till they boththat love?that drives you, and your condencegraduated only to part ways whento pursue and uphold the relationship.he was 19 and she, 21.Are You Ready?At the end of the day, there is nobodyAsk yourself this. Are you truly ready to else in between just you, and thatTurns out I ambe with someone older? Sure, she canspecial girl. And in the lyrics of Justinnot ready ... help out in your algebra homework, butBieber, Theres Gonna Be One LessIn an example closer to home, surely theres more to it than algebra. Lonely Girl.88teens


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