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1. Predicting Cloud Computing Adoption In The Enterprise, 2015 Louis Columbus Forbes, iBASEt 2. Photo credit: NASA/Sandra Joseph, Kevin O'Connell Why Cloud Adoption Is Accelerating In The Enterprise Agility, time-to- market & speed 57% Alinging IT to Business Strategies 18% Keep IT Centralized 4% Increase responsiveness and quality of service 9% Reduce costs 10% Other 2% FACTORS DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTION - Q1, 2015 (Source: Software Strategies Cloud Adoption Survey, Q1, 2015; Gartner, IDC) 3. Source: Enterprise software spend to reach $620 billion in 2015: Forrester to-reach-620-billion-in-2015-forrester/ Key Catalysts of Cloud Computing Growth In the Enterprise 84% of enterprises expect to have multimode clouds by 2017 (hybrid, public and private cloud services). The challenge is to create a scalable system of record & engagement. 81% of U.S.-based companies are using some form of cloud services today, prioritizing marketing (45%), sales (43% and HR (40%). 17% of CIOs are piloting private clouds, 1% are piloting hybrid cloud architectures & 30% are actively researching them. Hybrid cloud is trailing private cloud adoption by 3+ years or more. 4. Source: "Riding the Cloud Computing Wave; RHT down to Sell," Goldman, 13 Jan 2015. Key Catalysts of Cloud Computing Growth In the Enterprise 5. Majority of enterprise mobile projects will leverage cloud services Mobile App Developers View Cloud Platform Developers View Customer View Source: Gartner Webinar, When Mobile Meets the Cloud. May 22, 2014 6. Cloud-based Mobile Platforms Are Driving Productivity & Sales Growth 7. Comparing Enterprise Cloud And BI & Analytics Growth 2015 CIO magazine Tech Poll: Tech Priorities (n=211) 8. Thank You For Your Time Twitter: @LouisColumbus E-mail:


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