PRE-LISTING TEMPLATE Include in the Pre-Listing Package:  Letter to seller (customized)  Agent Profile Page  Seller FAQ  Helpful seller tips  Seller

Download PRE-LISTING TEMPLATE Include in the Pre-Listing Package:  Letter to seller (customized)  Agent Profile Page  Seller FAQ  Helpful seller tips  Seller

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  • PRE-LISTING TEMPLATE Include in the Pre-Listing Package: Letter to seller (customized) Agent Profile Page Seller FAQ Helpful seller tips Seller net sheet Information/articles/press releases, etc. about VPR Quick CMA (optional) Testimonials (optional if you have any) Instructions for Agent Use Customize the Pre-Listing Letter to seller and Agent Profile Page and any other information you want to add. Delete whatever parts you do not want to use. Email this Pre-Listing Package to seller before listing appointment along with a confirmation of date and time for the listing appointment. 1 2
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  • (todays date) Dear (customer name), As a licensed Real Estate professional specializing in the residential real estate market in (your area/subdivision or zip code), I wanted you to know that I have been very thorough in studying the changing market conditions within a 10 mile radius of your home and look forward to sharing these recent market statistics with you. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to show you my marketing plan tailored to selling your home, as well as many other market trends and statistics including recent sold, expired, withdrawn, and active listings surrounding your home. Please find enclosed a pre-listing package, which includes the following: Seller Frequently Asked Questions Helpful Seller Tips Estimated Seller Net sheet Several articles and information about myself and Virtual Properties Realty For more information about Virtual Properties Realty please visit our website at and learn why Virtual Properties Realty is Ranked the #1 Real Estate Office In Georgia For Buyer Side Sales My team and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and hope that you find the enclosed information helpful.. Sincerely, (your name here) (your designation here Realtor, ABR, ePro, CDPE, etc) (your phone number here) (your email address here) (your website here)
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  • ESTIMATED NET TO SELLER SHEET The following information represents an estimated Net Proceeds to Seller Purchase Price Seller paid closing costs Home Warranty Lender Required Repairs Termite bond/letter Survey Broker Fee HOA Letter/Proration Tax & Insurance Escrow (rebate) Other $_____________ (less) $_____________ (negotiable 1% to 6% of sales price) (less) $_____________ (optional $300-$400) (less) $_____________ (for FHA and VA loans only) (less) $_____________ (for FHA/VA only - $200 average cost) (less) $_____________ (not required) (less) $_____________ (depends on the service requested (less) $_____________ (if subdivision has one) (plus) $_____________ (if bank pays sellers taxes and insurance, then seller should call bank to find out what the rebate amount will be at closing) $_____________ Gross NET Estimate Loan Payoff Amount $_____________ (less) $_____________ (see mortgage pay stub) Disclaimer: This sheet only represents an estimate and may not match what is on the HUD 1 Settlement Statement Estimated amount seller will receive at closing:
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  • THANK YOU! Selling your home is a big deal and we take the task very seriously. Name Real Estate (Agent/Realtor) Designations (ePro, CDPE, CRS, ABR, Million Dollar Club, Associate Broker, etc.) ABOUT ME ABOUT ME PROFESSIONALLY I am a (Georgia) native Married to (spouses name) for xx years with x kids Hobbies: (auto enthusiast, boating, snowboarding) Before real estate, I was a (your previous career) Licensed in xxx Started with VPR in xxxx Became Associated Broker in xxxx Won (name of award) in xxxx
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  • SELLER FAQS Q. What information should I have available at a listing appointment? A. Mortgage check stub/statement and Escrow Balance. Call your mortgage lender for the most current status. Warranty deed showing owner name(s) Termite bond (if one) Survey (if one) HOA information (if one) Name of HOA and contact information Fee amount / when paid Special Assessments? Initiation fee? List of what is covered Q. What will be discussed at listing Appointment? A. The Marketing Plan (why list with Virtual Properties Realty) Your needs and goals My Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to establish your homes market value Verify propertys public record information The Listing agreement The Property disclosure Community Association disclosure (if one) Lead paint information (if house was built before 1978) Dual entry sheet (seller to check boxes describing homes features)) Sellers estimated Net Proceeds at closing Q. What repairs may be required by the buyers lender? A. Typically homes with major components working properly will pass an initial inspection done by an appraiser. Example: Heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, etc. Some signs that the appraiser looks for include water stains, missing light fixtures, unfinished cabinets, broker toilets, missing faucet, shingles curling or missing, broker or cracked windows, rotten or missing sliding, hot water not flowing from faucets, cold or hot air not flowing from air vents, heating or AC escaping through doors or attic entry, etc. Q. What are the different buyer loan limits? (get regular updates from a lender because limits can change) A. $417,000 - Conventional $346,250 - FHA Financing loan limit for most of Metro Atlanta $271,050 - FHA Financing loan limit for Non-Metro Counties (ie, Hall, Banks) $205,910 - Purchase price limit for Gwinnett Homestretch Down Payment Assistance for NEW CONSTRUCTION HOMES $130,000 - Purchase price limit for Gwinnett Homestretch Down payment Assistance for PREVIOUSLY OCCUPIED HOMES
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  • HELPFUL SELLER TIPS For showings, if possible, please be out of the house. Prospective buyers will feel more at ease if the seller is not there. Have a pre-sale home inspection if the home is 10 years or older. Make the repairs before listing. Get cost estimate for big ticket items needing replacement soon. This is handy when negotiations start. Gather all warranties, guarantees, & user manuals, etc.(to show buyer) for items that remain with house. Make showings easy with a lock box. The easier it is to show your home, the faster you will sell. Lock up all valuables (jewelry, money, prescription drugs, etc). Agents cant watch everyone at all times. If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days (without an offer), consider lowering the price. Interior: Air home out, eliminate all odors. For an inviting fragrance, simmer a pan of water & cinnamon on stove. Clean carpets & wax hardwood floors. Replace when necessary. Clean all woodwork & cabinets with Old English. Keep AC set no warmer than 75 degrees and heat no cooler than 70 degrees. Repaint walls, if needed, in a neutral color. This is the best return on investment that you can make. Clean windows and ledges. Take screens off on front of house. Get rid of ALL clutter/ knickknack/personal pictures, etc. Store in a POD, garage, or basement. Remove as much furniture as possible. The more floor space a buyer can see, the bigger the room looks. When showing, the more light the better. Keep ALL lights on, drapes/blinds open, and add lamps in dark areas. Dust & wash all light fixtures, fans, fixtures, blinds, windowsills, and plant ledges. Clean fireplace, remove any items that are in front of it. Be sure beds are made, clothes are hanging up, take off-season clothing and junk out of closets. Clean bathrooms well and make all chrome & glass shine. No clutter on sinks. Freshly calk if needed. Remove all wallpaper in house and repaint with a neutral color. (Buyer & seller taste is usually different.) Keep kitchen counters cleared off, appliances & sink should shine. No magnets/pictures on refrigerator. If you have pets, keep them confined to a room, basement, crate, etc. Exterior: Pressure wash driveway, patio, & walkways, and make sure front door bell is working. Clean gutters & eaves. Clean (or paint) the front door, garage door, trim & siding. Fix any broken roof shingles. Clean out garage and keep organized. Pressure wash garage floor if needed. Keep lawn mowed and well edged. Trim shrubs clean out old flower beds and invest in new flowers/plants. Front door should be in good condition (new paint or stain). Make sure welcome mat is in good condition. The buyers first impression starts at the curb & continues through the entrance way. Make it a good one.
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  • PRESS RELEASES FOR VIRTUAL PROPERTIES REALTY The Atlanta Journal Constitution TOP WorkPlace in Metro Atlanta 2013 The Atlanta Business Chronicle Book of Lists Best Place to Work The Pinnacle Award presented by The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in 2007, which is only awarded to an emerging company that has exhibited significant success as an established business. In April 2007 The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce also named Virtual Properties Realty as one of the counties top 25 small businesses, and #1 in their category, based on: Staying power- a substantial history as an established business Substantial growth in the number of employees Significant increase in sales dollar and/or unit volume Original entrepreneurship Innovativeness of product or services offered Response to adversity Community service and commitment Only the top 10 Gwinnett small business with the highest scores are named the years finalists. From those 10 businesses the scoring is broken down into three categories for (1-10, 11-149 and 150+ employees) then the award is presented to the small business person of the year for their respective category. Next the three finalists names are handed over to a second committee- which is a group of five SBDC, and judges that includes a staff member of the for other mem