prdnationwide strata and fm consultancy capability statement 2015

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    Creating Successful Communities

    PRDnationwide ConsultingCapabilities Statement

    T: +971 4 323 3928E: info@prduae.comW:

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    Who are we?

  • a consultancy firm that specialises in tailored strata and facilities management

    solutions and technical services

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    We are

  • To create successful communities

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    Our vision and mission

    To create communities that people want to live, work and visit; communities in which the quality of life, property values and service levels exceed those

    of comparable developments; and communities that maximise stakeholder value.

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    What do we offer?

  • Our capabilities and services span the entire length of the development process. At each stage of the development we offer our support in understanding, adjusting and documenting operational, technical and financial challenges.

    We ensure our clients receive the best possible advice and make decisions based on thoroughly researched, informed opinions and best practice principles.

    Our unique position allows us to leverage the resources from our sister companies to provide a comprehensive service:

    PRDnationwide Property: project marketing, sales, leasing and management services

    PRDnationwide Survey Services: survey consultancy and plan preparation

    Novus Community Management: owners association/ community management

    Reserve fund specialists: reserve fund studies (asset lifecycle modelling)

    Visit our group website for more details:

    We also provide services and support via our strategic partnerships with other legal firms, architects and project management firms.

    Our services span the entire development process

    Project Concept

    Market Research

    Feasibility Study


    Design Development

    Engineering Development

    Subdivision and Titling Strategy

    Governance and Management Strategy

    Asset Identification and Adoption Strategy

    Operational and Life-Cycle Cost Modelling

    Preparation and Registration of Survey Plans

    FM Strategy, Specification and Procurement

    Management/Establishment of Owners Association

    Sales Program

    Project Marketing

    Strategic Review and Adjustment


    Preparation of Community Management Documentation

    Property Management

    Sales and Leasing

    FM Technical Services (e.g. asset audits)

    Asset/Owners Association Management

    FM Operations

    **Transition to a successful community**

    Handover and Fit-Out





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    ity B



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  • Facilities management services tender preparation and procurement

    Review and recommendation in relation to services contracts/agreements

    Operational audits and manuals

    Energy efficiency and waste management audits, analyses and strategy development

    Statutory asset condition assessments, remedial plans and process mapping

    Planned preventative maintenance plans

    Claims and disputes assessments

    Carrying out health and safety assessments and developing procedures

    C o n s u l t i n g

    Development of detailed strategies that set out how a project will be governed and managed and supporting implementation plans

    Preparation of constitutional/management and disclosure documentation

    Preparation of operational material such as owners information manuals, community rules etc.

    Advice and recommendations on sales and purchase agreements and marketing material

    Advice on the requirements / best practices concerning strata (or jointly owned) property

    Assessment of uses, shared facilities, services and costs in mixed-use and structurally integrated developments and determination of cost allocation for each use type

    Recommendations relating to serviced/branded and pooled investment projects

    Independent advice and due diligence checks

    Strata Consultancy

    Design review from a facilities management perspective at both concept and detailed design stages and recommendations for change of design

    Strategies relating to the ownership, management and maintenance of major infrastructure

    Facilities Management operations strategies confirming Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators

    Cost modelling and service charge calculation; analysis of the projected long-term operational performance of projects with built-in powerful what-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis tools.

    Reserve fund studies/asset lifecycle modelling that determine asset replacement periods and costs

    Cost Modelling and Facilities Management Consultancy

    Technical Services

    Our core services

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    Why us?

  • Best practice principles:

    Our strata experts have experience in Australia, the birthplace of the concept of strata, and all of our

    consultants have comprehensive development experience (both in the capacity of developer and

    consultant). Our FM team works from international best practice principles (RICS) and is a member of local and

    international FM institutes (e.g. BIFM and MEFMA).

    Client objectives:

    We protect your commercial interests by developing contractual and operational

    mechanisms to safeguard these interests. We enhance your brand by helping you to actualize

    your vision for the project in a way that will attract investors and end-users while

    minimizing your exposure.

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    Our approach

    Our approach spans four key areas that are fully integrated to make sure you get the most accurate and suitable advice for you and your project.

    Regulatory framework:

    We have substantial experience working with regulatory frameworks in a number of countries, including the UAE. However, where we need to, we have proven ways of working with local authorities, key entities and individuals to make sure we can support you by having a comprehensive understanding of local requirements.

    Project enablers and constraints:

    Whether at concept stage or at the stage of handover, we work within the existing project environment and adapt as required to develop the best possible solutions. We have a proven track record of developing innovative mechanisms within the constraints of the project while taking advantage of elements that support your project objectives.



    Project constraints

    Best practice principles

    Client objectives

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    Adding value to your project

    Providing a targeted governance and management structure and phasing strategy that will ensure that component user interests are effectively separated and supported through well structured management platforms and regulatory frameworks

    Allowing an understanding of the project from an FM operations perspective and giving you the opportunity to mitigate design issues prior to completion of the project

    Providing an indication of operational expenditure and capital replacement costs over a set period of time

    Ensuring the separation of costs from those that will provide commercial benefit to you as the Client (i.e. revenue generating)

    Quantifying and minimizing developer exposure to operational costs.

    Safeguarding standards of quality and care through a determination of SLAs and KPIs for the ongoing management of the development

    Reducing the likelihood of sales disputes through the adjustment of sales and marketing documentation that provides buyers with project information thus optimising the appeal of the project and ensuring it is effectively communicated to investors

    Ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal requirements by liaising with the authorities on your behalf in terms of document preparation

    Establishing strong contractual obligations that ensure your vision, as a developer, is retained post-handover and that disputes relating to ongoing management are minimised.

    Providing an integrated service that ensures a consistent approach across all services, that supports you and minimises the need for your resources to manage multiple contracts

    By making sure that the community is given every chance for success, harmony and sustainability, with your brand enhanced for ongoing success

  • Our experience

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  • C o n s u l t i n g

    PRDnationwide Consulting and its members have undertaken a large number of projects worldwide for a range of clients and project types.

    We have been operational in MENASA since 2008 and have experienced the changes and challenges of this region. Our project range from large scale master communities to mixed-use and single-use projects.

    Some examples of our projects are noted on the following pages.

    International expertise

  • Master and horizontal


    Mixed use developments

    Single-use developments

    C o n s u l t i n g

    Al Maryah Island, Abu DhabiSaadiyat Island, Abu DhabiDubai Festival City,


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