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  • November 7 2012

    pranathe peace inside.

    Th ere is no n eed for temples , no n eed for complicated ph i losoph i es . My brai n an d my h eart are my temples;

    my ph i losophy is ki n dn ess .Dalai Lama







    Tips to BIKRAM YOGA6



    FEEL THE VIBRATI NBy Diane Anderson

  • contents

    IYENGAR YOGA | Ann PizerAll you need to know about

    Iyengar Yoga.

    HOT YOGA | Tom MatlackAn inspiring story and tips to

    doing Bikram Yoga.



    YOGA IN PARIS | Jan BenzelJan tells of her adventure with yoga

    during her stay in Paris.


    BREATHING LESSONS | Tony BriggsAproaches to Pranayama Yoga and the physics that go along with the practice.


    WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN? | Andrew Tilin

    WAVE THEORY | Elizabeth Winter

    EAT LIKE A YOGI | Dayna Macy

    FEEL THE VIBRATION | Diane Anderson

    The answers & the pros and cons of men doing yoga.

    Surfing lessons gives Elizabeth a new approach to yoga.

    The benefits a tips to eating like a yogi.

    Hear what professional musicians haveto say about yoga.





  • editors letter

    Editor,Nicole McKinnon

    In high school I ran 5 five miles, lifted weights, and did agility training everyday. Cross country and and track and field were my life. Keeping my body in prestine condition consumed my mind. My junior and senior year of high school I placed 6th in the state of Florida for the 300 hurdles. Nearing graduation my coach encouraged me to run in college. As much as I loved running I knew in my heart it was time to move on. I had been competitively running since third grade and I was simply burnt out. It was time for me to move on, grow and experience new things in college.

    My freshman year at Flagler College in St Augustine was one of the most exciting years of my life. My room mate, who I was randomly placed with, to this day remains my best friend. I met such a variety of people and traveled to places I didnt picture I would go to so soon in life. With my new hectic life cross country and track were pushed to the past. I still tried to make it to the gym every once in awhile to pick up some weights and sometimes I would go for long runs on the beach. Unfortunately I didnt do this often enough and soon I started to notice I was loosing my endurance and strength. It was about time for me to get my act together and get healthy again.

    Thankfully I discovered Bikram Yoga. I had never been to any type of yoga class before but I was familiar with a few poses and my mom used to do hot yoga so I had an idea of what to expect. I went to my first yoga class open minded at a small studio on Anasatia Island. I loved it. During the 90 minute class all your day to day stress is pushed aside and your mind is utterly clear. The only thing you are thinking of during this time is your body and breathe. Bikram became my escape; my happy place. After that first class I immidiately became a member and would go to classes a few times a week. Its been years and I still am a faithful Bikram yogi.

    Although Bikram holds a special place in my heart I have also done other forms of yoga such as Pranayama and Iyengar. The art of yoga has a special power that helps yogis find their peace of mind while at the same time physically improving your health and well being. There are numerous forms of yoga, for example, Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranama, and Iyengar. All of which focus on different aspect of you body and mind. This diversity of yoga gives potential students the opportunity to choose which yoga is right for them.

    Prana was created to give the reader insight into these differnt forms of yogas, from the basics of each to the personal effects they have had on individuals lives. Prana also reveals not only the facts about different types of yogas but the culture and history that follows each one. Every issue of Prana will feature a different part of the world and how yoga is playing a part in those societies.

  • HOT YOGAEight years ago, I was a burned-out, divorced venture capitalist with two kids and a pathetic love life. As a last-ditch effort at getting a life, I decided to try something that faintly reminded me of the workouts I did as a collegiate rower, despite the fact that the activity also reminded me of my mother who has been a yogi for years (I could digress into deep Freudian theory here, but that would hardly be relaxing). So I started doing hot yoga at a studio a couple blocks from my office. At first it felt uncomfortable and made me dizzy, and sometimes I did little else but go in and sweat while doing childs pose. But from the very start I noticed unexpected changes.I slept like a baby. Seriously, when I got home after doing hot yoga I had to get into bed early. The sleep was blissful. No nightmares, no clenched jaws, just pure relaxation.I felt more at ease with myself in my day-to-day interactions with people in my life. The people who always bothered me bothered me just a little less. Kind of like a sweat lodge, the process of goinginto that hot oven and moving my body felt

    like cleansing in some deep way that left me lighter and freer than I had ever experienced before. I realized that during the lunch hour class, my brain had turned off. For once I wasnt thinking about my deals, my kids, my ex-wifes anger, or the women I wished I could date. I listened to my breath, in and out, and that was it. I started practicing in February, 2002 and in June of that same year I met Elena. I am sure that there were many things that went into the significance of that event. Im not prepared to give hot yoga ALL the credit. But it provided me with a foundation; a place to go in my soul, when confronted with the woman of my dreams sitting literally across the table from me. We were married that December and are com-ing up on eight years together.Doing hot yoga can be very intimidating, depend-ing on the exact form you are undertaking. So here are a few helpful hints to get you past the initial few classes so that you can reap the bene-fits. Who knows, maybe you will meet the man or woman of your dreams as a result!

    By Tom Matlack

  • Hydrate Like You Never Have BeforeIts a good idea to drink water, or better yet, a sports drink, before going to class. Bring water into class with you (its usually for sale there too) and drink water from the begin-ning of the class to the end. Then drink tons of water afterwards to replenish. Novices dont understand just how much water your body will lose. Dehydration is danger and will make it impossible to enjoy any of the benefits of hot yoga.

    An hour or an hour and a half doing yoga in a hot room when you are not used to it is a very long time. If you start too fast and hit the wall, there will be no coming back. I have done it more than once and its no fun. So just do a little the first few classes. If you are there on your mat, everything else is gravy. Learn childs pose first and revert to it often to

    If you need to follow someone else to figure out what the heck is going on, that is fine; but in the end you are going to want to keep your eyes focused internally. Every body is different, so every person doing the same yoga pose looks different. There is no right way. Your way is the right way. Alignment comes from just breathing and listening to your

    Dont Compare Yourself To Others

    Only Do A Little At First


  • Go To Three Classes Before Quiting

    Try Not To Fidget

    Just Breathe

    This comes over time, but the natural tendency is to keep making small movements to distract ourselves. The idea is to cultivate stillness on the mat. The end of the practice is always a resting pose lying on your back. One instructor told me that the hardest thing for him was to be still during the restorative poses. I agree. But this is also where the relax-ation of the mind begins. Yoga was in fact invented as a way to allow deeper meditation.

    Everything in yoga is about breathing. The poses are just an excuse to breathe. Thats why doing an hour of childs pose is just fine, as long as you are breathing. Try to increase the volume of air coming in and out of your lungs. If you can, close the back of your throat to give the sound an oceanic quality. During yoga, you literally want to focus your attention on the breath coming in and out of your nostrils. The feeling, the sound, the sensation of that air traveling to

    Some people love hot yoga from the very first class. For others it takes a little time. I hated my first couple of classes because I tried to do too much. But by the third class I realized that something profound was happening in my body and I began to do less and feel more comfortable in my ability to make it through the flow.When you are done, theres nothing to do but drink lots of fluid, eat good food, get an amazing nights sleep, and wake up refreshed.Namaste (I honor the light within you).


  • 4Taken By Ruth Black

  • Iyengar YogaBy Ann Pizer

  • Is Iyengar For You?

    What is The Iyengar Mathod?

    No Flow

    Born in 1918, B.K.S. Iyengar began teaching yoga in 1936, after studying with the yoga guru Krishnamacharya in Mysore, India, in an effort to improve his health while suffering from tuberculosis. He continues to practice and teach today, assisted by his son Prashant and daughter Geeta, at his Rama-mani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. His methods are also taught at Iyengar institutes throughout the world, and at many yoga centers. In addition to developing and popularizing his style o