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<ol><li> 1. Praj HiPurity: Adding value to your business! HiPurity Solutions is a niche domain where the focus is on providing purified water that is crucial to the successful completion of several industrial processes. The important thing to remember is that water is a precious source. Even though 70% of earth is surrounded by water, not all of this water can be used to accomplish industrial processes. In fact, a very small percentage of water is actually eligible for industrial usage. This crucial fact teaches us one thing that water is precious and needs to be used carefully. At Praj HiPurity, we have an expert team that specializes in understanding this importance of water and accordingly develop water treatment process that is effective as well as efficient. Why Praj HiPurity? When there are so many people that claim to provide different types of water treatment process, why should any business owner invest money in Praj HiPurity. Well, for the simple reason that Praj offers a reliability and promise of authentic solutions that tend to make a major difference. Originally known as Neela Systems and later rechristened to its current name-Praj HiPurity, this company has an extensive record of serving customers across category. In terms of quality and assurance, Praj has always been a recognized name. Even Praj HiPurity continues to carry forth this legacy through its endeavours. Affordable solutions As much as effectiveness is important, affordability is also a key criteria while developing water treatment process. From water for injections to water for biochemical process, Praj HiPurity has the experience and expertise to develop affordable solutions. In fact, Praj HiPurity has an extensive list of clientele that it has been serving. These firms have grown as a result of the commitment and expert solutions provided by Praj HiPurity. Research and development At Praj HiPurity, the work does not end at developing the solutions or water treatment process. The team is dedicated to constantly researching and developing new solutions that continue to support the industry in a crucial way. For example, Praj HiPurity has developed a zero effluent discharge water system. Using this water treatment process, the business owners can optimize the use of water. In simple terms, the water treatment process is such that water is not wasted. Complete guidance Who said that developing solutions was the end of the story? At Praj HiPurity, we consider it our duty to guide the clients right from implementing the solution to customizing it in order to ensure that it adapts to the existing process. Our team works round the clock to make things simpler for you. It is this assurance that makes your investment in the water treatment solutions provided by Praj a real value add to your business venture. Additionally, the entire process helps you become more environment friendly which in turn contributes to a cleaner, greener and happier future. </li><li> 2. Labels:- Pure Steam Generator, Pure Water, Water Treatment Process, Water for Injections, Bioreactors, Pharma Machinery, Solvent Recovery Process </li></ol>