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<p>Practical meditation</p> <p>Practical meditationprashantsawant.comprashant@prashantsawant.com9820408795 Mumbai, India</p> <p>Peace, Power, self control, silence etcPeace &amp; peace of mindPeace = Experience ( after meditation )Peace of mind = Way of life (eternal meditation)POM = Constant peace / Choice of experienceWhy meditation ?</p> <p>How to meditate ?How to change the root cause of stress with the help of power gained through meditation?How to translate peaceful feelings into peaceful actions ?Peace &gt; Peace of Mind</p> <p>Process of discovering a true MeQueens necklaceMeditation word is derived from latin mederi, meaning to healIts emotional , physical &amp; mental healingDefinition of meditation = right use of mind or positive thinkingDont deny thoughts but use them correctlyWhat is Meditation ?</p> <p>Concentration exercises ( flower / candle / inner self )Repetition of mantraMan = mind &amp; Tra = to free</p> <p>How to meditate ?</p> <p>Prashantsawant.com9820408795Thank you</p> <p>Sit in comfortable position with back straightGravity effectFew sample thoughts ....I am aware of the stillness within me &amp; around meI am feeling natural peacefulness I am in deep peaceI am peace10 mins, 2 times a dayMorning after bath &amp; evening before sleepingDuring the day remind self peace is my true nature </p> <p>Meditation</p>